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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: Old RepublicCanon: EU


            Neti are a species known for their longevity, members of which have been known to survive for millennia.

            The ancient planet Ryyk was the homeworld of the Neti race, which was also known as the Ryyk. The planet Ryyk was destroyed shortly before the onset of the Great Sith War, more than 4,000 before the Battle of Endor..

Roleplaying Game Statistics

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximums:
Height: Varies 1.4 to 5 meters
Move: 9/12
Quote: "These lightsabers are mine to protect, even if I must remain here for all time to do so!"


Special Abilities:
Metamorph: A Neti has the innate ability to alter its shape and size at will. A Neti can vary its size anywhere from Character-scale to Speeder to Walker, for every size larger than Character-scale the Neti may add 1 to his Move. A Neti can also alter its form to be roughly humanoid, squat and quadrupedal, or solid and treelike. Changing size and shape is a full-round action. (Refer to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game rulebook for details on scale modifiers.) Even in quadrupedal or treelike form, a Neti has manipulative tendrils to operate tools and make attacks. A Neti in quadrupedal form is one level of difficult harder to trip or move. A Neti in its stationary tree form is extremely resistant to these attacks (+4D stability bonus on all rolls to oppose trips and throws), but it is immobile.

Photosynthesis: As plants, Neti have no need for food. They have a greatly reduced need for water, as long as they have regular access to broad-spectrum light. A Neti needs only one-tenth the water of most races, but if deprived of sunlight, it starves, much as other races do when lacking food. A Neti with the Force skill Control that enters a hibernation trance can survive almost indefinitely in an area with natural sunlight and rain.

Camouflage: In its treelike form, a Neti gains a +3D circumstance bonus on Hide checks when concealed among trees and similar foliage.

All Neti are Force-sensitive.

Comments made about this Article!

13/Aug/2009 16:41:38 Posted by Rorir {}

When I add all the minimum attributes the result is 15D for a for an attribute dice of 12D.
Did I miss somethink?

22/Aug/2009 19:33:49 Posted by FreddyB {}

K was round visiting me last night, and we've sorted it out. Apparently it was a conversion from D/20, so there's something wrong with the conversion rules.

02/Jul/2023 23:57:50 Posted by Tizz

Surprisingly the 12D is for NPC's or Basic Race. If Yousing D6 system PC's are allowed to Use upto 18D. I use to play back in the 80's. Was Costly to improve character's per Pips SMH ! Lots of good times too.
Still have pics of my ship the Dragon & Believe i got the Wanted Poster the G.M. made for me in storage. My Brother & i played Ex-Clone soldier's we based off of Obi-Wan as we didn't know of who the Clones were.

06/Jul/2023 09:27:16 Posted by Freddy

If you've got stats and an image for your ships or characters, send them in and I'm sure people would love to see them.

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