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Static pike
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Section of Site: The Force D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Jedi PowersEra: ImperialCanon: No


To have gumption is to have the ability to, or to have initiative. For
this Force-skill, the character has the ability to change the initiative
order for the remaining rounds. Gumption is an Alter, Control skill for
D6, and an Alter skill for D20.

Alter Difficulty: Base Dificulty of 30, plus how many people are invovled
in the round.  Note that there is no modifiers for relationship, distance,
etc. It involves everyone in the round.

Control Difficulty: Base Dificulty of 20, plus how many people are invovled
in the round.  No modifiers for relationship.

Required Powers: Concentration, Telekinesis (because, you must learn to be
able to move objects physically, before you could even think about being
able to change an initiative order).

This power is kept up, no choice. Once the skill is successful, the new order
stays until the series of rounds end, and note that you can not use this skill
again in the same set of rounds as it was used in.

Time to Use: One round.

Effect: This skill allows the player to change the initiative when it comes to
his/her turn for any strategic reason s/he desires. After this skill is used,
it is the next character's turn who is in the place after the skill user's place
was/is. For example, if Jekk uses this skill, being 5th in iniative, the next turn
would go to the person in 6th place of the NEW initiative order. The number of
people you can move is determined by the degree of success. If you match the
difficulty number, you may move one person, and for any number higher than the
difficulty, you may move another person.

Note, that you don't switch places, you just are put in a spot and bump everyone
back, unless you move back, in which case, those that were behind you and now in
front of you go up one place. For example, Jekk is in 3rd place.  If he moves
himself up to second, then 2nd place goes down to 3rd. If he were to go back to
5th, then 4th and 5th place would both go up a place, making them now 3rd and
4th place respectively.

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09/Aug/2019 01:26:23 Posted by Patan

Doesn´t "Combat Sense" do the same?

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