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Section of Site: Star TrekBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Cast & CrewEra: TNGCanon: No

"Strategy is the craft of the warrior."

Name: Zylyn
Rank: Starfleet Lieutenant
Species: Klingon/Betazoid
Position: Security


Fitness: 6 [6]
Coordination: 4 [5]
Intellect: 3 [5]
Presence: 3 [6]
Psi: 4 [6]


Athletics ()
Computer ()
Culture (Klingon)
Dodge 4
Energy Weapon (Phaser) 2 [5]
History (Federation)
Language (Federation Standard) 4
Language (Klingon) 5
Law (Starfleet Regulations)
Personal Equipment ()  []
Planetary Sciences ()  []
Planetside Survival (Jungle)
Primitive Weaponry (Bat'leth) 4 [5]
Primitive Weaponry (D'k tagh) [5]
Primitive Weaponry (Mek'leth) [6]
Projective Telepathy 1
Receptive Empathy 1
Receptive Telepathy 1
Security (Security Systems)
Shipboard Systems (Tactical)
Systems Engineering (Security Systems)
Unarmed Combat (Mok'bara) 4 [6]
Unarmed Combat (Starfleet Martial Arts) [5]
Vehicle Operations (Shuttlecraft)


Athletic Ability +2
High Pain Threshold +2
Mixed Species Heritage (Klingon/Betazoid Halfbreed) +6
Organ Redundancy (brak'lul) +2
Promotion (Starfleet Lieutenant) +2
Code of Honour (Klingon Code) -4
Code of Honour (Starfleet Code) -4
Diminished Social Status (Klingon/Betazoid Halfbreed) -1
Rival (Karlot, Klingon Warrior) -2





       Aggression: 13       Discipline: 11       Initiative: 11
       Openness: 7          Skill: 11

WOUND LEVELS: 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/0


Standard Equipment:
Phaser Type II
Settings: 1-16 Range: 5/20/50/100
Size: 25 cm long Mass: 0.6 kg Energy: 1,000 charges

D'k tagh
Size: 50 cm long Mass: 1 kg Accuracy: 8 Block: +2 Damage: 3+2d6

Size: 70 cm long Mass: 2.5 kg Accuracy: 7 Block: +2 Damage: 5+2d6

Traditional Klingon Battle Armour (+2 physical, +1 energy protection)

Size: 116 cm long Mass: 5.3 kg Accuracy: 9 Block: +2 Damage: 5+2d6


Father: Kartok
Occupation: Klingon Warrior in the KDF.
Race: Klingon.

Mother: Artemis Athen
Occupation: Psychologist, Homemaker & Mother.
Race: Betazoid.

Brothers: None.
Sisters: None.

Zylyn’s Past

Zylyn carries the features of both his parents in about equal measure. He has his mother’s straight black hair and her typically Betazed deep very dark brown eyes. He has the forehead ridges of his father, but less prominent because of his mixed heritage. He is also physically large like a typical Klingon. His skin color is somewhere in between, lighter than his well-tanned father, but slightly darker than his mother’s native coloring.


Zylyn is the only child of Artemis and his father. This caused a minor scandal with her wealthy family. As they were not married at the time and Kartok was a Klingon from the capital called First City on Qo’noS. Because of this and the fact that he seemed to have little money to support his new family, Artemis’ family disapproved of him.

Artemis was the daughter of an eminent and wealthy merchant family from Betazed.

As an only child in a fairly wealthy family (some of his mother’s family helped with the finances) Zylyn was well educated with many lessons, which he usually lacked any focus on.

Zylyn’s father trained him to become a warrior. Even though he could use a Mek’leth or Bat’leth with reasonable skill he was also interested in seeing new things and the galaxy in general to focus on weapons alone.

In 2367 during the Klingon Civil War, Kartok serves upon a Vor’cha-class attack cruiser the I.K.S. Bortas. This was Gowron’s flagship at this time.

Entered training for the Klingon Defense Force.


Artemis Athen arranges for a distant cousin of hers to talk to Zylyn to give him some direction in life. This is the first time that Zylyn meets Starfleet Cmdr Deanna Troi. She tells Zylyn of a true paragon of Klingon virtues and a member of Starfleet.

Rival (Karlot, Klingon Warrior)


Zylyn wears the traditional armor of a Klingon warrior.

Zylyn also has naturally developed his mother’s empathic abilities.


I.K.S. Rotarran

General Martok


Zylyn is part of a training exchange program between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. A position he volunteered for because of his high admiration for Lt Cmdr Worf.

This is an extension of the program that Cmdr William T. Riker and the Klingon officer Kurn started in 2365.

Zylyn has been assigned to the Grakka to prepare the way for them to enter the United Federation of Planets and battle the Dominion.

Zylyn has been assigned to this position because his Klingon warrior’s spirit and his natural empathic abilities like the Grakka’s, gives him a unique insight.

At this time Zylyn is unsure if the fierce Grakka will ever be ready to join the Federation.

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