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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Noe' Ha'

Type: Semi-atmospheric swamp wasteland
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type II
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Barren wetlands in sea level areas; mountains with many caves in
         medium to high altitudes
Length of Day: 75 standard hours
Length of Year: 2,344 local days
Sapient Species: Humans, K'lor'slugs
Starport: Limited (military)
Population: Estimate of 10 mercenary scouts on Noe' Ha'; 20,000 K'lor'slugs
Planet Function: Military, mining, natural resources research (classified)
Government: Corporate-owned, military occupied
Tech Level: None, (for the mercenaries and scouts, space tech level)
Major Exports: Uranium, Plutonium
Major Imports: None

The planet know to the galaxy as Noe' Ha' used to strike fear into the heart
of the galaxy when governemnt officals talk of colonizing the planet.

When the Imperial Bureau of Energy and Minerals (IBEM) saw a proposed
drought of uranium an plutonium, minerals desperartely needed to power over
50% of the Empire's ships and/or vehicles, was to come within the next 14
months, they looked into probing planets rich in these minerals.

They dispatched thousands of special scientific probe droids to search for
a uranium and plutonium rich planet. In the first month, nothing turned up,
until Noe' Ha' was found on their scopes. This was the ideal planet for
mining, as it is composed alone of 55% uranium.

But the Corporate Sector, a week after Noe' Ha's discovery, knew better than
to just sit around and wait for the Imperials to mine the planet. They knew
that if they could get to the planet, mine it and sell the minerals taken
from Noe' Ha' for a high (and ridiculous) price, that the Empire would still
buy it. And so they did, and the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) sent 10
scouts and mercenaries to the planet, to see if the planet was valuble, and
destroy the opposition everyone was afraid of: the K'lor'slug, a pink-
skinned, neurotoxin armed predator with one goal in life: eat ANYTHING that
resemables food.

But the Imperials soon caught on to the idea of the CSA and decided to act
against them, but in a much different way than direct military engagement.
The  Imperial Chemical Corp., which makes an injections that is suppose to
counter act the K'lor'slug's neurotoxin, replaced the atropine (the anti-
neurotoxin), with Terridax-107, a chemical nerve agent of devasting
preportions. The mercenaries on the planet that recived these injectors
were all found dead 5 days after deployment on Noe' Ha'.

A battle still going on this very day between the Empire and the Cororate
Sector over Noe' Ha, and many people are dying from the cold, more false
injectors, and the biggest threat, the K'lor'slugs.

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