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Escape to Garos IV

Author's Preface

When I first started getting into the Star Wars Rolepleaying game, I only had one player to test my GMing skills on. This adventure is designed for any Jedi character, though the one with whom I test ran this game was a Minor Jedi. You'll also notice that this adventure uses planets found in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, and also a rather well known Imperial from Galaxy Guide 9: Fragments from the Rim. Anyone with a really sharp eye will notice that the adventure takes these prefabricated planets and totally messes with their continuity. I just used them because the names sound the same.  Oh yeah, and the main bad guy might be a little out of character, because I didn't have Galaxy Guide 9 when I wrote the adventure. Here's the first of my "home grown" adventures. Use it if you like. Fix it if it needs it. Just give me credit if you make money off of it. Thanks!

                 -Rodney H. Thompson II  

Adventure Background

          Within the last few months, the remains of the Empire have slowly been pushed further and further into the Core Worlds, giving up whole systems with each retreat. The New Republic has been successful thus far in preventing unnecessary destruction, but recently the Empire has taken to destroying anything and everything as it pulls out of a planetary system. The New Republic's most recent target is the Garos System, one of the few worlds remaining under Imperial control not within the Core. The fighting has not yet begun, but the storm clouds are rolling over the horizon. Even now New Republic agents are being placed on the primary planets, Garos IV and the planet Garqi in an adjacent system. However, the Jedi, for whom this adventure was written, does not know of the impending New Republic invasion. And the Empire has not yet abandoned its Jedi hunting policies....

          Begin the adventure by reading this aloud to the player:

          "The Galactic Civil War is over, and the remnants of the Empire continue to retreat further and further into the Core. On the planet Garqui, however, the Empire retains its forceful control of the citizens. On Garos IV, Imperial Rule has yet to slacken; if anything, their iron grip has tightened in light of the Empire's major losses. Here on Garqi, most of the Imperial presence is being transferred to Garos IV, leaving scarcer defenses here. It is here that our story opens..."

Episode I: Escape from Imperial Oppression

          The adventure opens on the streets of Peskda, Garqi's largest spaceport and capital city. The character is heading for the seedier side of the spaceport in hopes of finding transportation offworld. What the player does not know is that the Empire has already noticed her and has a substantial price on her head. In fact, a group of Stormtroopers has landed and docked in Docking Bay 3, waiting for the character to arrive. GM's Note: If at any time the character should draw her lightsaber, automatically subtract 1 from the character's sneak rolls for the rest of the Episode. Read the following aloud to the player:

          "After having a brush with Imperial authorities, you have decided to try to find transportation offworld. Since the commercial transports are rather expensive, and also controlled by the Empire, you have chosen to try to find  passage with one of the more freelance vessels in the spaceport. As you head towards the less reputable side of  town, you notice that the Imperial presence diminishes, and the population seems to grow rougher. You would be advised to watch your back, not only for the         Imperials, but also from the criminals in this part of the port."

If necessary, give the player a map of this section of town, opening up his options

Map Key:
A, B, C: Various Shops selling legal and, on occasion, not so legal wares(all curiously closed at the moment)
D: Main Spaceport Landing Pad
E: Docking Bay 1
F: Docking Bay 2
G: Docking Bay 3
H: Hidden Compartment Cantina
Red Lines: Roads

          Should the character choose to visit Docking Bay 2 (the one nearest to the entrance of the seedy side of town), she enters to find a ship sitting seemingly empty. The ship is a light freighter called the Barnburner owned by a smuggler in the nearby cantina. It's locked up tight, and no one appears to be around. However, should the character make a Moderate Perception roll, she will notice that there are numerous cameras throughout the docking bay. These cameras are part of the spaceport's security system, though no one monitors them any more. Essentially they remain in place in order to scare of small-time ship thieves and cargo stealers.

          Should the character decide to break into the ship and steal it, alarms go off all over the docking bay, alerting the local authorities. The character must either fight his way out, or roll a Moderate hide roll, or a Difficult sneak roll to escape capture.

Spaceport Guards (3): All stats 1D+2 except: Dexterity 3D+2, blaster 5D+2, Knowledge 1D+1, Strength 3D, brawling 4D, Technical 2D+2, law enforcement:Peskda Spaceport3D. Move: 10. Blaster pistol (4D), Macrobinoculars (+1D to search greater than 50 meters), comlink.

          Should the character choose Docking Bay 3, she will discover that the door is locked and will not respond to any password or code she can provide. An Easy Perception roll reveals that there are muffled voices, some sounding almost electronic, and the whine of repulsorlifts coming from the other side. If the character manages to get inside somehow, she finds a Sentinel-class Landing Shuttle and ten Imperial Stormtroopers, led by a single officer. These are part of a unit which is being transported up to the single Star Destroyer in the vicinity, the Upon sighting the character, the Stormtroopers open fire upon the character and the officer rushes aboard the shuttle. There is no way that the character can get deeper into the docking bay without being shot, and can escape down the alley with an Easy sneak roll.

