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Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Ground VehiclesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Craft: Fractal Missile Speeder
Type: Galactech "Fractal" Missile Speeder
Scale: Walker
Length: 12m
Skill: Repulsorlift Operation: Fractal Missile Speeder
Crew: 1+1 Gunners
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 40kg
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground level - 100m
Cost: 60,000 new; 30,000 used
Maneuverability: 4D
Move: 275; 800kmh
Body Strength:3D
            16 * Concussion Missiles
                        Fire Arc: Turret
                        Scale: Walker
                        Skill: Missile Weapons
                        Fire Control: 3D
                        Range: 100-500/2.5/5km
                        Damage: 7D

Description: Responding to complaints about the lack of speed, manueverability and armor of the Frenzy, GalacTech designed an entirely new chassis upon which to mount the highly effective missiles, changing to a repulsorcraft rather than crawler design.  The Fractal holds 4 more missiles than the Frenzy, and mounts them in a turret.  Most changed however is that the Fractal has an exceptionally manueverable and fast chassis, such that Fractal drivers have been known to race there walker scale vehicles against there speeder driving compatriots.  And sometimes win.  The increased speed and manueverably means Fractals can dash to the front, unleash there missiles while evading fire, then fly back to the rear lines to reload in quick order.  With the high powered engines Galactech was even able to give the Fractal heavier armor.

The cost of these improvements however was in credits, and the Fractal was priced out of the Frenzy buying market.  It is sometimes found in the armies of rich worlds or mercenaries, but not as common as the Frenzy.

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