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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: SkillsEra: ImperialCanon: No


The gift of a very powerful Immune System is a talent taught secretly among
the organization known as the Bene Gesserit in so called "Un-civilized
Space". In this particular area of Uncivilized space, major intergalactic
houses feud with one another within a loose alliance. The Bene Gesserit,
an all female secret society, manipulate all those around them while taking
the posture of being uninvoled. They are widely regarded as "witches" and
not trusted very far. Their immune systems are ehavily specialized and they
are trained in special 'mystical' rites and powers. They can alter and/or
break down any hamrmful susbtances within their bodies including bacteria,
viruses, and poisons. This ability is only granted to those who have
reached full Sisterhood, however ocne they attain that rnak the skill
grows quickly elaving them immune to almost all disease and posion. Also
because of this, the effective Bene Gesserit lifepsan is doubled. They can
naturaly live anywhere between two and three hundred years old.

Advanced Skill:Strength:Immunity
Time Taken: One Round
Specialization: None
Pre-Requisites: Willpower 5D, Stamina 6D (Note: This skill is not added to
any of it's pre-requisite's checks)

Mild Poison/Mild Infection (ex. common Cold) 5
Average Poison/Major Infection 8
Virulent Poison/Virus (ex. Influenza, HIV) 15
Neurotoxin 22

Effect: This skill allows the user to control their immune system and the
compounds within their body. they can change and break up any harmful
substances including bacterial infections, posions,and even highly
mutatabele retroviruses. The difficulties are listed above for these
different things. Successful sue of the skill renders the substance

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