          If the character decides to visit the Cantina, she will see a variety of patrons, mostly human but with a few aliens scattered within the crowd. Here she can try to seek out the owner of the Barnburner, who refuses her passage no matter what. If she tries to pressure the captain into giving her a ride, he storms out of the bar and goes straight to the Imperials in Docking Bay 3. From here, several Stormtroopers barge into the bar, demanding that the character step forward. A Moderate sneak roll lets the character make it outside without being noticed.

          If the character drops the argument after the first refusal, she will draw the attention of a would-be bounty hunter working for the Imperials. A Moderate Perception roll lets the character notice the bounty hunter. If the character should fail this roll and attempt to exit, the bounty hunter makes his move and attacks just as the character is leaving. If the character notices the bounty hunter, she can either approach the hunter (who immediately starts a fight) or she can actively try to sneak out by making a Difficult sneak roll.

Novice Bounty Hunter: All stats are 2D except: blaster 3D+2, dodge 3D+1, melee combat 3D+1, survival 2D+1, investigation 3D, sneak 3D, brawling 3D+2. Move: 10. Protective vest (+2 physical, +1 energy), heavy blaster pistol (5D), knife (STR+1D).

          If the character chooses to visit Docking Bay 1, she will discover a Privateer Corvette called the Night Storm guarded by several scruffy looking pirates. They greet her warily but do not repel her immediately. These pirates are the character's best bet for getting off the planet, and will gladly allow the character to tag along...if she can provide something to pay for her passage. After haggling for a while, they decide to let her ride, and usher the character into the ship.

          If the character makes it out into the street while being pursued, several of the pirates from Docking Bay 1 will come to the character's aid. Once inside Docking Bay 1, six Imperial Stormtroopers burst in and begin shooting. After a brief lightfight, the character and pirates board the ship and blast off.

Imperial Stormtroopers (6): All stats are 2D except: blaster 4D, brawling parry 4D, dodge 4D, brawling 3D. Move: 10. Stormtrooper Armor (+2 physical, +1 energy, -1D to Dexterity related actions), blaster rifle (5D), blaster pistol (4D).

Episode 2: Never Trust a Man With a Gun to your Head

          After having escaped Garqui, the Night Storm races to escape the planetary gravity well created by the Garqui's only moon. This gives the planetary defense forces in the vicinity, consisting of the Sentinel-class Landing Shuttle and a pair of TIE Interceptors a chance to catch up. (Note: the Interceptors are the only ones which actively try to disable the Night Storm; the shuttle is too slow and weak to effectively attack, so it leaves the dirty work to the Interceptors) The character must help fend off the TIE Interceptors by either manning one of the Quad Laser Cannons or taking up the communications/sensors post. If the character makes a Modeate communications roll, she can tell that there is other Imperial traffic in the area. If she makes a Difficult sensors roll, she can determine where that the signal is coming from behind the moon, and that it is a capital ship.

          While the TIE Interceptors and Sentinel-class shuttle approach from the planet, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, the Interrogator, emerges from behind Garqui's moon. As the Interceptors attempt to disable the ship, the Interrogator tries to bring its tractor beams to bear. The ship must survive for six rounds (the first round being within Garqui's atmosphere) without major systems malfunction in order for the navicomputer to make the calculations for the jump to lightspeed.

TIE Interceptors (2): Starfighter, starfighter piloting: 6D, starship gunnery: 5D. Maneuverability: 3D+2, Space: 11, Atmosphere 435, Hull: 3D, 4 Laser Cannons Fire Linked (Fire Arc: front, Skill: starship gunnery, Fire Control: 3D, Space Range: 1-3/12/25, Atmosphere Range: 100-300/1.2/2.5, Damage: 6D)

          If the ship is captured by the Interrogator, skip ahead to Episode Three. Otherwise, continue with this episode.

          After escaping from Garqi, the captain of the ship tells the character that Imperial strength is being diverted from Garqi to Garos IV due to increasing pressure of the New Republic in surrounding systems. The captain tells the character that rumor has it that there is some sort of top secret mining project on Garos IV which the Empire is keeping heavily guarded. If the character drew her lightsaber in combat against the Stormtroopers back at the docking bay, the captain warns her that the Empire has a bounty on her head and that she should watch her step for the next few weeks. He leads her back to her quarters, and advises her to get some sleep. Next stop: Prexiar.

          During the night, two pirates break into the character's bunk and try to attack the character, hoping to collect the bounty on the character's head. If the character's Perception roll is higher than either of the pirates' sneak rolls, the character is alerted to their presence, and gains a surprise advantage over the pirates. If her roll is lower than both sneak rolls, then the pirates get the surprise advantage over the characters.

