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Tarrin Datch (Human Rebel Pilot)

Tarrin Datch (Human Rebel Pilot)

ASN courier droid

ASN courier droid
Crimson Firehawk

Crimson Firehawk

Section of Site: Vehicles D6Belongs to Faction: Macross/RobotechSubtype: StarfighterEra: Canon: Crossover

VF-0S Phoenix "Reactive Armor"

Craft: U.N. Forces Northrop Grumman/Stonewell/Shinsei VF-0S Phoenix "Reactive Armor"
Type: Developmental Variable Fighter
Scale: Starfighter
-Height: 12.685 meters (Battloid mode)
-Mass: 16.191 metric tons (empty)
-Mass (with reactive Armor): 29.882 metric tons (full payload)
Skill: Aircraft Piloting (VF-0 Phoenix), Mecha Piloting (VF-0 Phoenix) (Or, this skill could be supplemented with Starfighter Piloting and Walker Operations)
Crew: 1
Cargo Capacity: 10 kilograms (or less)
Consumables: 1 week (survival pack)
Cost: N/A
Hyperdrive: N/A
Nav Computer: Yes (short-ranged, carrier-based)
Maneuverability: +2 (Battloid)
-Space: 3 (Battloid)
-Atmosphere: (Fighter Mode) at 11,000 m Mach 2.74
-Cruising Range (with standard dorsal conformal tanks) 2,075 km
-Service Ceiling: 25,000 m
-G Limit: Unknown
Hull: 7D (Battloid)
Shields: N/A
   Passive: 15/0D
   Scan: 25/1D
   Search: 40/2D
   Focus: 2/2D+2

   2 Mauler Laser Cannons
      Location: Top of head (battloid); ventral turret (fighter/gerwalk mode)
      Fire Arc: Turret
      Crew: 1 (pilot)
      Skill: Aircraft Gunnery (Or Starship Gunnery)
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1-2/6/10
      Atmosphere Range: 100-200/600/1 km
      Damage: 4D
      Ammo: Effectively Unlimited
      Rate of Fire: Single blast per attack; OR Autofire (see D6 Firearms article for Autofire rules on the site); OR continuous beam for cutting purposes.

   Howard GPU-9 35mm Gun Pod
      Location: Forward firing ventral position (Fighter); Held in hand or attached to forearm (Gerwalk/Battloid)
      Fire Arc: front (Fighter); turret (Gerwalk/Battloid)
      Crew: 1 (pilot)
      Skill: Aircraft Gunnery (Fighter)/Mecha Gunnery (Gerwalk/Battloid); Or use Starship Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D (Fighter); 1D (Gerwalk/Battloid)
      Space Range: 1-3/15/25
      Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.5/2.5km
      Damage: 5D
      Ammo: 550 (heavy armor piercing or AHEAD rounds)
      Rate of Fire: Single round per attack; OR Autofire (see D6 Firearms article on site for Autofire rules)

   4 Variable Ordnance Hard Points
      Location: Under the wings, 2 each.
      Fire Arc: front (missiles); or down (bombing runs)
      Crew: 1 (pilot)
      Skill: Aircraft Gunnery (OR Starship Gunnery)
      Scale: Varies upon ordnance being used
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: varies upon ordnance being used
      Atmosphere Range: Varies upon ordnance being used
      Damage: varies upon ordnance being used
      Ammo Per Hardpoint:
      -12 (total) Raytheon Bifors AIM-200A AMRAAM 2 I/ALH-guided medium-range air-to-air missiles (3-missile racks, 1 per hardpoint; Starfighter Scale MRMs; Damage 4D; Range 1-3/15/40; Single fire OR volleys up to max load!).
      -4 GH-28A 8-tube general-purpose micro missile launchers (capable of firing volleys of 3; 1 launcher per hardpoint; Speeder/Vehicle Scale MMs; Damage 5D; Range 1-2/6/14; Single fire OR volleys up max load!).
      -2 HAIM-95A medium-range maneuverability missile launcher pods (originally used in attack craft equipment, special attack/assault specification; 2 per hardpoint; Starfighter Scale MRMs; Damage 7D; Range 1-3/15/30; Dodge/Attack 5D; 1 per attack OR volleys up to max load!).
      -OR any combination of the above, but could probably use any other ordnance players and GMs can come up with.
      Rate of Fire: usually 1 per attack; OR volleys up to the maximum payload of a specific missile type.

