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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: New Jedi OrderCanon: EU

Name: Dovin Basal
Type: Yuuzhan Vong Biotic Symbiont Starship Componant

Defense: The Dovin Basal's defense matches that of the hull of the starship it is symbiotic with, -1D. (So if the Dovin Basal is a part of a ship with a hull of 4D, the Dovin Basal has a defense of 3D) The Dovin Basal has 5 hit points.

Special Effects:
         Difficult to Hit: Characters attempting to shoot the Dovin Basal specifically must make a successful Very Difficult Starship Weaponry skill check.
         Gravitic Generator: The Dovin Basal has the ability to create and manipulate gravity fields. The Dovin Basal can create a handful of different types of gravity fields, as follows:

                   - Black Hole Shields: One of the two primary functions of the Dovin Basal; the creature has the ability to create a miniature black hole in the path of oncoming enemy projectiles. A single Dovin Basal can create a maximum of three different Black Hole Shields at the same time, but cannot perform any other functions while maintaining the shields, such as moving the vessel. When a Black Hole Sheild is up, the Dovin Basal can move the black hole into various positions around the craft to absorb fire from different directions. A sheild can be moved twice per round. A Dovin Basal Black Hole Sheild can be overcome by a successful Heroic +10 Starship Weapons skill check, or by defeating the black hole itself. To overload a Black Hole Shield, the enemy vessel must fire enough energy at once into the shield until it is too occupied absorbing energy, and some shots will bleed through. A Dovin Basal's black hole shield has a health of 16, which must be defeated before any shots can pass through to hit the ship itself, except by a Heroic +10 Starship Weapons skill check. The Black Hole recharges 2 health per round, so a large number of shots must be applied to overload its defense. Once broken down, the Dovin Basal requires 5 rounds before it can replace that shield.
                             Example: An X-Wing fighter is engaging a Yuuzhan Vong Coralskipper. The X-Wing fires its lasers, and the lasers are absorbed by the Coralskipper's Dovin Basal Black Hole Shield. To compensate, the X-Wing pilot attempts to overload the black hole by engaging in a long extended burst from lasers, then a proton torpedo (two actions of laser bursts plus a third action to fire a proton torpedo, multiple action cost applies). A Coralskipper's Dovin Basal shield rating is 5D. The X-Wing total damage applied is 6D, 6D and 9D. Altogether, the damage applied defeates the Dovin Basal's shield rating by over 16 points, and the shield is gone. The pilot may use the next round to fire on the unprotected Coralskipper.

                   - Propulsion: The second primary function of the Dovin Basal is to move its ship. The speed of the vessel is variable: If the Dovin Basal focuses solely on speed and maneuvering, the vessel is faster and more maneuverable, but at the cost of the ability to generate black hole shields. Example: A Coralskipper with a space move rating of 15 will only have a space move of 10 if it is generating one black hole shield.

                  - Shield Ripper: Dovin Basals can be used to apply extreme gravitic stress to one vessel, causing the sheilds to overload in attempting to defend against the gravitic assault. Starfighter scale shields require one Starfighter Scale Dovin Basal per 1D of shield, or merely one Capital scale Dovin Basal (so it would take four Dovin Basals working together to strip a Starfighter scale ship of its 4D shields, or one Capital Scale Dovin Basal). Capital scale shields require ten Capital Scale Dovin Basals per 1D of sheilds (so it would take fifty Capital scale Dovin Basals working together to strip a Capital scale ship of its 5D shields). Once the shields are down, they cannot be restored until the shield generator is repaired. Vessels with backup shield generators, however, will be able to activate their backup shields to replace the primary shields.
                            Later into the Yuuzhan Vong war, it was discovered that a ship could extend its inertial compensator field to envelop the shields, which would protect the shields from Dovin Basal gravitic assaults, however the inertial compensator could still be overloaded. A Starfighter scale ship with 4D shields that is using the inertial compensator as extra gravitic defense would require 40 Starfighter Scale Dovin Basals, or 4 Capital Scale Dovin Basals to overload the sheilds, and the inertial compensator would be overloaded as well. A Capital scale ship with 5D sheilds that is using the inertial compensator as extra gravitic defense would require 100 Capital Scale Dovin Basals to overload its shields and inertial compensators.
                            If a ship engaging in Inertial Compensator defense is still overridden, roll 1D. If the roll is a 6, the extreme gravitic stresses applied by the gravitic weapon tear the target ship apart, regardless of hull defense.
                            This action requires all of the Dovin Basal's concentration, and it cannot perform other tasks while engaging the shield ripper.

                  - Tractor Beam: The Dovin Basal could also be used to 'grab' onto a vessel with a gravity beam and pull it towards its ship. Dovin Basal tractor beams operate according to standard game mechanics.
                            This action requires all of the Dovin Basal's concentration, and it cannot perform other tasks while engaging the tractor beam.

                  - Interdiction: Because Dovin Basals could create and manipulate gravity fields, they were able to create Interdiction Fields similar to those used by Imperial Interdictor Cruisers. To create an Interdiction Cone, twenty Capital Scale Dovin Basals must work together.
                            This action requires all of the Dovin Basal's concentration, and it cannot perform other tasks while engaging the interdiction field.

Description: The Dovin Basal was a spherical creature of varying size used by the Yuuzhan Vong. The Dovin Basals were able to create and manipulate gravity fields and were primarily used for propulsion and shielding. The Dovin Basal was able to lock onto distant gravity fields and 'pull' itself towards that field, even if it was lightyears away. This allowed Yuuzhan Vong ships to move with incredible maneuverability. The Dovin Basal had many functions, ranging from black hole shields that could absorb laser shots, proton torpedos and concussion missiles, small ships and even planetary bodies, to interdicting hyperspace travel or tearing away an enemy ship's shields.
         Dovin Basals used in a fleet were often grown along with the Yammosk that commanded the fleet. The Dovin Basals would form a telepathic link with the Yammosk, and the Yammosk would use the Dovin Basals to protect its 'children' (the ships of the fleet) from harm.

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