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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: EQUIPMENTEra: ImperialCanon: No


A highly addictive narcotic derived, by crystal extraction, from elacca
drug (the residue produced from burning the blood-grained elacca wood of
Ecaz). The drug is either taken in capsule form or dissolved in wine, and
produces a feeling of "timeless ecstacy," of separation from all pain and
trouble. Accentuating this overpowering sense of well-being is the "semuta
music" -- rhythmic, atonal vibrations composed to affect the sympathetic
nervous system -- that accompanies the drug experience. Most often a single
dose suffices to cause severe physiological addiction. Addicts are prone
to fits of depression between doses, and are incapacitated when under the
effect of the drug.

Model: Semuta Drug
Music Activated Drug
Cost: 250 (per dose)

Game Effects:
Produces an altered state of conciousness best described as 'timeless
ecstasy'. The user's metabolsim and other bodily fucntions slow to a
crawl and their mind is placed on an altered state of conciousness
where time holds little meaning and they are in an almost sexual state
of bliss. The drug's effects are only triggered by the correct types
of, Semuta, music. Effects last 5d6 minutes.

After each dose roll Will vs the number of times the user has taken the
drug x 3. If the user loses, they become addicted and cannot go more
than three days without a 'fix'.

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