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Naboo S-5 Blaster Pistol

Naboo S-5 Blaster Pistol
Sky ring

Sky ring
Notluwiski Papanoida (Human Pantoran Chairman)

Notluwiski Papanoida (Human Pantoran Chairman)
Galactic Terran Alliance Pegasus Class Fighter

Galactic Terran Alliance Pegasus Class Fighter

Section of Site: AdventuresBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: Canon:

Icon XIV

The Characters have taken a small transport shuttle down from their Light Frigate, which still hangs in orbit. They have just landed on the ice planet of Dolnar, to deliver their cargo to a Brian Mithel (See NPC sheet 1) at the bar/casino The Rancor Pit, here they are also to collect their pay, 5,000 credits.

As they are disembarking from their ship they see a Zethlethbra (Zebra-headed man) named Wingfoot approaching the ship. If he is met with rude or violent attitudes he will run off, if met kindly he will give the characters a map of the section of city.

When they leave the metal-reinforced spaceport landing area (#512A) they will see a sign that says: No Vehicles. The streets and "outside" walls are made of ice or hardened snow, the "sky" is also ice or hardened snow. If they have the map they can go directly to The Rancor Pit with no problems at all. If they do not have the map they will have to find it by themselves.

At The Rancor Pit they will see that it is decently lit around the edges and well lit in the middle by the gambling tables. There are 12 (6 visible, 6 unseen) Bouncers and Head Bouncer Ren Tolkan (see NPC sheet 3). Four are at the door (two on either side), two at the only entrance to the bar proper, and only two others visible at a back door. There are 25 (10 visible, 15 unseen) Security Guards two patrolling each set of gambling tables, two at the back door, and six at two tables near the corner (three at each). There is a large bar in the middle of the room and tables scattered throughout the rest of the place.

Scattered across the bar and tables are the following groups:
Bar: 50 stools, Barkeep: Jaddal Brumwick, Ithorian.
Stools 1-5: A Gammorian enclave, well armed. (Gondor the Red's guards) The orc-like aliens each carry a blaster rifle across their shoulders, and a stun grenade at their belts.
Stool 6: Gondor the Red, A Twi'lek loan shark wearing a red body armored suit. He's chatting with the Twi'lek lady to his left. He currently is not interested to talk business, but will see the players later if they request (in one of the booths).
Stool 7: Jacclyn D'Soth, a Twi'lek dancer, currently dating Gondor. She wears a revealing blue cocktail dress, and a gold tiara.
Stool 8-12: Empty
Stool 13: Jaberwaki, a mad Jawa who claims that aliens are transforming humans into droid-like power cells out in the Outer Rim somewhere. His brown cloak is dirtier than the average Jawa's, and he smells like a trash compactor. His small hand is curled around a large tankard, and he slurps the liquid noisily.
    Jaberwaki's comments:
        "You don't want to talk to me because then they'll want to get you too!"
        "They're making us droids! They'll destroy us all!"
        "Stay away from Bakura!"
        "Buy me a drink and I'll tell you all!"
Stool 14-17: Empty
Stool 18-23: Members of the Vahallan Victors, a swoop gang. (For their stats look in the NPC section as toughs.)
Stool 24-27: Empty
Stool 28: Hattoris Yol, a used speeder salesman at Yol's Speeder Emporium which is located on the other side of the planet.
Stool 29: Ed Max, a restaurant owner and fisherman. He owns Dolnar's Diner here in town.
Stool 30: Empty
Stool 31: Rienfield Kell, a galactic mailman assigned to this city.
Stool 32-35: Empty
Stool 36: Jasper Gallows, a two-bit speeder thief. He is wanted by the authorities for 50 credits. He is also in the NPC's section. He is wary of any eyes following him, and if anybody approaches, he will retreat to round table twelve where his associates are. (Note - Jasper and his companions are not included in any bounty hunters want list, because they are only wanted locally.)
Stool 37-41: Empty
Stool 42: Mack, a speeder truck delivery man. He is drowning himself to forget his sad life. He is too drunk to talk properly, and if questioned, he will pass out in less than one minute. He delivers to Jargville, north of here.
Stool 43: Mack's "shotgun man", Bruce Progg is already passed out at the bar.
Stool 44-46: Empty
Stool 47: Broken off at the base. This recently happened when a cop pushed around a Barabel, the Barabel wrapped the stool around the cop's neck.
Stool 48: The Barabel in question. He was released two days ago on bail, and is given a wide berth by everyone in the bar. If approached by a non-Barabel, he will give a warning growl, then launch himself without warning at the hapless bystander (This surprise gives him a free round of melee combat). If approached by another Barabel, he will speak rapidly in barabel, telling the other to leave or engage in a hand to hand brawl for the space. (Str = 6D+2, Brawling (S) Streetfighting = 9D, Dodge 7D.).
Stool 49-50: Empty

