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Colonel Elzian (Ishi Tib New Republic Officer)

Colonel Elzian (Ishi Tib New Republic Officer)


Binog (Amphibious Mammal)

Binog (Amphibious Mammal)

Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Robotech Defence Force (RDF)Subtype: WalkersEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover

RDF Raidar X (Defender ADR-04-Mk X)

Craft: Robotech Defense Force's Raidar X Destroid.
Type: Aerial defence non-transformable Battloid/Mecha.
Scale: Walker.
Size: height: 35.3ft/10.75m; length: 16.7ft/5.1m, weight: 21.7 tons.
Skill: Walker Operations: Destroid (Or Mecha Operations: Destroid).
Crew: 1 or 2.
Crew Skill: Walker Operations, Vehicle Blasters, Missle Weapons, Heavy Weapons
Passengers: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 80 kilograms.
Cover: Full
Cost: N/A
Move: 80mph/128.72kmph.
Body Strength: 6D

   2 Double-Barreled Laser Cannons (Wide angle, radip fire):
      Location: Arms.
      Fire Arc: Turret.
      Scale: Starfighter.
      Crew: 1 or 2 (pilot/co-pilot)
      Skill: Vehicle Blasters
      Fire Control: 4D
      Range: 8 miles/12.7km
      Damage: 2D (Short burst, Starfighter Scale, 3D if fire-linked); 4D (Heavy burst, Starfighetr Scale, 5D if fire-linked); 6D (Maximum burst, 7D if fire-linked)
      Ammo: Unlimited.
      Rate of Fire: 8 Short burst, 4 Heavy burst, or 4 Maximum burst, can be fire-linked, or both pilot and co-pilot can use an individual arm, only 1 burst per arm per combat round as they cycle power for the guns.

Optional Weaponry:
   966-PFG Autocannons (air cooled, can be fire-linked, used on earlier models):
      Location: Replaces Laser Cannons as arms.
      Fire Arc: Turret.
      Scale: Starfighter.
      Crew: 1 or 2 (pilot/co-pilot)
      Skill: Heavy Weapons.
      Fire Control: 4D
      Range: 8 miles/12.7km
      Damage: 2D (Short volley, fires 1 round); 3D (Long volley, fires 2 rounds, counts as fire-linking for the two barrels of one gun on one arm, or a barrel from both guns/arms); 5D (Maximum volley, fires 4 rounds as all four barrels/both guns fire)
      Ammo: 200 rounds per arm, 4 rounds fired at max per volley type.
      Rate of Fire: 6 short volleys, 4 long volleys or 2 maximum volleys per each pair of cannons (4, 2 or 1 blast per combat round as the guns cool)

   Destroid Hand-to-Hand Combat:
      Punch: 4D (uses Laser Cannon arms for punching)
      Body Block: 4D
      Stomp: 4D (only effective against targets 12ft/3.6m tall)
      Note: The Raidar X can NOT jump, kick, leap or climb, and cannot pick up/carry objects unless they are huge and can be ballanced on the laser barrel arms, maximum carry weight 6 tons.

   Advanced Radar and Sensory Unit: Mounted on the top of the raidar X's main body housing, where a head would be.  Radar Range: 200 miles, can track 77 targets.
      Heat: Can pick up and pinpoint heat emitions, excellent for tracking and night-fighting.  600ft/180m range.
      Motion: Detects and registers movement within a 600ft/180m area, and can pinpoint up to 100 targets.
      Radiation: Detects and registers levels of radiation, pinpointing areas of specific consentration, 2700ft/822.96m range.
      Unfrared and Ultraviolet: Optical/video scan system, 2700ft/822.96m range.
      Combat Computer: Calculates and transmists data onto a control panel monitor or HUD in pilot's helmet.
   On-board Computer System: To record and analyze data.
   Long Range Laser Communications System: 1200 mile range, indefinite with satellite link-up.
   Infrared and Visible Light Searchlights: 600ft/180m range.