    Micro Missiles Launchers
      Location: 20 in front torso; 30 in the shoulders
      Fire Arc: "turret"
      Crew: 1
      Skill: Mecha Gunnery/Starship Gunnery/Aircraft Gunnery
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 2D
      Space Range: 1/3/5
      Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/500 meters
      Damage: 6D
      Ammo: 50
      Rate of Fire: 1 per attack; OR volley fire (up to max load!)

   6 Large Hand Grenades
      Location: two upper leg magazines located on the "hips"
      Fire Arc: "turret" (thrown by mecha's arms)
      Crew: 1
      Skill: Mecha Combat
      Scale: Starfighter
      Fire Control: 1D
      Space Range: 1/2/3
      Atmosphere Range: 0-100/200/300 meters
      Damage: 8D
      Ammo: 6
      Rate of Fire: 1 or 2 per attack
HAND-to-HAND COMBAT/DAMAGE(Skill: Mecha Melee Combat)
      Backhand: 6D+2 (Battloid)
      Punch: 6D+1 (Battloid)
      Kick: 6D+2 (Battloid)
      Stomp: 7D (Battloid, limited to targets 12 feet tall or less)
      Body Flip/Block: 7D+1 (Battloid)

-Integrated Control System's Limiter REMOVED!:  Without this piece of equipment, pilots were able to more fully utilize the VF-0S' full capabilities, pushing it harder and further than the human body is meant to go in such a machine.  Because of this, the pilot may add their Willpower skill dice as pips to all rolls that add the Maneuverability Dice to their rolls while flying the VF-0S Phoenix.
   BUT!  Every maneuver done this way will cause a Stamina roll to resist the G-forces exerted on the pilot from doing such extreme moves, especially in high-speed aerial combat.  Difficulty is Easy while flying the VF-0S in cruising to keep control.  Difficulty raises to Moderate when engaged in combat.  Difficulty raises again to Difficult every round if fighting several enemies, or a single Ace who can match the pilot move for move.
   If the Stamina roll is ever failed, the pilot will black out for 1D rounds per Difficulty level (1D for Easy, 2D for Moderate, 3D for Difficult).  This may make the craft an easy target if enemies are still around, or perhaps black out long enough to crash into the ground or ocean.
-Structure: Space metal material frame; titanium/carbon composite outer shell.
-AWAG/RA 105 SWAG Energy Converting Armor: Surplus power triples Fighter armor strength in Battroid mode, majority of engine output is dedicated to flight so energy converting armor is not functional during Fighter mode; in GERWALK mode the energy converting armor has a defensive power-equivalent to an attack helicopter.  The different dice are included above in the statistics.  if ever this feature is damaged or destroyed, then the mech will have the same 4D Hull in all modes with no bonuses.
-Power Plant: Two EGF-127 custom overtuned conventional turbofan jet engines, power rating unknown.
-Propulsion: 91.08 kN x 2; 148.9 kN x 2 afterburner; 2x Reactive Armor Jump Boosters (output unknown); 3 x Shinnakasu ARR-2 maneuvering rocket motors (for use in GERWALK/Battroid modes).
-Performance: Limited to Battloid Mode while in Reactive Armor.
-Thrust-to-Weight Ratio: 1.87 (empty)
-Design Features:
   -3-mode variable transformation (Fighter/Gerwalk/Battloid);
   -thrust-vectoring engine nozzles;
   -standard auxillary conformal fuel drop tanks (mounted on dorsal main body in Fighter mode, upper torso in Battroid mode);
   -rectangular underfuselage air intake with semi-retractable slit-style shutters for Battroid mode/space use;
   -1 x AN/ALE 55 flare and chaff dispenser system;
   -AN/ALQ 220A IDECM. ASS/PS 110 active stealth system (-1D to enemy sensors);
   -retractable shield canopy (Battroid mode);
   -underwater capable in silent mode for up to several minutes (max operational depth limit is 20 meters);
   -option of reactive armor system or 2 x regular external atmospheric combat super parts (mounted one on each leg/engine nacelle).