Round Tables: 20 (seat 6 each)
Robo-Servers AS-159, AS-894, and AS-215
RTable 1: Three human businessmen drinking after a deal. They are from Tukand, Tukand, and Gyalon Intergalactic Attorneys. Their names are H. Krill, S. Raddon, and P. Unitt.
RTable 2: Empty
RTable 3: Two Ithorian traders, discussing the price for a shipment of Ratthar seeds to Garos.
RTable 4: Three Bounty Hunters from the Bloody Hand Organization. Team Captain: Jarr Kilo (Seven successful contracts), Pike O'Malley (three successful, one failure), and Tiron Spade (Two successful). They are currently hunting a Rodian Saboteur named Risshi Ryland.
RTable 5: Empty
RTable 6: Empty
RTable 7: Three Herglic gamblers discussing decks for Magic the Galactic game. Names are Jakioll, Harrii, and Faarinn.
RTable 8: Greg Hunter and his constant companion Knessis, an alien composed of a quartz-like structure. (These are characters from a story (checkmate) and it occurs before the occurrences of the story.) If the characters befriend the two, they don't have the yacht yet, only the two Z-95 Headhunters. The headhunters are parked in docking bay #515A & B.
RTable 9: Empty
RTable 10: The unknown Gattior prospector, Jer Syko. His stink is evident from three tables away, and his table is littered with "chaw" remains and empty bottles of Torvian Ale. (Gattior is a mineral found in subterranean caves on planets with cold atmospheres.)
RTable 11: Empty
RTable 12: Three amateur speeder thieves, Hart Soldron, Jon Ressin and Gar Ressin. Hart and Gar are wanted by the locals for 50 credits apiece, but Jon has no criminal record. They will toss the stun grenade at any aggressors, and retreat out the back doors. Their stats are in the NPC section.
RTable 13-15: Empty
RTable 16: A Security Guard, Palkins by name, drinking on his break. Also at his table are three Dolnar Security officers, who are off today. (but still carry their guns and badges.)
RTable 17: A wild-dressed man in a Three Color Mowhawk, Warcat Jack, the main singer with a local band, Smashing Melons. His band will be performing tonight at 23:00, and he is just sitting around before the show.
RTable 18: Harv Jocant, a droid salesman. He is balding, overweight, and surrounded by droids. The other five seats at his table are occupied by droids, and three more stand around him. One small black droid constantly rolls around the bar, followed by Harv's curses.
RTable 19-20: Rancor Pit security, three at each table. They will respond to any violence anywhere in the bar with amazing speed. They are also protecting the owner of the bar and others in that corner (Brian Mithel). See NPC section for more info. note: booth #'s for Mithel and owners should correspond.

Gambling Tables: 25
10 Sabacc Tables (4 players to a table)
5 Slot Machines
4 Holochess
6 Spacers Games

The Sabacc Tables are arranged in skill levels, the first one being advanced (10D+), the next four intermediate (6D-10D), and the last five are beginner level tables (1D-6D).
Each player and dealer have a certain amount of money, a gambling skill, and a difficulty level to catch them cheating. Each player rolls their Perception skill at the beginning of each hand, and they automatically notice the cheaters of that level or lower.
The cheaters who are caught lose their initial bid, and cannot compete in this round. Cheaters who are caught are one level easier to catch cheating for the person who caught them before. If a roll to catch cheaters is not enough, but within three numbers away, the player forms a suspicion about the other player, and may add two to the roll to check that player in the future.
Cheaters who are not caught add a dice bonus to their gambling roll to decide the victor of the hand.
Not everybody cheats however, and some only cheat some of the time. When I've said cheating, I meant playing off, stealing the deal, etc. Using illegal cheating modifiers, skifters and other "helps" are cause for loss of all funds and returnable items, and name added to a "black list" carried by many establishments.

