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Section of Site: Equipment D20Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

The Heavy Repeating Tactical Harness (HRTH)
OR HerTech

The tactical harness is a complex piece of technology designed
for precise, heavy hits in ground warfare. The HRTH uses two
Heavy Repeating Blasters connected for dual fire, or the user
may que different targets and the HTRH will cycle through the qued
targets indepently. The targeting computer is linked to the users
retinal motions for target identification, via a monocular bracket
which lowers to the users eye level when in use. When the targeting
computer is not being used it stores in an upright position and the
weapons may not be fired. The triggers are linked from the pack
assembly to gloves, the triggers are hair-sensitive pads in the
fingers of the gloves. When the cannons are in use they are
fastened in a horizontal position at the users waist level, when
not in use they swing around to the users back, into a vertical

It was developed by a former SpecForce Heavy Weapons Specialist
Carouse Al-Vanick, nicknamed CAV, who after he retired became an

Requirements for use:
Exotic Weapon Proficiancy: HRTH, Weapon Group: Heavy Weapons

Damage: 6d8
Critical: 19 - 20
Range Increments: 30m
Weight: 30 kg
Type: Energy
Size: Large
Notes: Targeting Computer (+2 to Attack Bonus)
Because of the size of the harness the HRTH has a -2 Speed Modifier
and a -5 Skill Check Penalty.

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