Mutinous Pirates (2): All stats are 2D except: Dexterity 3D+2, blaster 4D, dodge 4D, melee combat 4D+2, melee parry 4D, Strength 3D+2, brawling 4D+2. Move: 10. Vibro-knife (STR+1D), hold-out blaster (3D).

          After a brief scuffle (lasting no fewer than three rounds), the captain breaks up the fight. Should the character has dispatched one or both of the pirates, the captain has the character escorted to the bridge for the remainder of the journey. If the character is wounded, she is escorted to the infirmary for the remainder of the journey. Either way, the pirates who attacked the character are sent to the brig (or the morgue if appropriate).

          If the character makes it to the bridge, then she gets a firsthand look at what happens next. Only a few moments after making it to the character's destination, warning klaxons begin blaring all over the ship. With a loud moan and a violent shudder, the ship is suddenly torn out of hyperspace. Ahead of the ship lies two Imperial Star Destroyers, the Resolve and the Interrogator, along with the Interdictor Cruiser the Vengeance. The captain, knowing he is hopelessly outmatched, doesn't even bother to bring up his shields and surrenders peacefully. Soon, the Night Storm lies within the belly of the Interrogator

Episode 3: The Inquisition

          Once the crew and passengers, including the character, have been escorted to their cells within the Interrogator's brig, the character can take a moment to examine his surroundings. The cell is small, even by Imperial standards, without windows, only one single blast door, so thick that it sounds like a solid wall when rapped on. Her lightsaber was taken from her when the boarding party from the Interrogator came aboard, and all that is in the room is a single bunk. However, with a Difficult Perception roll, the character will discover a loose panel in the floor where a small holdout blaster has been stashed.

          After a few moments alone, the door opens, and in walks Imperial High Inquisitor Tremayne. One of Lord Vader's proteges, Tremayne's skill with the Dark Side of the Force is easily felt as he enters the room. His legendary talent for hunting down the Jedi Knights is well known, even among the non-Jedi culture. Read the following to the character:

          "As the door slides open, a tall man with cybernetic enhancements over one half of his face enters without flourish or sound. The man is easily recognizable as Imperial High Inquisitor Tremayne, the famed hunter of the Jedi. After  looking you over for a moment, he speaks:

           'So, this is what has become of the Jedi, eh? Didn't put up much of a fight. Oh well, less of a hassle, I suppose.'"

           In the middle of his speech, Tremayne's comlink beeps, and he looks to the door. It slides open, and a minor officer steps inside, whispering to Tremayne. A Very Difficult Perception roll concludes that the young officer was informing Tremayne that someone named Lord Brandl has arrived on the Judicator and awaits Tremayne's return. With a nod, the junior officer is dismissed, and Tremayne returns his attention to the character.

          "You're no Jedi, are you? Where did you get this lightsaber? Been stealing from the Imperial Archives on Coruscant, have you? You walk like someone from the Imperial City. Answer me!"

          With this, Tremayne takes a step towards the character. The hidden compartment in the floor falters and Tremayne slips, his cybernetically enhanced foot catching on the hatch. The character's lightsaber falls to the floor, inches from the character.

          If the character escapes, he finds he is not in the brig at all, but in a compartment usually used as a closet just off the main hangar. Across the way is a Lambda-class shuttle, with the ramp lowered. However, guards on duty make the journey a tough job. A Difficult sneak roll allows him to get on the shuttle, where a single Imperial pilot sits in the cockpit. He offers no resistance, and should the character not attack him, he will pilot the ship out of the Star Destroyer down onto the planet of Garos IV. Along the way, the pilot may attack the character, or covertly signal for help. It takes a Difficult communications roll to notice the distress signal.

          At the landing pad, four Stormtroopers and an AT-ST await the shuttle's arrival. The character has one of two options: he can disguise himself as the pilot and the pilot as the Jedi, or he can fight his way out. If he chooses the first, it takes a Moderate disguise roll to fool the troopers. If he picks the latter option, then he must kill at least three of the four Stormtroopers, or find a way to destroy the AT-ST. Either one will result in the Imperials falling back for reinforcements, allowing for the character to escape.

AT-ST: Maneuverability: 1D, Move: 30, Body Strength: 3D, Twin Blaster Cannon (fire Arc: Front, Skill: vehicle blasters, Fire Control: 1D, Range: 50-200/1/2, Damage: 4D), Concussion Grenade Launcher (Fire Arc: Front, Skill: missile weapons: grenade launcher, Fire Control: 1D, Range: 10-50/100/200, Damage: 3D).

The character then escapes into a cantina on the opposite side of the street, not to be seen again until the next adventure....

Award 3 character points for completing the mission. As a bonus, award 2 character points for each of the following: Defeating the bounty hunter, discovering a way into Docking bay 2, destroying 1 TIE Interceptor, wounding without killing 1 pirate, escaping the cell without killing Tremayne, and disguising oneself as the pilot.

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