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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Carrington RC-P120A2

The RC-P120 is perhaps the most advanced personal assault weapon designed
and manufactured by Carrington Institute. Boasting an incredible 120 rounds
of ammunition, this weapon has the capability of laying down the suppressing
firepower of four standard slugthrower assault rifles.

The rumored experimental personal cloaking device which was supposed to be
installed on the standard RC-P120s proved too expensive and difficult to
manufacture for mass sales. However, Carrington did sell a very limited
number to Imperial Intelligence shortly before the Battle of Hoth.

The cloaking device creates a limited field of invisibility which almost
completely conceals not only the weapon, but the user as well. However, the
cloaking field is very delicate and many things can disrupt it - especially
discharging the weapon.

It is powered by a specialized energy cell which drains very quickly and
makes the cloak only truely useful for movement through open areas. Movement
through cluttered areas such as office buildings, forests or starships is
difficult, as the cloaking field highly distorts the user's vision.

Model: Carrington Institute's RC-P120A2
Type: Advanced assault rifle with attached cloaking device
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: rifles
Ammo: 120
Cost: 25,000 credits (ammo: 100 per clip)
Availability: 4, X (only 4 were ever constructed)
Range: 3-10/50/200
Damage: 4D+2
Game Notes: Personal cloaking field: This highly experimental, unstable and
            extremely expensive feature acts much like a starship cloaking
            device. The user gains +3D to his Sneak skill while the cloak is
            in use but suffers a -2D to all vision-related skills. Firing the
            weapon while cloaked disrupts the field and overloads the power
            current power cell. The cloak can only operate for 5 combat rounds
            before completely exhausting its power cell. Additional power
            cells take 2 rounds to install and 1 round to initialize before
            use (3 rounds total before recloaking can occur).

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