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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Nadwell IV REFIT: Ether Paladine
Craft: KDY's Nebulon-B Frigate
Type: Modified escort starship
Scale: Capital
Length: 300m.
Skill: Capital Starship Piloting: Nebulon-B
Crew: 852, gunners: 64, skeleton: 305/+10
Passengers:75 (troops)
Cargo Capacity:5,950 metric tons.
Consumables: 2 years
Cost: N/A
Hyperdrive: x1 (Backup: x12)
Nav. Computer: Yes
Maneuverabilty: 1D
Space: 4
Atmosphere: 280; 800kmh
Hull: 4D
Shields: 3D (Backup: 2D)
   Passive: 40/0D
   Scan: 75/1D
   Search: 150/3D
   Focus: 4/4D+2

   12 Turbolaser Batteries:
      Fire Arc: 6 front, 3 right, 3 left
      Crew: 1(2), 2(8), 4(2)
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 3-15/35/75
      Atmosphere Range: 6-30/70/150km
      Damage: 7D

   12 Phalanx Battery System Guns:
      Fire Arc: 6 front, 2 right, 2 left, 2 back, ALL TURRETS!
      Crew: Drone System Automated, Auxiliary 1(12)
      Scale: starfighter
      Fire Control: 4D, Drone Control: 10D
      Space Range: 1-3/12/25
      Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km
      Damage: 4D

   2 Tractor Beam Projectors:
      Fire Arc: front
      Crew: 12
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1-5/15/30
      Atmosphere Range: 2-10/30/60
      Damage: 4D

Description:  During the time that the Nadwell IV PDF were seeking to join the Rebel Alliance, Zath Maser and Renzar were given a mission to locate and meet up with a missing Nebulon-B frigate of the Rebel Alliance.  At the time, they were in command of the modified corellian corvette 'Gears of War', and sported two seperate fighter squadrons.  One led by Que Su, an exiled Trianii pilot-turned-Jedi, and the other led by McAaron, an ex-senator-turned-pilot, also presently a Rebel Alliance observer aboard for the duration of the crew's mission and overseeing the present circumstances.  Coming to an asteroid field McAaron used constantly in his virtual training simulators, the missing frigate was eventually found, derelict and floating adrift, heavily damaged, with life-signs so bizarre on sensors that none of the crew could make heads or tales of it.  With Maser and Que Su using their Jedi senses, they could sift through the mess, and determined several living beings on board, as well as something else, something horrid and monstrous, of the Dark Side.  As they boarded by Aegis Combat Shuttle, new boagies entered the area.  Sensors showed them to be star dragons, which had been previously encountered by the crew.  No chances were taken, and McAaron's squadron launched immediately to del with the threat.  As they battled in the densely packed space of the asteroid field, Alpha and Bravo teams landed in the hangar deck of the Nebulon-B and were instantly attacked by a flood of creatures that were at once a mesh of scattered flesh and technological scrap, metal and circuits.  With a combined effort, the hangar deck was taken and held by the teams, and a tech accessed a terminal to get a damage report of the ship.  It was as bad as it looked from the outside.  The ship had taken on heavy damage, many breaches in the hull including the main bridge being completely destroyed.  The creatures were roaming the entire ship, and the only viable living sentienst on board were located in the aft section of the ship, engineering, which was being used as an inpromptu control center.  Alpha Team was left to hold the hangar deck in case a speedy retreat was needed, whil Maser pushed to the aft section with Bravo team, comprised of five well-trained Mandalorians in powered armor who were sell suited for anti-ship-boarding tactics.  Once there, an energy shield cut off access to engineering, with a fight going on on the other side between two lightsaber-weilding enemies and a guy in Rebel Alliance fatigues with a round, colored shield of some kind.  On the other side of the shield, two other lightsaber-users watched on, trying to gain access.  When Maser and Bravo Team came upon them, they brought out their weapons, but the fight never really started as the mandalorians blew them away.  After turning off the shield, the fight inside was about over as well, as the shield-fighter took out the last Dark Jedi.  The Rebel soldier was none other than Captain Steve 'Alderaan' Walker himself, living symbol for the Rebel Alliance, and he saved what few of the crew he could in the rear section of the ship when they got hit hard.  Getting the crew and whatever important gear they needed off the ship, they left immediately.  The Stardragon clones had been taken care of, but reinforcements could come at any time, so the Gears of War left the area as soon as everyone was back on board.  Later, the best guess would be that the Nebulon-B was attacked because several parties felt the Force potential from Captain 'Alderaan', but they were unprepared for his superhuman combat abilities and failed to capture him.  Maser offeed to retrieve the Nebulon-B later for the Rebel Alliance, but they declined and it was officially left adrift in the asteroid field.  Since the Nadwell IV PDF were making use of anything they could get their hands on, Maser snatched the ship and put it in dry dock for a complete overhaul and rebuild.  The bridge was built from the ground up, looking very much different from the original specs of the Nebulon-B, mostly to make room for further modifications if the ship ever needed them, and to put in reliable systems that the PDF already had on-hand.  The turbolasers were left in place and upgraded for greater capacitor storage and beam discharge, making them more powerful than before.  The anti-starfighter guns were replaced with Phalanx Battery System guns, giving the ship greater anti-starfighter capability than before.  The hull was reinforced and the shields improved, and backup shields were installed.  As the ship was being rebuilt, it was discovered that the original transponder had been destroyed, and even though a search was made, the name of the ship could not be found.  So a new transponder was installed with the rebuilt bridge, and the techs asked Admiral Maser what he wanted the name to be.  He called it the Ether Paladine.  It was given to a trusted captain who believed in the cause of the Nadwell IV PDF and used for what these sturdy frigates were originally meant for, escort duty.  The PDF's bases were a secret, but they were a secret needing supplies on a constant basis as they grew stronger, and those supplies needed protection from everything from Louie XX's forces, to Imperial customs patrols to even the ordinary pirate scum of the galaxy at large.  After the Ether Paladine left dry dock and had it's shake-down time, it was given several refitted Lancer frigates and made into an escort task force which could operate together or seperately as needed, and could be drawn into a frontline battle whenever needed due to their improved firepower.  So far, the Paladine and it's crew havn't lost a cargo shipment yet, and many have tried to take it.

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