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Class A Speeder

Class A Speeder

Skara Nal

Skara Nal
Hoersch·Kessel Delaya-class courier

Hoersch·Kessel Delaya-class courier

Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: EU

Name: Yorik-Kul
Type: Yuuzhan Vong organic control device
Effect: Once a character has been seeded with Yorik-Kul, they have six hours to remove the seed somehow. Usually that six hours is spent in bondage while the Yuuzhan Vong wait for the coral to sprout. If the Yorik-Kul is allowed to grow, the victim must make a series of continually difficult Willpower checks. Each round the victim must make a Stamina check versus a +5 Difficulty, starting with Medium difficulty (first round, Medium, second round +5 difficulty, third round +10 difficulty, etcetera). This effect only applies when the victim is within telepathic range of a Yammosk or Dhuryam, and the Yuuzhan Vong are allowing the creatures to dominate the victim's will.
          Characters who fail two willpower checks in a roll are permanently under the mind control of the Yammosk or Dhuryam, at the Gamemaster's discretion. Victims of Yorik-Kul also become much dimmer in the Force, and any checks to detect them with the Force recieves a +10 difficulty modifier.

Alternate Effect: Victims implanted by the "pain-Yorik" do not have their will and sentience destroyed. Instead, as the growths spread, they recieve an incrementally increasing amount of pain equal to how far along the growths have come. For every day spent victim of these growths, victims recieve a penalty of +1 difficulty to all actions. This penalty stacks over multiple days (for example, a week's worth of growth would give a +7 difficulty modifier to all actions). If a character wishes to resist this effect, they must make a successful Difficult Stamina check, but the penalties for the Yorik-induced pain apply to the Stamina check as well (so after a week's time, the victim must make a Difficult +7 Stamina check).

Special: Yuuzhan Vong Biot: Yuuzhan Vong Biots, like themselves, are completely indetectable through the Force, and cannot be directly affected by it (inderect methods, such as throwing a rock at the biot, still work, but powers such as Lightsaber Combat, Detect Life or Telekinesis do not work).

Description: Yorik-Kul, literally translated "Surge-coral", was the Yuuzhan Vong's way of keeping and controlling their captured slave populace. The genetically adapted creature known as the Implanter would implant a victim with Yorik-Kul, and within six hours the first seeds would begin to grow. The growth of the Yorik-Kul would eventually cover the victim's entire body with spiny extrusions, and would almost always result in death after a little more than a year of growth. Victims of Yorik-Kul were completely controlled by the local Yammosk or Dhuryam, and were most often used to perform menial slave labor, although some were used as forced soldiers on the battlefield.
          Later in the war, Shapers were able to develop Yorik-Kul to a point where it did not destroy the will and sentience of its victims, but merely inflicted continuous pain. These victims were not under the control of a Yammosk or Dhuryam.

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