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Keyorin (the Hunters World)

Keyorin (the Hunters World)


Ygal Delois

Ygal Delois

Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Remington 7mm Magnum Sniper Rifle

The 7mm Magnum was originally designed by Remington Munitions for use
with commercial hunters, but has since been adapted by the Imperial Army
for service with sharpshooters. The 7mm "Mag" cartridge is one of the
largest available that is still considered a small arm munition. It packs
a large amount of gunpowder, and is capable of putting a large hole in a
bantha at nearly two kilometers away.

Attempts were made to try and silence the loud blast that is made when
the rifle is fired, but the Imperial Army's best efforts were futile.
Eventaully, a working silencer has been pressed into service, but
decreases the rifle's normal range slightly. In addition to the sound,
the 7mm Magnum has a voracious recoil and an unwary shooter can easily
injure his shoulder if not braced for the shot.

Model: Remington Munitions' 7mm Magnum Sniper Rifle
Type: Sniper rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: sniper rifle
Cost: 715 credits (20-round box: 35 credits)
Availability: 2, R or X
Ammo: 5
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-72/585/1.75 km
Damage: 6D+1
Game Notes: Silencer: Very Difficult to hear a shot within 10 meters, Heroic
                      within 10-15 meters, and impossible past 15 meters.
            Sighting Macroscope: User receives +2D+2 to Firearms and reduction
                      of range by one level for one round of aiming. Requires a
                      Moderate Sensor skill roll to operate.
            Bolt Action: It takes the user one round to load another bullet into
                      the chamber because of the bolt action. The firer can 'rush'
                      the action, but will suffer a -1D to their Firearms skill
                      due to multi-action.

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