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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

VerdanTech VT-P1SG sniper Rifle

The VT-P1SG is one of the top of the line sniper rifles in the galaxy. Using high
penetration subpressed rounds with an EMP propulsion enhancement system built around
the barrel, this rifle can punch holes through some armoured speeders even. It has the
best sound and flash supression system in the galaxyat the end of the barrel, while a
somewhat boxy EMP propulsion enhancer sits behind that icnreasing the exit velocity of
the rounds. A macroscope uses macroboniocular technology to find targets at great
distances allowing the suer to hit with incredible accuracy.

Model: Verdant Technologies VT-P1SG
Type: 7.62mm heavy semi-automatic sniper rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: rifle
Ammo: 30
Cost: 1,500 credits (clips: 30)
Availability: 3, R or X
Fire Rate: 4
Range: 5-300/750/2.5 km
Damage: 6D+2
Game Notes: Silencer: Very Difficult Perception roll to hear within 2
              meters, Heroic within 5, impossible past 5 meters
                Macro-scope: +2D to medium and long ranged shots.
                Requires a Moderate Sensors roll to sight-in a target.

Comments made about this Article!

21/Sep/2010 23:57:29 Posted by Jhea {}

Way too overpowered weapon

22/Sep/2010 00:04:48 Posted by Anonymous {}

I'd agree, the Fire Rate I think is actually supposed to be 1/4 rather than 4, but even then it's incredibly powerful.

23/Sep/2010 01:11:03 Posted by cirmondian {}

this sounds more like a "rail gun" rather than a sniper rifle. that and the author only put it at 7.62mm says volumes.
1. the damage rating indicates that it should have a higher caliber
2. the caliber stated and the description suggests the weapon travels at extreme velocities, well over the average 2800fps of current "real world" ammo of the same caliber
3. stated availability should be 4X or 4R at the very least
4. 1,500 credits? a T-21 light repeating blaster rifle costs 2,000 credits, another slug throwing weapon in the shatter gun and i believe its priced correctly at 30k
5. there's no way this is as quiet as the author thinks, silencers make shooting a weapon survivable, IE taking it from the decibel range of 747 engines to something still very loud but significantly less damaging.
6. the rate of fire has already been addressed by FreddyB
6a. the ammo in conjunction with the rate of fire is slightly skewed.
7. an this last one has nothing really to do with the weapon in question but rather the author's ability to use spell check...

23/Sep/2010 09:13:17 Posted by Freddy {}

In defense of the author, this was written a decade ago, when spell checkers weren't embedded in everything. He probably wrote it in a text editor (notepad), so mistakes were easier to make. (I'm defending the author, because if you look through a lot of my stuff, it's probably filled with spelling errors and typos).
And remember, Star Wars is a cinematic space opera game, and in cinema silencers make a quiet "thwup" noise.
I can understand the price thing as well, firearms are supposed to be basic tech in Star Wars, and therefore cheap.

As a note, I remember realising that in Star Wars Firearms are the ultimate Anti-Jedi weapon since they can't be lightsaber parried, and the Jedi then has to use a dodge as well, at the expense of another action.

23/Sep/2010 12:08:18 Posted by cirmondian {}

thanks for your quick response FreddyB.
when i look at this, every WEG Star Wars D6 red flag of mine went up and i just went off. i meant no disrespect as i love the site here.

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