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Section of Site: Creatures D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: CreaturesEra: ImperialCanon: Crossover


   The Progenitor was a massive female firaxan shark that lived in the Hrakert Rift of Manaan. She was believe d to be somehow responsible for producing kolto, and was the center of intense spiritualism by the Selkath, who believed her to be the ancestor of their species—which she possibly was. The Progenitor's immense size and strange capabilities seemed to be linked to the Star Mapthe Force she swam about, which may have mutated her with . This seems as the most logical theory, as the Rakata are notorious for influencing the growth of planets and species.
   When the Galactic Republic established an undersea outpost within the Hrakert Rift, the Progenitor went berserk as the scientists began to harvest her precious kolto. The firaxan sharks, believed to be her children, began attacking the station, and a strange phenomenon initiated by their mother drove the Selkath scientists to insanity, causing them to attack and eat everyone around them.
   Once distress calls were sent from the underwater base, the call was answered by the Jedi Revan. After fighting his way through the murderous Selkath, he discovered a fana tical scientist named Kono Nolan had worked on a poison which in theory could kill the Progenitor, but his assistant Sami believed that doing so would pollute the waters of Manaan in ways that may never be corrected. Following Sami's advice, Revan destroyed the kolto harvesting machine, and the Progenitor immediately calmed down, even allowing him to approach the Star Map.


The Progenitor's status as the source of the kolto and also the most feared creature below the waters of Manaan may have been inspired by the gigantic sandworms of the science-fiction novel Dune, where the juvenile form of the sandworm is the spice melange, found only on Arrakis, and which the sandworm defends aggressively.

ALTERNATE ENDING (In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

   If Revan chooses the dark side option, he instead pumps the toxin given to him through the ventilation system of the kolto harvesting machine, killing the Progenitor, polluting the waters of Manaan, and destroying all kolto on the planet that had not been harvested. In-game, the prices of medical equipment rise appallingly. Revan is also banned from Manaan for destroying the kolto, unless the player chooses the right responses to successfully blackmail the judges and avoid banishment. Also, if the player immediately admits to it, he or she will be executed.

Statistics of the Progenitor of Manaan...

   Dodge 7D
   Brawling (Biting) 10D
   Stamina 10D
   Swimming 10D
*All attributes will be -4D when out of a water environment, except for the bite attack.
-Teeth: STR +2D Bite attack.
-Weakness (Sonics): Dice as pips when resisting Sonic equipment and weapons.
-Empathic Link: The Progenitor is deeply linked to all of her progeny, both the Firaxan Sharks and the Selkath sentient species.  Her mood and thoughts affects them all almost as a kind of mind control.  She can bring calm, or (in the case of Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic) she can encite rage in them, making them attack anyone who is not of their related species, but not attack each other as they are related by the Progenitor.  If the Selkath become enraged, they will lose the ability to use their KNOWLEDGE, MECHANICAL and TECHNICAL attributes, as well as affiliated skills (unless led to do something to hamper others), and will act as encounter creatures and fight anyone who is not of their related species on sight.
MOVE: 25-30 (in water; 1 if out of water)
SIZE: 10-15 meters long (?)
ORNERINESS: 10D (the Progenitor has spawned at least two individual races, she dowsn't like being a ride)

NOTE!: Comments on the Progenitor and her abilities, especially in combat, are wanted!

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