   -REACTIVE ARMOR SYSTEM:  This is an add-on for the VF-0S (or any variant model in a pinch) that adds extra armor to the mecha (+2D) but can only be utilized when in Battloid mode.  It is not meant to transform along with the fighter, but give it extra protection in tense combat situations.
   The Reactive Armor System equips the Phoenix with two arm-mounted shield surfaces to block against incoming attacks (Mecha Combat skill to parry blows).  In the event that the mecha takes on damage, it can instead reduce it's Hull Dice by 1 pip per damage type (1 for light damage; 2 for heavy damage; 1D for severe damage, not "3 pips").  When the Reactive Armor has 1 pip left, or would lose it's bonus Hull Armor dice to an attack, OR would be destroyed by the damage, it can instead choose to eject the Reactive Armor system to save the mecha (Difficult Piloting skill check).
   After ejection of the Reactive armor, the VF-0S Phoenix is left, so use its stats, and it can then transform again.
   -Reactive Armor rear-mounted sensor.
    The VF-0S Reactive Armor variant was a completed equipment package which added heavy armor, additional thrusters and numerous missiles to the VF-0S Battroid configuration. The intent was to modify the Battroid mode of the VF-0S for heavy combat and increased survivability in high-fire battle situations. The armor was installed all over the VF-0S Battroid, two large boosters were mounted on the back torso and two-part missile launchers were installed on the front torso along with two large missile launchers mounted one per shoulder. The reactive armor parts provide protection by explosively reacting to hostile fire, effectively increasing the path-length of the armor and disrupting the projectile. However, the armor was significantly less effective against an assault upon the same location as a previous hit and thus the armor was frequently abandoned after deflecting an initial assault. In addition to the added protection, the reactive armor system carried 50 micro-missiles that were typically fired in simultaneous volleys from each of the four launchers. Roy Focker utilized the VF-0S Reactive Armor variant to repel an Anti-U.N. strike upon the carrier Asuka.

-A NOTE ON MECHA COMBAT: Using a mecha, even one that moves very much like a real human, is still more like piloting a vehicle than a real fist brawl.  Because of this, the pilot must use Mecha Melee Combat, Mecha Gunnery and Mecha Piloting/Operations (OR substitue these skills for other similar skills such as Starship Gunnery, Walker Operations and/or Aircraft or Starfighter Piloting) to perform the same actions a normal person would do with other skills, such as Brawl (or Martial Arts), Brawling Parry, Doge, Melee Combat, Melee Parry, Sneak, Blaster (for GU-11 Gunpod OR other 'aquired' weapons of blaster type), and even Thrown Weapons.  
   In Battloid mode, all of these types of actions are still available as if the person were acting normally, but instead of actually using these skills, they use the skills relevant to the mecha itself, and use it's vehicle bonus dice to add to the skill check.  For instance, to Dodge, roll a Piloting/Operations check and add the mecha's maneuverability to it, just like any other vehicle.  To punch, roll the Mecha Melee Combat skill and still add the maneuverability dice to this for the attempt.  The same with pretty much any other skill, even when trying to "Sneak" the mecha around.
   The Gerwalk (or Guardian) mode is not able to do as much as the battloid.  It does not have the same human-like form and acts more like a human-jet hybrid, which it is.  It can still Punch and Parry, but that's about it for melee combat, aside from picking something up and making a quick getaway.  It may not be as versatile and agile as the battloid, but it still has a great degree of speed and maneuverability to make up for any lack in other areas.

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