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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

MattCorp MAD Rifle

The MAD Rifle was the result of advances in electromagnetics pioneered
at the Bastion Department of Military Research labs. This allowed a
railgun to be designed that was powered by standard blaster packs. The
new weapon was produced by a front corporation called MattCorp. MattCorp
was run by Chiss scientist Seli'may'kubb. MattCorp stands for Maykubb
Terminal Technologies.

The MAD Rifle is intended to replace blaster rifles in frontline units
fighting the Yuuzhan Vong. The darts fired by the railgun travel at such
high speeds that it causes any armour it hits to implode. Thus it causes
more damage to targets wearing armour than not. The darts travel so fast
that they are not affected by gravity or atmospheric conditions, so the
rifle uses the Blaster skill. This also makes it easier for troops to
adapt to.

The rifle has a built in blaster rifle with the same range capabilities.  
This gives troops using the rifle a more economical option when fighting
conventional opponents because the railgun mode uses four times as much
energy to fire than the blaster mode.

Model: MattCorp Magnetically Accellerated Dart Rifle
Scale: Character
Skills: Missile Weapons: MAD Rifle
Blaster: MAD Rifle
Ranges: 3-30/100/300
Damage: Darts: 4D*(the dart gets +1D damage per turn that
the the trigger is held before firing,
to a maximum of 8D)
Blaster: 5D
Ammo: Darts: 25 (darts per clip and shots per power pack)
      Blaster: 100
Availibility: 3, X
Cost: 2,500 (clips:10 power packs:25)
Note: If retractable stock and scope are used for one round
      of aiming the character get +1D on his blaster role.

Special Additions:
- Radioactive Darts:
        Damage: 1D per turn to target after impact. Damage indcreases
        by +1"pip" per turn. Only works on armoured targets because
        the protctive casing is stripped by passing through the armour.
        Cost: 100 per clip
- Sniper Kit:
        Dart Range:30-100/600/1.2km (due to mini-rocket in dart)
        Fire Control: 3D with enhanced scope.
        Cost: 5,000 (for scope and first clip, clips 125)

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