Gambling Table 1 (Advanced): This First Sabacc Table has 2 players and a Dealer droid.
Dealer: A Cardshark Mark 3, named Dealr-4
Gambling Skill: 10D.
Cheat Bonus: 3D (1/3 rnds.)
Notice: Heroic. (players do not get the level deduction from cheating)
Perception: 5D

Wade Hallows - A professional cardshark, Wade has two skifters, which each add 2D+1 to his gambling skill. (and take a difficult gambling skill to notice. Only one is noticed per roll.) He is lanky, shifty-eyed, and very skilled. He has 120 credits.
Gambling Skill: 11D+1
Cheat Bonus: (see above)
Notice: Difficult.
Perception: 4D

Jason Mark - A very skilled player who's ethics are the only thing keeping him from being an excellent player. He will not cheat, and therefore figures that everyone else is as ethical as he is. He therefore needs one higher skill level to catch a cheater. He has 100 credits.
Gambling Skill: 12D
Cheat Bonus: None
Perception: 3D (But needs one level higher).

Gambling Table 2 (Intermediate):
Players: 3
Dealer: Hank Riley, A short, friendly man who always smiles. In truth he is a shifty gambler, very expert at dealing off the bottom, setting the deck, and bidding. Once he is caught or suspected however, he will stop cheating and play it fair with his skills.
Gambling Skill: 7D
Cheat Bonus: 3D. Always
Notice: Heroic
Perception: 5D

Ulysses Plyson - A friendly Herglic who is just stopping in for a few quick games. He is not rich, but as the rest of his race, he cannot help himself from gambling. He does not cheat. He has 40 credits.
Gambling Skill: 7D
Cheat Bonus: None
Perception: 4D+1

Pothole Perry - A local of these parts, Pothole Perry saves the strangers who wander off in the cold inhospitable world. He is a regular of the place, and can provide information about almost anybody in the area. He is a rare cheater, but a moderately good one. He has 60 credits.
Gambling Skill: 7D+1
Cheat Bonus: 2D. (1/5)
Notice: Difficult
Perception: 3D+2

Bart Tol - Bart is a mercenary, stopping over on this lame planet while a Bounty Hunter searches for him in the outer reaches of the Orissl galaxy. He cheats, all the time, and is an accomplished thief. If another player is caught, he will try to steal from a player to his side during the confusion, taking 1D6 coins. His pickpocket skill is 8D. He has 55 credits.
Gambling Skill: 6D
Cheat Bonus: 1D+2
Notice: Moderate + 5
Perception: 3D+1

Gambling Table 3 (Intermediate):
No players are here.
Dealer: Droid I8.T62
Gambling Skill: 7D
Cheat Bonus: 2D
Notice: Moderate + 8
Perception: 4D

Gambling Table 4 (Intermediate):
Two players.
Dealer: A Herglic, Routh Occins. Wears a house Uniform, and is seated in a large chair. She smokes a long cigarra, which has a pleasant cherry-wood smell.
Gambling Skill: 6D
Cheat Bonus: 3D
Notice: Difficult
Perception: 3D+1

Str-8f-ace: Gambling Droid. Playing for Harv Jocant, who sits at table 18. He currently has 35 credits to go until he quits.
Gambling Skill: 7D
Cheat Bonus: None
Notice: None
Perception: 4D

Wakl Yak- Another Herglic, who is playing for fun. He has 45 credits.
Gambling Skill: 6D
Cheat Bonus: 3D
Notice: Moderate +6
Perception: 3D+1

Gambling Table 5 (Intermediate): Empty, there is no dealer here, and will not be one until later, when the crowd increases.

