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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Midochlorian Gun

Designed by Termicorp Technologies under the close supervision of Mr.
Arkanian, the scientists there isolated the individual midochlorians in
the body. They took these million of midochlorians and fused them into
the energy core of a customized blaster so that when the blaster is fired
it is basically shooting pure force energy out to it's target.

he process itself of being hit by it can have a variety of effects depending
on the targets sensitivity to the force or lack thereof. Inside the power
pack there is a smaller biotech chamber where the midochlorians are stored
in a replica of a an organism so they dont become akin to dead cells. Inside
the biotech chamber is a transfer chute connected to the main power pack.
When the blaster is fired the biotech chamber activates and "forces" the
midochorians into the main power pack where it combines and fuses itself
to the energy core. Then the energy is shot out as normal producing what
could be termed as a "force blast".

Due to the intense nature and unpredictibality of the blast the prismitic
crystal housing had to be doubly reinforced as well as the static pulse
adaptors needed to be almost trippled in size and strangth making the barrel
of the blaster about 25 percent larger than the original blaster barrel.

Model: Termicorp Technologies' Midochlorian Gun
Type: Force-enhanced blaster rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blasters: blaster rifles
Ammo: 15
Cost: 75,000 credits
Availability: 4, X
Range: 2-20/50/100
Damage: Varies, see Game Notes
Game Notes: Due to the unpredictability of the weapon, damage may vary
            greatly depending upon the fluctuating energy levels and the
            target's force sensitivity. Roll 1D on the following table to
            determine effect:
                ROLL                EFFECT
                 1          -         Midochlorian build-up failed, damage is
                                 4D for all targets.
                 2          -         Partial midochlorian build-up, damage is
                                 4D for non force sensitive targets and
                                 5D for force sensitive targets.
                 3          -         Moderate midochlorian build-up, damage is
                                 4D+2 for non force sensitive targets and
                                 5D+2 for force sensitive targets.
                 4          -         Heavy midochlorian build-up, damage is
                                 5D for non force sensitive targets and
                                 6D for force sensitive targets.
                 5          -         Full midochlorian build-up, damage is
                                 6D+2 for non force sensitive targets and
                                 7D+2 for force sensitive targets.
                 6          -         Complication during charge phase, resulting
                                 in a blast benefiting the target. Effects
                                 may range from gains in current force skills,
                                 gaining of force sensitivity or increases in
                                 the number of force points of the target.
                                 The choice is up to the GM.

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