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Rebel personnel carrier

Rebel personnel carrier


Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/br boarding shuttle

Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/br boarding shuttle

Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Lumnar "TigerEye" GunBlade

Lumnar Industires was a corproation founded on advanced concepts, and utter ruthlessnes
in the buisness field. They were always looking to crush any competition they encounterd
to put themselves at the head. They were willing to hire mercenaries, assassins an dother
scum to hurt the operations of their rivals. HattMark at one point was seen as a rival but
one that was slowly weakening. Lumnar decided to jmup on this and destroy their msot popular
product, the GunBlade. Lumnar had already created BlastSword and BlastPikes used primarily for
dueling. so they decided a hybrid was in order. Lumnar took sword blades of a simailr construct
to what HattMark sued, but rather than attaching slugthrowers they attached energy weapons. These
energy weapons released their blasts through a chmaber carved out in the weapon and expands out
through a conduction process, thus actualy butting a temproary burst of energy throguh the blade
itself. The energy weapons were all modified to give their best energy output into the blade.

The Tiger Eye was made to be an improvement of the Shear Trigger GunBlade. It uses a dual blade
pressed in clsoe proximity. The channel was more precisely cut for energy flow, right between the
two blades. The accuracy was amde betetr and the feedback problem was aprtialy solved. A safety was
added that would prevent the feedback from hititng the pwoerpack, which is what caused the explosion.
Instead the pistol would melt should feedback occur. The meltable parts were amde so that they could be
remvoed and replaced with ease, albeit with goodly cost. The fact that the weapon was still rather dangerous
and expensive in of tiself, much less maintannece costs and ahving to occasioanly replace the fire mechanism,
prevented this form making much of a hit on the galactic market. The line was discontineud after only a few
thousand were made galaxy wide. They later ebcame soemwhat of a colelctor's item due to the beuatiful scrollwork
and ethcings on the blade.

Model: Lumnar Industries "Shear Trigger" GunBlade
Type: Enhanced Sword
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Combat: GunBlade ; Blaster: Disruptor
Cost: 9800 (100 for a powerpack)
Ammo: 10 (shots for the disruptor)
Availability: 3,X
Damage: Str+3D (Max 6D)
Game Notes: The user may attempt to pull the trigger at the right time for a 'critical hit' against their
opponent. To do this they must roll either Blaster or Blaster:Heavy Blaster as well as their melee combat roll.
The target only has to dodge the attack once, however firing the blaster does not count towards multiaction.
Assuming the melee combat hit rolls, if the user's blaster roll also bets the opponent's dodge then the blast
was timed correctly. The damage of the weapon is upgraded to STR+4D and max damamge is increased to 8D.

On a complication roll 1D. if the roll is even then the Disruptor overheats and melts, it will need to be
replaced at a cost of 2800 credits. If the roll is odd, the wielder strikes themself or another in close
proximity doing full damage.

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