Standard Destroid Equipment:
   Main Engine: MT 828 Fusion Reactor; Output=2800 SHP.
   Search Lights: Mounted above the left shoulder.  Visible light and infrared.  600ft/360m range, 180 degree rotation, 90 degree arc up/down
   Radar: 30 mile/48.2km range, conventional operation.
   Radio/Video Communications: Wide band, directional radio/video telecast capability.  600 mile/965.4km range, or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite.
   Laser Targeting System: Close range: 2 miles/3.2km.
   Combat Computer: Calculates, stores and monitors data on the control panel computer screen and/or heads up display (HUD).
   External Audio Pickup: Sound amplification/listening system with 300ft/91.5m range.
   Loudspeaker: Amplifies/projects pilot's voice up to 90 decibels.
   Thermo-imager: A special optical heat sensory unit, allows infrared radiation of warm objects to be converted into a visible image.  Enables pilto to see in darkness, shadows and through smoke.  1600ft/487m range.
   Night Vision Optics: Passive image intensifier, emits no light of its own, relies on ambient light which is electronically amplified to give a visible picture.  1600ft/487m range.
   Reinforced Pilot's Compartrment: Specially armored and padded, designed for maximum protection of the pilot even if the vehicle is totally destroyed.  Can be retrieved and carried by Veritech Fighters or the Gladiator destroid.
   Heat/Radiation Shields.
   Independent Oxygen and Circulatory System.
   Fuel Capacity:  The use of Protoculture through Robotechnology gives all Destroids and Veritech Fighters a long life span.  Can operate at full capacity for an average of 22 years, half this if in constant use.
   180 Degree Rotation:  All Destroids, except the M.A.C. II Monster, can rotate 18o degrees.  This makes them effective mobile turret artillery pieces, as well as able to fight the Zentraedi head-to-head even if somewhat combersome when compared to the Veritech Fighters.
-Robotech: The Raidar X is another of the RDF's non-transformable battloid mechas known as Destroids, this one used specifically for anti-aircraft unit aboard the SDF-1, by the U.N. SPACY and local Earth givernments.  Raidar X is lighter weight and faster than the other Destroids, but relies only on one weapon type - its multi-action laser armament system.  However, the lasers provide multiple, long range attack capabilities unequalled by any other mecha, save the M.A.C. II Monster itself.
   Despite the Raidar X's superior range, it suffers from several disadvantages.  It is the lightest, therefor, least heavily armored, relies on one weapon system, lacks any short range secondary weapons (although the lasers can be used at close range), and lacks hands; so it cannot grasp, hold or perform any articulated work.  Even its enhanced speed falls short against the speed of a Zentraedi Battle Pod.
   Since the Zentraedi invasion of Earth, the Raidar X is used primarily for defence in air assaults and as a peace-keeping tool, especially in remote regions and lowlands where its speed and power can be used to full advantage.
-Macross: After the successful design of the first destroids, the U.N. Government began exploring various concepts in destroid technology to build main battle robots (MBRs) suited to different operational roles. One such concept was to create an anti-aircraft destroid that could mount powerful, super-far-range weaponry for firing in space. A joint development program by Viggers-Chrauler was authorized by the U.N. Government and resulted in the eventual deployment of the Mk X Defender Destroid. Utilizing the standard destroid ambulatory system, the Defender featured a new upper chassis with two, double barrel Erlikon Contraves II weapons systems firing 78mm rounds. These impressive wide-bore guns fired 500 rounds per minute from each of the four barrels and had a muzzle velocity of 3,300 meters per second. Two large ammunition drums mounted on top of the chassis fed through the weapons bays for fast firing and designs were eventually made for enlarged magazines featuring a much greater ammunition capacity.
    The Mk X Defender Destroid proved successful and was approved for mass production. Unfortunately the weapons systems were prohibitively expensive and notoriously difficult to manufacture, resulting in a lengthy lead-time to deployment. The first Defender units saw action shortly after the beginning of Space War I but only in limited numbers. Forty units were manufactured aboard the SDF-1 Macross and served throughout the war along side other destroid units. Though the Defender was a capable mecha, as a defensive unit in constant front line engagements, these destroids suffered heavy losses during the war.
-Star Wars: As most Destroids are built and used to fill specific combat rolls on the ground, the Raidar X serves to protect these same ground forces from attacks by air, or even space should starfighters enter the battle groundside.  Armed with starfighter scaled weaponry that can pack a punch, the Raidar X acts as a mobile, walking anti-aircraft/spacecraft gun, and is armed with an advanced sensor and targeting system that allows it to shoot these same weapons as walker scale, with a good bonus to hit.  Such a walker would serve well in any military force that will likely see combat on a planet with fear of other aircraft or starfighters doing bombing and strafing runs on their position.  Even if such an event were not to occur (Or did and was taken care of swiftly), the raidar X is still more than capable of holding its own in a large scale engagement alongside the other destroids or other ground forces against armies such as the Galactic Empire.

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