Gaming Table 6 (Beginner): Two Players.
Dealer: Zai Sailen, a Asian human who's quick fingers mask the subtlest of skills.
Gambling Skill: 5D
Cheat Bonus: 1D+1
Notice: Moderate+5
Perception: 4D

Kisler Mason: A Gotal local. He will put up 20 credits max. Note: Jedi give gotals headaches.
Gambling Skill: 4D
Cheat Bonus: None
Perception: 5D

Iuussia: A female Sullustan. She has never played before, and is asking questions all the time. She will play for 15 credits.
Gambling Skill: 3D
Cheat Bonus: None
Perception: 3D

Gambling Table 6 (Beginner): One Player
Dealer: Tharr Ripclaw - A Pho Ph'eahian with a house uniform, a steady gaze, and nimble fingers.
Gambling Skill: 4D
Cheat bonus: 2D
Notice: Moderate
Perception: 5D

Kallin Sark - a Trianii Ranger, friend of the manager, and sad sabacc player. She has thirteen credits left.
Gambling Skill: 3D
Perception: 3D

Gambling Table 7 (Beginner): 3 Players.
Dealer: Sallinn Chrisstinn (Verpine)
Gambling Skill: 4D
Cheat Bonus: 1D
Notice: Moderate
Perception: 3D

Jard Guppins - A Mon Calamari businessman, selling deep sea equipment. He specializes in cold swim stuff, for the southern seas of the planet. He has 20 credits.
Gambling Skill: 3D
Cheat Bonus: None
Perception: 4D

Killer Volts - A Bimm musician with the Smashing Melons, a band that plays tonight, at 23:00. He plays the Synth-Sax, and is playing cards before the show. He has 12 Credits.
Gambling Skill: 3D+2
Cheat Bonus: 1D
Notice: Easy + 5
Perception: 2D

Killji - A Rishii wanderer, stopping through the planet on his way to "big things".
Gambling Skill: 3D
Cheat Bonus: 2D
Notice: Moderate
Perception: 3D

Gambling Table 8 (Beginner): Empty.
Dealer: Shrik Tallok - A Trailian, who's unassuming face hides potential.
Gambling Skill: 4D
Cheat Bonus: 2D
Notice: Mod. + 5
Perception: 3D

Gambling Table 9 (Beginner):
Empty, not used till later.

Gambling Table 10 (Beginner):
Empty, not used till later.

One Armed Bandits:
Each One-Armed Bandit has a "Gambling Skill" of 6D. If the player beats it by 0-3, they get 1 credit, by 4-6 they get 2 credits, 7-9 5 credits, 10-12 10 credits, 13+ 15 credits. If a player wins more than twenty credits (overall not including losses), the Gambling Skill will increase by 2D, and will continue every 20 credits.

One-Armed B1 - Empty
One-Armed B2 - Daryl Jackson, a human local.
One-Armed B3 - Empty
One-Armed B4 - Ter "Vamp" Larson, lead female vocalist for the Smashing Melons, which play tonight at 23:00.
One-Armed B5 - Out of Order.

HoloChess: The Holochess tables are 20 credits a game, and players often place bets on the game. To "Play" a game, players roll a combined Knowledge and Perception die roll.

Holochess 1 - Currently played by Frapp Zapper (Araquia), 'boardist for the 'Melons, and Jammr-1, The Smashing Melons technical droid. He is a modified general purpose droid.
Frapp's die total is 7D.
Jammr-1's total is 6D.

Holochess 2 - Empty.

Holochess 3 - Two gammorians attempt to play. They are from Gondor's group, and do not understand the game. They will not play anybody else.
They both have 3D

Holochess 4 - A computer slicer, Lisser Ball (Twi'lek) is looking for a game or two. He has wired into the system, accessing the best possible maneuvers and strategies, and is looking for some sucker to play.
He has a skill of 5D, and gains 3D - 6D for the tactical help.

