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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: Robotech Defence Force (RDF)Subtype: CapitalEra: Canon: Crossover

The SDF-1

Craft: Robotech Defence Force (RDF) Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF)
Type : Super Dimensional Fortress (Multi-Purpose Battleship)
Scale: Capital
Length: 1,210m
Skill: Capital Starship Piloting; Super Dimensional Fortress (SDF)
Crew: 800; military personnel: 1,200 (Total: 20,000)
Crew Skill:
Passengers: 70,000+ (Possibly 100,000+)
Cargo Capacity: 150,000 metric tons, possibly more (plus an entire city inside, give or take a ton).
Consumables: 5 years (on stocked perishables.  With Macross City built inside the ship, hydropaunics were probably established to produce more food, and replenish food-stuffs)
Cost: N/A (One of a kind, BABY!)
Hyperdrive: (The GM should choose the option they find appropriate)
   -Option 1: Instantaneous Space Fold System (disappeared after first use)
   -Option 2: x1 (disappeared after first use)
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 3D (Battleship mode); 2D (Attack mode)
Space: 7 (Battleship mode); 5 (Attack mode)
Atmosphere: 350; 1,000kmh (Battleship mode); 295; 850kmh (Attack mode)
Hull: 8D
Shields: (The GM should choose the option they find appropriate)
   -Pin-Point Barrier (3): 8D (Must make a 'Shields' skill roll every round of combat to place the Pin-Point Barrier in the way of an incoming attack, much like a 'Melee Parry' skill roll to block a melee attack.  There are three Pin-Point Barrier energy discs, each requiring an operator.  These can be 'stacked' for greater strength; 8D for one point; 9D for two points; 10D for all three points stacked together.)
   -Full Barrier: 10D, all arcs covered (The Full Barrier has the limitation of overloading when it soaks up too much energy from enemy attacks.  When the Wild Die rolls a "1", the Full Barrier has overloaded.  Roll 3D6 for Space/Atmosphere range, and everything in that range suffers 10D Capital scale damage, unless they can make it out of the blast radius in time.  When an overload happens, use the random roll chart on the Main Gun to get the shields back up.)
   -Another option for the shields is to make them invulnerable to any attack.  The dice given are still high for the advanced technology, yet are given the chance to be overcome.  Even invulnerable, both shield types have limitations to their use that can be used against them, and these should not be taken away.
   Passive: 50/1D
   Scan: 100/3D
   Search: 200/4D
   Focus: 6/4D+2

   Excaliber: 36
   Gladiator: 24
   Radar X: 72
   Spartan: 56
   M.A.C. II: 24
   VF-1A: 200
   VF-1J: 50
   VF-1S: 40
   Armored: 6
   VT-1D: 12

   The Main Gun/ Reflex Cannon
      Fire Arc: forward
      Crew: 1 (The main gun is fired from the bridge by the chief tactical officer, captain, or whoever takes the controls and makes the combat roll.)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Reflex Cannon
      Fire Control: 0D
      Space Range: 1-29/ 116/ 232 (6 increments wide)
      Atmosphere Range: 96,480km (3.2km wide)
      Damage: Absolutely destroys EVERYTHING in its path of fire, everything within the beam's length AND width. (Another option is to give it a die code, but this would be around 10D [probably more], Death Star scale.)
      Rate of Fire: 1 every ten minutes (120 combat rounds).  Roll on the following table for EACH shot to follow(D100 percentile/or D6 if one wants to stay fully in the D6 system):
         1-25/6:      Energized and ready to fire.
         26-50/4-5: Requires an additional ten minutes (120 combat rounds) to fire.
         51-75/2-3: Requires an additional twenty minutes (240 combat rounds) to fire.
         76-00/1:    Will not fire; needs twenty-four hours to recharge.
      Notes: If the Pin-Point Barrier/Full Barrier is engaged, the main gun can NOT fire.  Can only fire in Attack

   8 Reflex (Robotechnology) Guided Converging mode. Energy Beam Cannons:
      Fire Arc: 2 front, 2 right, 2 left, 2 rear.
      Scale: Death Star.
      Crew: 5 (8)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Reflex Guided Converging Energy Beams.
      Fire Control: 1D
      Space Range: 1/2/3
      Atmosphere Range: 1-3/12/25km
      Damage: 4D
      Rate of Fire: 1, or 4 every three rounds.

   4 Reflex, Ultrahigh Speed Electromagnetic Rail Cannons:
      Fire Arc: turret
      Crew: 3 (4)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Rail Cannons.
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1/2/3
      Atmosphere Range: 1-3/12/25km
      Damage: 12D
      Rate of Fire: 3, or 8 every three rounds.

   12 Long Range Missile Launchers:
      Fire Arc: 4 front, 3 right, 3 left, 2 rear.
      Crew: 4 (12)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Missle Weapons.
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 2-12/30/60
      Atmosphere Range: 4-24/60/120km
      Damage: Varies according to warhead type. (See the Missiles Chart below, or wherever posted on the site)
      Rate of Fire: Each can fire volleys of 2, 4, 6, or 8, requires six combat rounds to reload.

   48 Medium Range Missle Launchers:
      Fire Arc: 12 front, 12 right, 12 left, 12 rear
      Crew: 4 (48)
      Skill: Capital Starship Weaponry: Missle Weapons.
      Fire Control: 3D
       Space Range: 1/3/7
      Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/700
      Damage: Varies according to warhead type (See the Missiles Char below, or wherever posted on the site)
      Rate of Fire: Each can fire volleys of 2, 4, 6, or 8, requires six combat rounds to reload.

