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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: Canon: Crossover

Near-human Species
Attribute Dice: 12D (18D for Player Characters)
Dexterity  2D/4D
Knowledge  1D+1/3D+2
Mechanical  1D+2/4D
Perception  1D/3D+1
Strength  2D+2/5D+2
Technical  1D+2/4D+1

Move: 8/10 (Micronized, same as Human); 24/30 (in Giant form)
Size: 1.6 to 2m (Micronized form; x10 in Giant form)

-Special Skills: None of note, they are much like Humans in this regard, since they are, in a way, Human themselves.
-Special Abilities:
   Giants: The Zentraedi are giant versions of Human beings, and therefor count as Walker Scale in combat or other related situations, i.e. their dodge will count as Walker Scale against Character Scale Player Characters and their weapons, and when they try to attack a character, it will be with the same difference in scale.  However, when in combat against Walker Scale enemies or vehicles, their stats have no modifiers against these or the same in reverse.  Also, any vehicles they posses would scale up as with any other species, but their "Speeder" scale would be normal sized character's Starfighter scale.
   Micronization: The Zentraedi have been genetically altered from original humans to be giant fighting machines.  However, they have both the genetic information and technology to return themselves to a micronized form, becoming character scale like any other Human.  However, they retain their Attributes as they are for being Near-Humans who have "evolved" differently (and/or a little altered to be a warrior caste from the ancient past) from the rest of humanity, but now count as character scale.  They can also use their technology to reverse the process, and these devices are freely available to all Zentraedi.
-Story Factors:
   Ignorance: When it comes to combat, battle and war, the basic Zentraedi may know more than any common soldier, and maybe even more than some veterans.  But when it comes to anything else, they will usually have no idea what is going on, or even how to interact with new ideas or people who act differently than a soldier.  As such, any non-combat skill roll are -3D until they get past their culture shock (See "Culture Shock" below).  Once they get past this, or if one is playing a Zentraedi already past their culture shock, then "Ignorance" and "Culture Shock" are negated.
   Culture Shock: The Zentraedi have been raised for millenia to know nothing but what was necesary for battle, but no skills related to culture and arts, or to know how technology and other things worked and functioned.  As such, they can have any combat related skills, but repair skills and most non-military Knowledge skills are limited (1D in a skill only, no specializations, unless relates to learning about the "enemy") or unaccessible (GM's discretion) to the Zentraedi until after the first Robotech War/Space War, when they make peace with the Human Race of Earth and coexist together to build a new society.  Before this, the Zentraedi kept both sexes seperate as two independant forces who did not communicate often unless for battle, and even then never knew they could reproduce.  Just about any small thing of culture is new to them, and either fascinates or disqusts them.  If playing a Zentraedi from before they encounter and befriend humanity, then they must make a Willpower check against VERY DIFFICULT for every blatant encounter they have with culture, such has those events with high emotion, like singing, kissing, and other such things.  If they succeed, they remain themselves, and may try to hold on to their strict military training (or show curiosity, player's choice); if they fail, they are fascinated by the event and cannot help but watch and stare until the event is over, or someone snaps them out of it.  ALSO, when these events occur, they must ALSO make a Stamina check against VERY DIFFICULT; failure means they have been disqusted by what they have just seen (counts as Stunned, -1D for 1 round) and probably lose their lunch, make another check to be sure (if failed, counts as "Wounded" for 3D6 rounds or until they get away from whatever they saw).  If they succeed, they are still unsettled, but holding it in.  This gets easier with every encounter they have (Lower the Difficulty by one for every consectutive encounter; when it gets to Easy and the y get past this, they have gotten past any odd feelings and uneasiness and can choose how they wish to proceed with their discovery of culture and emotions.  Some become decent members of society or adventurers such as player characters, and some turn their backs on humanity and culture, even blaming it for any wrongs they fell have happened to them, and may even lash out against humanity and other sentients violently, such would make great bad guys to encounter).
   Robotech: The Zentraedi in the Robotech series were the slaves of the Robotech Masters, genetically altered to be their army of spacefaring giant warriors and enforcers of their will.  As such, they served them faithfully, albeit ignorantly, until the firs Robotech War, when their encounter with the Human Race began to awaken their long dormant emotions and sense of culture.
   Macross:  The Zentraedi in the original Macross series were the remnants of the Protoculture Society that predated humanity on Earth (and may have been who created the Human race or brought them to Earth long ago before recorded history).  They were the Supervision Army of that society and possessed great destructive power as their spacefaring military arm.  A great war between the Protoculture and the Supervision Army and its Inspection Forces led to the destruction of the star-spanning Protoculture society, and over time the degredation of the Zentraedi followed.  Over the passage of much time, the Zentraedi now have no culture, and are little more than an army of aggressors who know nothing but the precision skill of battle.
   Star Wars Universe: In Star War, the Galaxy is big. Bigger than big!  So big, that almost anything can fit in it, and their are even places yet to be explore by the Galactic Empire or the Old or New Republics.  There are the Unknown Regions or Wild Space on the Galactic Fringe.  The Zentraedi could be encountered by the PCs entering known space for the first time ever recorded (recorded as in, they could have shown up before and destroyed anyone thay came across before, then disappeared back to wherever they came from).  They could be met while hunting down rogue Zentraedi (Player Characters, maybe???), or even on the trail of the SDF-1 itself as it crashed somewhere in known space.  Whatever reason they have arrived, they aren't happy, and it isn't good.  Entire planets could be destroyed before they are stopped.....if they can BE stopped!

Zentraedi Equipment

-Standard Body Armor: +2D Physical, +1D+2 Energy, -1D Dexterity, counts as Walker Scale armor.
-Weapons: For Zentraedi melee and ranged projectile or energy weaponry, simply take  pistols, rifles and carbines, or whatever else the GM and players would like to use, make their damage Walker Scale and triple the range, otherwise they are the same as any other character scale equivilent weapon.
-Other Equipment: For basic gear for a Zentraedi, they would carry stuff just like most other people would, but scaled up for their size.  If human-like gear is needed, multiply the size x10 (could vary, since weight could be an issue too and the math isn't coming to me at the moment, so, GM's discretion, haha!), or scale it up to Walker size, and voila!  Enjoy!

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