Spacers Games:
Various Video games with names like OFFRepulsor, Mega Kombat, Alley Fighter II Turbo, Q-Men, X-wing Sim, Headhunter, Tie-IN sim, Mike Trysom's Punchout etc.

Booths: 20 (seat 8)
Booth 1: Empty
Booth 2: Redd Flakk (human), drummer for the Smashing Melons sits with Stone Rocker (Silika), the bands backup guitarist.
Booth 3: Garth Raddick (human) a mercenary for hire. If provoked he will fight. He has a heavy blaster rifle and he has a blaster skill of 6D+2. He also has 4 thermal detonators and he is not afraid to use them.
Booth 4: Occupied by Hriss, a slussi tech and his two crew, Salrin and Ressis. They are the techs for the Remberance, a corellian corvette in orbit.
Booth 5: Dan Hicks (human) ex-stormtrooper. He has a cool and calm demeanor, he always carries a vibroblade in his right boot. A modified blaster pistol is strapped across his hip (6D). He is currently looking for work as a free-lance military specialist, use the bounty hunter template. He has a streetwise at 7D reflecting his life after quitting the Imperial Navy, and a command at 6D from when he was a Lieutenant in the Imperial Navy.
Booth 6: Empty.
Booth 7: Two plainclothes securitymen. Their names are Jones and Drake. They are crack shots and have an additional 1D to their blaster skill.
Booth 8: Empty.
Booth 9: Three house securitymen.
Booth 11-18 Not Serviced until prime time.
Booth 19: Brian Mithel (see NPC section). He will tell the chars about Major Bearm Lance, an Imperial Defector who specialized in R & D at a secret imperial facility. He will be arriving at Lan Barrell in 20 standard days. Brian wants the chars to make arrangements for him to stop over there for two days, and then to accompany him on the next trip to Calamari (on the Corvette Desire) as members of a team for the 624th Calamarian Galactic Ptahck Hunt. (A Ptahck is a large Calamarian Sea mammal. The hunt is done from old fashioned "whaling" ships, and many teams compete to capture the biggest Ptahck, or to capture one the fastest.) He then hands the Chars a crednote for 14000 creds(+2000/char) to get supplies when they reach Lan Barrell. He tells them that the corvette trip is 2000e. and a renting a Whaling boat is 2500 ( to ship it to Calamari & back is 1000). He also tells them that renting the equipment for the boat will be about 3000. Training in how to run a whaling boat is 500 credits per boat crew, and then the rest is theirs, along with a 1000 credits each upon returning the Major to Ressari Glubnaut (A Calamarian "trader", who is a Captain in the New Republic, and is transporting the Major back "home" after the race.) Then he will try to answer any more questions that the Chars have, then wish then a good day, and leave into the back.
Booths 20: House owners. note: remeber names

May adventure around the city if they wish, but will be attacked by six of the Bloody Hand Bounty Hunters (none other than the three in the bar with friends.)
This encounter takes place in a short street, deserted enough to be called an alley. There are two other civilians in the line of fire, both humans, Walt and Crissy Brimley, here in town for the Smashing Melons concert. Any Jedi must aid the Brimleys, and any force sensitive characters will get a dark mark against them if they do not aid them.
The PC's may fight the Bloody Hand for as long as they are able, but if they begin to over power the Bloody Hands, three more bounty hunters will arrive via jetpack.
Eventually the chars will be forced to retreat to their ships, or if they are all "killed" they will be taken to Pirate Captain Galland and offered their freedom in return for the completion of the mission (to insure help, he will implant a bomb in their ships, and loan tham the use of one of his).
If the chars do make it to their ship, the Bounty Hunters will pursue in their Bulk Hauler, Manus.

SANGUIS MANUS - Rin Assid Bulk Hauler
Scale: Capital (350 m)
Crew: 6
Hyperdrive x1(x10)
Maneuver: 2D
Hull: 2D
2 Ion Cannons (FL)
FC: 2D+2
Dam: 3D
The players have 1000 atmosphere points to cross in order to reach space. Maneuvers which turn around, turn to the side or otherwise change facing do not count toward the total thousand.
Note: the players should reach jumping distance no matter what rolls are made. If a ship is disabled, it will remain operational until it is to its destination.
No matter where the chars take off to, they will be stopped four days into the trip by pirates.


