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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: WEAPONSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Assan Scrapper Light Rapidfire Slugthrower
Model: Assan Aeroplane Company Scrapper Light Rapidfire Slugthrower
Type: Automatic Slughthrower
Skill: Firearms; Light Automatic
Ammo: 32
Cost: 7500 for 300 guns (1 ton shipping crate), 6000 per 300 if order 3000 or more.  25+ each (used).  Ammo costs 8500 for a 85,000 round 1 ton shipping crate, or 6800 if order 850,000 or more rounds.  If buying individually, .2+ credits per round
Availability: 1, F, R or X
Range: 2-10/25/100 meters, +5 to difficulty at medium and +10 at long
Damage: 4d6
Notes: Very Unreliable - the GM may have it fail whenever he so desires.  If a successful Build/Repair Slugthrower check is made (Moderate DC) and numerous Scrappers and magazines are available a reliable one can be built/found, eliminating this penalty

Description:  The Assan Aeroplane Companies Scrapper Light Rapidfire Slugthrower is intended to fill the role of an affordable but powerful weapon for use by militias, police forces, or militaries to defend homes against pirate attack.  The Scrapper thus is designed to be combat effective and very very very affordable in vast quantity, as opposed to blaster rifles that can cost over a thousand credits apiece.

The all metal Scrapper looks like a collection of hastily stamped and welded scrap.  In fact, Scrappers are stamped and welded scrap metal, of heavily varying metallurgical properties dependent on what Assan had available that day.  The weapon gets rather hot when firing, and the side mounted magazine is the only (and rather poor) foregrip.  The side mounted magazine and fixed stock also mean the weapon is not particularly concealable.

Inaccurate and doing only indifferent damage, as well as being notoriously unreliable has led to the Scrapper being soundly despised by all knowledgeable soldiers, and its combat performance is true to their beliefs - abysmal.  However, due to its amazingly low price the Scrapper sells well.  Scrapper armed units routinely are on the losing end of battles, not only due to the weapons shortcomings, but because any force miserly enough to issue Scrappers likely skimps on training and practice ammo as well.

Due to its simple construction the Scrapper is also created at home and in crude workshops by guerillas and gangers, in fact, it is the number one slugthrower on Coruscant (according to Assan's competitors) and popular in other places weapons are illegal.  Assan soundly decries this practice, both because Assan wants its weapons used to noble ends, and because it doesn't get royalties.

Assan's competitors are also quick to point out that the Scrapper is not used by Assan's own security forces.

It comes with a simple picture only instruction booklet, two magazines, and a basic cleaning kit

Comments made about this Article!

30/Oct/2018 20:52:41 Posted by Federico033

You know, reputation aside; the Sten gun does look kind of futuristic - specially the version where the barrel sleeve have bored holes. While it makes sense for it to be a Slugthrower it would also be plausible as a blaster carbine.

Maybe just add a pip or two in damage (for it to class as a carbine) but otherwise keep the unreliability of the gun.

30/Oct/2018 23:26:46 Posted by Freddy

Alex still pops around from time to time, I'll leave this one here for him to comment on, and he can send any modifications if he wants.

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