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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Hashek Station

Hashek Station can be counted as a wonder of the universe. It is certainly an odity at the least. It is a giant space
station in orbit of the uninhabitable world of Belfour. Belfour is a massive world with an intense gravity field around it,
and an atmosphere so toxic no known species can live there, much less stand the gravity. The world has amazingly blue
water across it's rust coloured landscape. It's clouds streak across the world in swaths of brown, yellow, and green.
Hashek station was built in orbit of the world, caught in it's grav field. The station is almost like several space
stations interconnected. There are 25 'levels' each one further away from the planet. the clsoest one to the planet has a
gravity of 2.5 times standard gravity, while the farthest away has a gravity of .1 times standard. This allows for
different comfort zones for aliens and humans. Old spacers tend to like the lwoer gravity levels for example. Each level
consists of a hub with 12 spokes coming off from it at clock-face intervals. These giant spokes are interconencted by four
rings that swing throguh them further and further out, the fourth ring capping off the end of the spokes.

The rings, refered to as habitat rings, have transport tubes connecting them with the ones above and below them,. The hubs
are also interconnected by these transport tubes. Transport tubes have their own artifical gravity. People can walk along
the tubes and enjoy the view of the planet, and of space. There are also turbolifts for cargo and passenegers, and for
those who are really in a hurry there are repulsor bounce-tubes. Bounce-Tubes are tubes made entirely out of repulsor
fields, that when activated 'bounce' the person up the desired level. The transport tubes are like small promenades. They
have plants and red carpets, some benches and fountains. They make it as nice as possible to walk between levels.

While you're reading this, let's take a moment to explain the way locationms are given on the station. The station is
massive, with each level containing floors, spokes, and rings. When giving a location you do it in the following way.
Level #(1-25), then either what spoke(1-12), what habitat ring (1-4), or the hub where the location is. Yu then give the
floor (1-6). If the location is in a tube, it is refered to as Tube and the levels it goes between and then a number
signifying which tube. There are 11 tubes on each ring leading up a level except for the last level up. There are 11 tubes
on each ring leading down a level except the farthest level down. There are also 13 tubes going either direction between
hubs. So let's give some examples. There is a thief running through one of the tubes between levels 14 and 15. Security
gives the alert on the thief's location as being "Tube 14-15, Number 7". There are of course a possible 57 tubes leading
between levels 14 and 15. The numbering system radiates out from the center. At the hubs, there is one large tube with 12
tubes surrounding it loosely at each clockface position. From there it spirals outard and clockwise across the rings, in
numerical sequence.

The station has dozens of hangar bays for small craft, as well as docking rings, tubes, and collars for all kinds of
different ships. It ahs the equivalant of an Imperial Class Starport that takes up all of level ten. Level ten was chosen,
because everybody just about is used to standard gravity. For those who don't like standard rgavity, they can try to get
permisison to dock at a different level. The spokes oon most levels are where buisnesses are set up. some spokes have all
six floors opened into one cavernous area. They then put the buildings on different terraced levels, with stairs, and
boucne-tubes leading up. This allows the feeling of an open air city more than the typical enclosed space. All the
restraunts, shops, and business ofices ect are on spokes. Habitat rings are kept almost soley for residences.

Hashek Station contains some of the best technology in the galaxy, and has scicne it was created. It is obvious that a
vast ammount of planning and design work went into the station. The technolgoy level is mroe stunning though, because the
station was created about the same time as the old Republic was fighting the rebel Jedi Ulic Quel-Droma, and the
technology that was there then, is still here now. Whoever originaly built the station dissapeared ebfore it ever got
used it seems. it is beleived they were the inhabitant of Belfour, and ahd somehow been detsroyed in a ctaclysm that had
reuslted in the toxicity of their world's atmosphere. Some suspect a chemical war was unleashed. the station was
discovered during the later part of the old republic. Despite it's proximity to the core, Belfour ahd somehow remained
off the maps. It mgiht have something to dow with the hyperspace risk of the planet's massive grav well. The station was
repopulated by traders and people with no where else to go. Soon Hashek station was refered to as refugee station, as
that's where mny refugees ended up gonig. The station has the highest concentration of Camassi, Alderaanians, and Tarro
anywhere in the galaxy.

The Station was actualy rediscovered by the Cron Horizon corproation. They were the ones who fixed it up a little and
re-opened it to the galaxy. They put a divisonal section of their corporation in charge. Soon the divison broke totaly
away though. The head of the divison, Walther Hashek renamed the station after himself and declared himself The Manager
of the station. He declared there was only one law on the station, do nothing that hurts another being or threatens their
liveliehood. The Manager, who was Hashek up until his death, and then it was passed on to somebody else in the Corporation,
is open to determine what he sees as hgurting somebody else. After a while the residents  and regulars at the station got
used to this, and many people began to live a happy existance there. If they didn't, the security force could promptly show
them to the nearest airlock, without a space suit. At one point the New republic tried to get the station to join, but
they were flatly rebuffed. the station's residents were happy with the near anarchy they lived in.

Time on the station is measured in 3 7-hour shifts. This consittues a day on the station, while a eyar is the 40 days it
takes the station to orbit the planet of Belfour once. Also it should be noted, that individual residences can have
whatever temepratures, moistures, and even air makeup they want. This allows for greater diversity on the station. Though
many aliens who breath differntly need special suits out in public, they don't have to endure it at home. The enviromental
system on Hashek station is a hundred times mroe advanced than any other in the galaxy. There is also a great ammount of
entertainment to be had on the station. There are Shockball, and Repulsor Hockey arenas, swoop race tracks, and various
cultural centers such as museums, theatres, libraries ect. The Station has cultural influences pouring in from all over
the galaxy. The station could even be said to be a cultural center of the galaxy.  

Name: Hashek Station
Type: Satellite/Artificial
Location: Mid Rim
Temperature: Artificialy Controlled
Atmosphere: None
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: .1-2.5 x Standard
Terrain: Urban
Length of Day: 21 standard hours
Length of Year: 40 local days
Sapient Species: All varieties
Starport: Imperial Class
Planet Function: Trade, Habitat
Population: Unknown
Government: Looose Dictatorship
Tech Level: Space

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