The chars will be doing whatever they decided to work on for the trip (Note: training & skills being developed that are not completed will not be gained), when suddenly the realspace alarm will go off, and a klaxon will sound through the ship.
Chars on the bridge already will have four rounds to act before the drop is made, and chars in cabins have two rounds to prepare, and chars performing other tasks around the ship will have 1-4 rounds to prepare before the drop is made. (Note: anything currently being repaired will be off-line because of repairs.)
When the rounds are up, players will drop to realspace twelve space hexes from the asteroid array (three hexes wide, two tall and two deep.) The two Freighters (Stormcrow, Vaporeagle) will be 1D6 hexes back and 1D6 hexes to either side. The Assault Frigate (Golddigger) will be 1D6 hexes past the asteroid cluster, and 1D6 hexes to the left. The Bulk Hauler (WARHAWK) will be 1D6 hexes back from the asteroid and 1D6 to the right.
There will also be 3 Space troopered pirates one 2D6 and the other two 3D6 hexes behind the asteroid, undetectable unless a heroic sensors is rolled (their suits are powered down until the ship(s) are next to them.
(plotting a new course takes a space transports skill ve:10 rounds, E:8, M:6, D:4, VD:2, H:1). The ships will begin engaging immediately, moving in for a closer shot. They are all equipped with disabling weapons, which do not harm the structure of their stolen ships.
When they disable the ship(s), they will board, storming the airlocks with troops of five men armed with riot guns. If two troops fall, they will toss stun grenades into the air filters, then storm with troops of ten, who will shoot at all times (no dodges).

Boarding Crews:
All Stats 2D except:
Dex: 2D+2
Riot Gun: 6D
Grenade: 5D
Str: 3D
Riot Gun
2 Stun Grenades
Air filter
After the entire group of chars is knocked unc., the pirates will take them aboard the Golddigger, and lock them into force cells. When the chars awake, (at different times depending on stun power), they will see that they are in ten force cells, five on each side of the hallway, and a door blocks each end right past the last cell.
When the entire group is awake, they will be led by six stun whip weilding pirates to the bridge, where they will talk with Galland. He has read each of the characters ID's and knows that they are not wanted for any large sums of money (except for from the empire, which also want him and his crew) and they don't come from terribly wealthy famlies, so a ransom is out of the question.
Finally he tells them that he will release them and their ships if they perform a special task for him. He says that he wants them to board a luxury cruiser (Sunrise Paradise) at its next stop ( Spira ) and then to steal a droid from one of the passengers (A Bueracrat named Jorkusan) which holds incriminating evidence about him and his crew. The chars would have to distract him with a few members of the party, and the rest of the party would have to break into his suite and steal the droid.
Then the characters would run to the escape pod for that sector of the ship, launch it to the coodinates 173:724 at exactly 16:00 on the third day of the cruise. A pirate vessel would pick them up at the coordinates and then return their ship to them in exchange for the droid.
After explaining the mission to the chars, he will answer any questions about the mission, ship etc. He tells them to create a cover for themselves under the false names Larry Craggs, Hal Tyson, Ronald Featherstone, Ken Smith, Hank Aryn, Jack Richey, Robert Briggs, Frank Walters, Dan Carson, Chris Peterson, and Paul Munroe.(Substitute womens names if necessary: Sally Young, Kelly Miller, Whitney Waters).
If the characters do not agree to undertake the mission, the pirates will hijack the luxury cruiser, and place the Chars in the first troops, with control collars around their necks (6D stun).
To insure their cooperation, the pirate leader will send along Jason Gauntlet, a young, bright blue-eyed tawney haired pirate. He is 23 and joined up with the raiders two years ago and has no record as yet, all of which make him a good coverman for the chars. Unknown to the characters, Jason is a double agent planted into the pirates agency to keep an eye on them for the Republic.

