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M90 Shotgun (Mk I, Mk II, M90A)

M90 Shotgun (Mk I, Mk II, M90A)

Lepus carnivorus (Lepi)

Lepus carnivorus (Lepi)

Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No


Crescen is an Industiral nightmare. it is the headquarters of Lumnar Industries, the ruthless monopolistic arms company.
Lumnar produces more than just armaments however it is their big market. On Crscen the planet is governed by a High
Council, which is really just a puppet for Lumnar Industires. Those who aren't in Lumnar's pocket are being blackmailed by
them. This is the situation in sevral star systems Lumnar has a strong presence in. Crescen is the fourth and innermost
planet in the Ranugt system, a system in which the planets are all very different and spread out. Crescen is surrounding
by defenses empalced on moons , worlds, and asteroid throughout the system. The planet itself is covered entirely in urban
spawl. It is reminscent of nar Shada only industrial. the city stretches kilometers verticaly. Intercrossing walkways,
roads, arches etc bridge the monlithic buildings that domiante the entire planet. Huge smokestacks rise up into the air,
and all the wtaer supplies have sewage pipes dumping into them. The building faces are all black wether by design or from
the excessive dirt and polloution. The only thing close to natural enviroment left are terrace parks. These are giant
balconies off the sides of the huge buildings that have parks on them. small plots of grass and a few sparse trees with
some benches around them. The polloution on the planet is so bad that atmospheric scrubbers are set up everywhere and the
air is still hazardous to your health. in the upper elvels of the city where the rich live, the air is kept relatively
clean by the scurbbers. However the polloution often settles or is even vented into the lwoer levels. Here a breath mask
is seen on almost every face. At the ground levels where the actualy bedrock can be seen, it's so bad that without a
breathmask a person could die within a couple hours. The planet from orbit is a siwlring green gray mass of clouds and
smog. From the planet the sky is cosntantly a mass of grey and black with green tint swirling amidst it. It's as if
somebody held a neon lgiht behind dense fog. The planet's resources are cosntantly being mined under the surface, so the
city actualy extends kilometers down as well as up. This is where much of Lumnar's hevay production comes form. This is
wher alot of their side business is also. They bought out all the little companies on planet so that eevrything the
inhabitants need is supplied by Lumnar. The insidious corporation ahs the planet by the throat and is shaking all the
money out of them and then using them for labour.

To many of the youngsters on palnet the only viable escape form the hellish life of this world, is to join lumnar's
private security force, which is slowly reaching the status of a serious military force. Unlike RanCorp or metacorp
though this force is not used offesnviely. Lumnar is intensely paranoid aboiut security and uses miltiary grade security
at all of it's facilities. Crescen is the main soruce of the Lumnar Security Force's recruits. On this planet even if you
don't work for Lumnar you work for Lumnar. Because of the hellish nature of this world and it's existance Lumnar limits
the flow of people to the world. All traffic comes to an orbit starport and shipyards to bring in supplies and the like.
In orbit of the planet along with the starport are three moons. The first two moons Agor and Witygg house massive fighter
baes udnerground. these bases have dozens of diguised hanagrbays, energys hields, and defense empalcements. This is the
last line of defense before actualy reahcing the world of Crescen. This is also where the system patrol craft that fly
regular patrols come from. The third moon is Juliana. This is a beautiful vacation spot. The entire moon is a small
tropcial world covered in islands in crystaline oceans. This is reserved for Lumnar executives to go on vacation too.
Some of the top execs actualy live there and commute down to the world to work.

