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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft:  Nadwell 4 PDF Prometheus Class Frigate
Type:  Multi-Purpose Heavy Frigate
Scale:  Capital
Length:  305 meters
Skill:  Captial Ship Piloting: Prometheus Frigate
Crew:  400 (with automation mods)/ 700 (without automation mods), gunners:32
Passengers:  100 (troops), 50 variable as needed
Cargo Capacity:  6000 metric tons (with automation mods), 8000 metric tons (before automation mods)
Consumables:  1 year
Cost:  N/A
Hyperdrive: x1 (backup x12)
Nav Computer:  Yes
Maneuverability:  1D (before updates), 3D (after updates)
Space:  6
Atmosphere:  330; 950 km/h
Hull: 4D+2 (before updates), 5D (after updates)
Shields: 2D (after updates 2D backup shielding added)
Starfighters:  8
Transports:  1 Aegis Combat Shuttle
  Passive:  40/0D
  Scan:  75/1D
  Search:  150/3D
  Focus:  4/4D+2

8 Rail Cannons:
  Fire Arc: turret (can be twin-linked into groups of 2 each)
  Crew:  3 (per twin-linked or single emplacement)
  Fire Control: 4D
  Space: 3-30/72/150
  Atmosphere: 6-60/145/300
  Damage: 7D (8D when twin-linked, negative ion charge negates shields)

4 Heavy Ion Cannons:
  Fire Arc: turret
  Crew: 1
  Fire Control: 4D
  Space: 1-10/25/50
  Atmosphere: 2-20/50/100
  Damage: 4D

2 Tactical Fusion Missle Tubes (8 missles each):
  Fire Arc: turret (can be twin-linked)
  Crew:  4
  Scale: capital
  Fire Control: 3D
  Space: 2-12/30/60
  Atmosphere: 4-24/60/120
  Damage: 10D (11D when twin-linked)
  Tracking: 6D (if the missles miss the target, they have a skill of 6D to reaquire the target)

Phalanx Battery System:  (6 turrets)
  Scale: starfighter
  Fire Arc: turrets
  Fire Control: 2D (drone control: 10D)
  Space: 1-3/12/25
  Atmosphere: 100-300/1.2/3.5km
  Damage: 4D

Description:  When the order was given to proceed with The Daedalus Project, Nadwell 4 PDF was already in the process of developing 2 new classes of ships due to the out-dated nature of their fleet.  As the Daedalus Project began construction, these new class of ships were finished.  The proto-types being sent to Safe Harbor.  Upon reaching Safe Harbor and comparing the new ships to the still under construction Daedalus it was obvious these ships were already out-classed before the new standard Daedalus was completed.  However after many of the tech crews seeing these ships fly in they saw much potential (including the outlaw tech Max who was responsible for the Daedalus Project's success) decided to dig to the design and present an updating plan to the Nadwell 4 PDF fleet commander Admiral Alexander Sturmvich.  The updates including adding in the famous automation modifications used throughout the Daedalus Class crusiers, new hull plating, backup shielding, and improved maneuvering thrusters to make this ship stand tall on the battlefield.  With these updates, the Prometheus can holds its own in a battle as compared to the Daedalus.  

Side Note:  If you have any questions on the weapon systems in the Prometheus's weapon systems, please check the posted stats for the Daedalus Class:  Saber's Legacy.  

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