   48 Dual barrel 40cm Auto Cannons:
      Fire Arc: 12 front, 12 right, 12 left, 12 rear.
      Scale: starfighter
      Crew: 2 (48)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Auto Cannons.
      Fire Control: 3D
      Space Range: 1-3/12/25
      Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5km (original stats say "12 miles/19.3km")
      Damage: 8D (7D if one shell is fired from one barrel, weapon counts as fire-linked)
      Rate of Fire: 4; four volleys per cannon, requires six combat rounds to reload, fires two shells at a time (one shell per barrel)

   48 High Powered Laser Cannons:
      Fire Arc: 12 front, 12 right, 12 left, 12 rear.
      Scale: starfighter
      Crew: 3 (48)
      Skill: Capital Starship Gunnery: Laser Cannons
      Fire Control: 4D
      Space Range: 1-5/10/17
      Atmosphere Range: 100-500/1/1.7km (original stats say "4000ft./1200m")
      Damage: 5D
      Rate of Fire: 4 (four times per cannon.)

   Attack Mode Punch:
      Fire Arc: Front
      Scale: Capital
      Crew: 1 (pilot on bridge)
      Skill: Capital Starship Piloting -OR- Brawling
      Fire Control: 1D
      Space Range: Point Blank
      Atmosphere range: Point Blank
      Damage: Varies with whatever ship is docked as the arms; with the Daedalus/Prometheus vessels, assume they have 5D Hull, and use this for Damage.  Can also use the Pin-Point Barrier to add damage dice to the attack, no matter what kind of ship is used as the "arm".  This adds 8D for one energy disc, +1D per extra disc, for a total of +10D to the attack damage dice.  Unless striking an important part of another ship, this will not destroy the enemy vessel, but WILL bust a hole inside it's hull.  Once inside the hull, if the "arm" has a hatch that can open in the front (which its right "arm" ship did), it could have its destroids launch all missles and other weapons directly inside the enemy ship, causing much damage internally (which would probably have less resistance than the outer hull, either in lowered scale or die code, or both).  This usually winds up with total destruction of the enemy vessel.  NOTE: This was an emergency maneuver used when an attempted ambush on a Zentraedi ship with the Main Gun failed when the gun could not fire.  The improvised attack succeeded more than anyone thought possible, and was used again later.
      Rate of Fire: Oh, come on, really!? Make the first one count!

-ROBOTECH:  The SDF-1 is the masterpiece of the Robotech Master Zor.  He launched the ship to Earth before he himself was killed by his fellow Robotech Masters.  The ship crashed on Earth and washeavily damaged.  After ten long years, the human race rebuilt as much as possible, and made great leaps in technological advancement in the process, creating the many styles of Veritech fighter jets and Destroid mecha, as well as discovering Protoculture as a new power source.  When the Zentraedi finally found the ship and Earth, a devestating attack was launched on Macross Island, where the ship was originally found and reconstructed.  In the initial onslaught, the SDF-1 lost most of its anti-gravity control mechanisms trying to launch from the surface, relying on conventional thrusters instead.  The ship tried to reach orbit and link up with the A.R.M.D. Space Platforms for heavier firepower, but were thwarted when the Zentraedi blew these ships away before they could reach the SDF-1.  The ship then returned toward the surface to evade attack.  While still in Earth's atmosphere, the crew initiated a Space Fold to evade the overwhelming enemy, intending to arrive at Lunar orbit far from Earth.  The result was arrival beyond the orbit of Pluto, with the Space Fold system itself having completely disappeared in the process, and the SDF-1 had to rely on its main engines of Reflex furnace and heat pile system cluster.  Over the course of time, the ship would prove itself in battle on many occasions, until finally being destroyed at the hands of Zor and his battleship.  After this last encounter, it and the remains of the SDF-2 were contaminated with radiation and buried to contain this as much as possible.  little did humanity know that the Invid Flower of Life had been aboard the ship all along, the source of Protoculture itself.
   The SDF-1 is able to transform into a humanoid "Attack" mode, similar to the Veritech Fighters.  Rules for this ARE included, showing the differences above, and also listing in the weapons if the can or cannot be used in either mode.  The 'arms' of the SDF-1 were originally either two aquired submersible, aquatic carrier ships (Prometheus and Daedalus, respectively), and it was also meant to dock with the A.R.M.D. class space carriers.  I will make stats for these at a later time.
-Macross:  Little do many people know that Robotech was actually the clever (or not?  Debatable.) invention of Harmony Gold, taking three unrelated anime series, Macross, Southern Cross, and MOSPEADA, respectively, and carefully editing them to fit together as one long series of related events to tell a much more grand story.
   In Macross, there was no Zor nor Robotech Masters.  The SDF-1 was originally a heavily modified (or just plain "DIFFERENT", not sure which) Inspection Forces vessel of the Marduk, who were split into two factions of the Males, called Zentraedi, and females, called Maeltrandi.  Protoculture was not a power source at all, but it defined something, either early developing human cultures, or the advanced cultures that came before.  Either way, the Zentraedi were very much Human, same as in Robotech, and aside from Earth, were all that was left of a once-existing highly advanced empire of humanity spread across the stars.  An ancient "Protoculture War" between the Inspection Forces and everyone else destroyed this almost entirely, save Earth, and possibly other remote places in the universe.  As time would pass, the Inspection Forces became the Marduk and lost all means of Culture, becoming stagnated and cloning themselves to reproduce, and forgetting the ways of technology and how to repair their own technology and ships, again, much like the Zentraedi from Robotech.  In Macross, the battle between the SDF-1 and the Marduk/Zentraedi was the focus of the series.  Also, though the SDF-1 WAS critically damaged at the end of the series, it was not totally destroyed, and would one day be repaired to fight a new threat, and exist in some form or another in future Macross spin-offs in the future.

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Zor was killer by the Invid, and the SDF’s 1 &2 by Khyron’s flagship.

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