Type: Terrestrial
Location: Core
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type II or III (excessive air pollution is a health risk)
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban
Length of Day: 21 standard hours
Length of Year: 321 local days
Sapient Species: Human, various other races
Starport: Stellar
Population: 63.8 billion (estimated)
Planet Function: Industiral, Mining, Corporate HeadQuarters
Government: Council (puppet goverment, contorlled by Lumnar Industires)
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Technology, Weapons
Major Imports: food stuffs

System: Ranugt (listed in order from furthest out to closest to the sun)
Name                        Planet Type                Moons                Function
Davo                          Iceball                2                Clean Water Source
        *Hule            Airless Moon        /                Mining
        *Sule                  Airless Moon        /                Listening Post
Guod                          Gas Giant                3                None
        *Lizab         Airless Moon         /                Fighter Base
        *Vix                 Jungle Moon        /                Training Facility
        *San                 Desert Moon        /                Listening Post
Gob                         Terrestrial        21                Penal Colony
          *Nik                 Airless Moon        /                Fighter Base
        *Ark                 Airless moon        /                Listening Post
Asteroid Belt
Crescen                 Terrestrial        3                See Above
        *Juliana         Tropical Moon        /                Vacation Spot
        *Witygg         Airless moon        /                Fighter Base
        *Agor                 Airless Moon        /                Fighter Base

System Capsule-
Davo: Davos is a largew ball of ice essentialy. Lumnar has agents that mine the ice and bring it back to Crescen where it
      is melted to supply clean water to the wealthy who can afford it.
        Hule: One of Davo's two moons. This moon is airless but very mineral rich. Giant domed mining facilities have been
      setup all across it's surface.
        Sule: Davo's other moon. A small camoflauged listening post has been set up here. It's sensors sweep the edge of the
      system for incoming ships and possible threats.
        Guod: Guod is a huge ball of superheated gas. It is known to occasionaly spew discharges of it's gasses into it's
      orbit. Despite the valuable gasses in it's atmosphere, nobody wants to deal with it due to these ventings.
        Lizab: One of Guod's three moons. This one is irless and houses a shieelded fighter base. This it the outtermost
      Defense Marker surrounding Crescen. Over 200 fighters of varying types are kept here.
        Vix: Guod's second moon. This world is a dangerous jungle filled with mutated creatures. Lumnar uses it to train
      their less publicly known security forces.
        San: San is one of Guod's moons that at one point strayed too close to it's planet. A huge venting of gasses from
      the planet scoured the entire moon clean. It had originaly been a jungle world like Vix. It was left a desert
      wasteland afterwards. Hidden udner the sands of the moon is another sensor listening post.

        Gob: Gob is a galacticy oddity. The planet is misshapen pressing in on it's axis. It's turned into a giant dynamo
      in essence. At the equator it is standard gravity. However the further out from the equator you go, the higher the
      gravity. It's 10g's at the poles. The planet is used as a penal colony. The actual colonies are spread out across
      the 3g region with punishment facilities at the poles. The gravity is also affected by the 21 moons surrounding the
      planet in a complex orbit. Hgihly ireggular tides make escape from the prison islands by boat nearly impossible. The
      moons also make it very dififuclt to navigate in towards the planet. Most people die after only a handful of eyars
      on the planet due to the stresses of the high gravity.
        Nik: Is one of the 21 moons of Gob. Only two of the moons were ever named, and that was out of neccesity. Nik houses
      another large fighterbase. the fighterbase is all underground with hidden hangarbay doors. In case of emergency an
      energy shield can be raised over the base. There are also defense empalcements carefuly blended into rock
        Ark: The only other named moon of gob. This houses the third listening post in the system. It's sensors sweep out
      in a sizeable area. The sensoor psots are palced so that they are never in the same part of the system at the same
      time, offering a staggered coverage of the system.

        Asteroid Belt: The system's asteroid belt is more than it appears to be. Some of the asteroids are equipped with
      slave circuts and manuvering jets. Paths are opened in the asteroid belt at will and randomly for ships to travle
      through when they have permission.The asteroid field is so dense any attempt to find another path through it is
      insane. Besides which the asteroid belt is also mined. The mines are tractored to asteroids so that they are dragged
      along with them until a ship is detected, they then launch off into the ship and detonate. A single one of these
      mines is enough to cripple or destroy the New Republics most shielded fighter.

Crescen: See above.

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