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Sarjenn 3

Sarjenn 3
Baython (Human Child Miner)

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Imperial capital ship

Imperial capital ship

Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: Ground VehiclesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Name: Porcupine Planetary Defense Missile Launcher
Model: Assan Aeroplane Company Porcupine Planetary Defense Missile Launcher
Type: Anti Capital Missile Launcher
Crew: 1 + 1 gunner
Scale: Walker
Length: 11 meters
Skill: Ground Vehicle Operation; Porcupine
Passengers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 20kg
Cover: Full
Cost: 20,000 (for a battery of 4 kits, with 12 missiles and 20 practice missiles, all unassembled)
Altitude Range: Ground level
Manueverability: 0D
Move: 12, 35kmh
Body Strength: 1D
1 * Quill Super Concussion Missile
                        Scale: Capital
                        Fire Arc: Up
                        Crew: 1
                        Skill: Missile Weapons
                        Fire Control: 0D
                        Space: 1/3/7
                        Atmosphere Range: 50-500/1km/until out of atmosphere
                        Damage: 5D

Description: Given the fact some pirates used capital scale ships, the Assan Aeroplane Company sought a way to allow communities to defend against this threat lacking capital ships of there own.  To this end, Assan's engineers created a scaled up concussion missile which they dubbed the Quill, and the launcher for it was named the Porcupine.  This is because due to their quill's noone messes with porcupines.

Quill Super Concussion missiles are more expensive than standard concussion missiles and pack a much heavier punch, but due to Assan's bargain grade design are woefully inaccurate.  The Assan Aeroplane Company was not familiar with ground vehicle design, and this, combined with working with a committee of primitive societies to design the Porcupine resulted in a vehicle that was terribly slow, prone to malfunction (particularly with its tires, steering, and combustion engine) but extremely cheap.  Different parts of the missiles and launchers are created by a diverse range of primitive and fringe groups.  The unassembled launchers and missiles are shipped in standard shipping crates, a battery of 4 representing a 28 ton cargo.  Replacement missile kits cost 1000.  Anyone within 10 meters of the Porcupine when it fires will take 5d character scale damage, this includes the crew if the Porcupine's cab is not properly sealed which takes one minute and a Moderate Ground Vehicle Operation roll.  Lacking a life support system the cab can remain sealed up to half an hour before the crew need fresh air, so Porcupine crews often wear flight suits.

Porcupine's are of mixed effectiveness in battle being both unlikely to hit and often unlikely to deal real damage if they do it and taking 30 minutes and ten beings to reload.  However the possibility has been known to discourage pirates from risking their capital ships against communities defended by them.  Porcupines are a brisk seller for Assan after a highly publicized success where a single Quill missile tore a pirate Nebulon-B in half.

It takes two weeks and an easy Ground Vehicle Repair roll to assemble a Porcupine given proper tools, a Quill missile can be assembled in 3 days given proper tools and a Easy Missile Weapons Repair roll.

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