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Section of Site: Equipment D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No

Lumnar LS-25 Light Shield

Light Shields use different technology than typical energy shields. It creates
a field of invisible ionized static. It hangs loosely around the wearer. When
an energy blast or high velocity projectile starts to pass through the field,
it constricts and forms a crystal clear energy shield that can deflect the
attacks. The effect is such that it looks like a glass bubble or the like
suddenly appears around the wearer deflecting the attack. Because the field
protects against firearms and has a much longer duration Light Shields are
preferable to standard energy shields. They are however much more expensive
and still do not deflect low velocity objects such as needle guns, thrown
knives, or melee attacks. Also these don't work off actual pwoerpacks. They
have rechargeable energy cells, and adapters come free with the pruchase of
the units so they can be recharged at home.

The LS-25 was the military release of the Light Shield series. Thoguh it
didn't make as big a hit with the Empire and New Republic, private
security forces, and militias like the PDF bought into them. The -25 is
almost the same unit as the -20 except that rather than a clipon the actual
belt unit is a full belt like those worn at the thighs and shoudlers with
a large powercell where the clasp would normaly be.

Model: Lumnar Industries LS-25 Light Shield
Type: Personal shield generator
Scale: Character
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: 3, R
Effect: Adds +4D+2 to character's Strength to resist damage from energy
        weapons and firearms. The shield has enough energy for 6 minutes(60 rounds)
        of continuous use.
Game Notes: The Energy shield may be extend out around the user in meter icnrememnts. For every
emter he extends the area of his shield, 1D is subtracted form the shield's strength.Everyone udner
the shiled gains the shield's bonus to resist.

Note: If the wild-die comes up as a 1 on a resist with the Light-Shield active one of two
things happens. On a re-roll of 1-5, the Light-Sheild shorts out and will not function until
repaired. on a re-roll of 6 the Light-Shield overloads and explodes doing damage equal to the
resist bonus offered by the shield unit.

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