Jason Gauntlet
Human Double-Agent
Dex. 4D
Blaster 6D
Dodge 5D+1
Grenade 5D
Running 6D
Kno. 3D
Law Enforcement 4D
Streetwise 5D
Criminal Org.: Pirate Operation7D
Mec. 3D+1
Repulsor Op. 4D+1
Walker Op. 5D
Per. 4D
Sneak 5D
Con 5D
Str. 3D+2
Stamina 4D+2
Tech. 3D
Security 5D
Blaster Rpr. 4D
Special Abilities:
Black Cloak w. Hood
Heavy Blaster Pistol 5D
2 powerpaks
Maglite 700e
Lock kit +2D security
Gauntlet +2D Str left arm, +1D Str Vs. Blaster, Physical. Electric Shock (Brawling +2D)Drains 2 charges, has 6 charges, recharges 1/day.

After the chars are prepared with their false identities, the pirate captain will drop them off in his shuttle, STONE RHINO, at the airport, and three pirates will lead them to the shuttle for the luxury cruiser Sunrise Paradise.
Their cabins will be assigned as C147-57, on the bottom deck of the cruiser, near the south end. Jason is in cabin C146, and has a remote caller linked to all the Chars. They now have 6 days to find the droid, and then to jump ship.
They can explore their wing, and most of the floor of their ship. Gambling halls are located all around, as well as picture shows, holo-museums, and shops.
There are meals furnished three times a day at each wings cafeteria, or they can order room service, but they have to pay for it. They gambling halls are the best place to pan for info, and the Chars. should wander around there often, talking to the other passengers.
Travel off their floor is prohibited, but they can converse with others with their shipboard comm located in their rooms.
2.5 days into the journey, the chars will locate the droid, accompanying an Corporate Sector Bueracrat on vacation. His name is Harssklin Jorkusan. His apartment is C168,in another wing. He rarely leaves his wing, even for meals. He orders room service, and will not leave the room. If the chars do not think of the idea, Jason will suggest that they knock out some room service guys to get into the room. He will keep everyone away from the room while they find the droid.
When they first enter the room, the "bueracrat" will be sitting up in bed across the room. He has a pillow over his hands, and will tell the chars to set the tray down at the foot of the bed. From then on it can erupt into a general melee. He has a blaster pistol under his pillow, and will open fire on any attacking chars. (stun setting only). He should not win this combat, whatever the results of die rolls.
After knocking him out the chars can search the suite, the droid is in the closet in the master bedroom. It will hold them at bay with it's electro shocker, keeping them back unless they have a DEMP gun or another means of shutting down the droid ( ie. grabbing the shut off switch for 2 automatic hits ).
If they shut down the droid, someone is going to have to carry it unless two people grab each end. Anybody lifting the droid by themselves must have a 5D str and make stamina rolls every other round (vs. 20). Two people sharing the load must have at least 3D str apiece and then roll stamina. The lowest roll is the longest amount of rounds that they can carry it before spending a round of rest.
Before returning to their rooms, klaxons will sound throughout the ship, and a computerized voice will tell all staff to report to posts, and all passengers to report to their suites and await further orders.
The cruiser has been hailed by the Imperial Star Destroyer Predator. They are preparing to board the ship in search of the Bueracrat/Imperial researcher and his droid. They have found out about his false name (Harssklin Jorkusan) and they know his real name (Major Bearm Lance) and will be asking about both.
Five minutes after the alarms, the chars will meet up with Jason, who will hold them up, telling them not to try to stop him because he's taking the droid to the New Republic. After they resolve that issue with him, another announcement will sound over the comm, telling all the passengers to report to their wing's escape pod. The chars will have to hurry to the pod, so they can get on it before it leaves. Along the hallway on the way to the pod, they will be ambushed by the Major, who awoke, only to find his droid gone. He will try to reason with the chars first, then he will begin shooting if they do not give it to him or explain that they are taking it to the New Republic.
Then the pod will fire, directed by the crew (two normal grunts) who will not resist if the chars hold it up. The announcement will broadcast again that the crew need to check ID's for Major Bearm Lance, or a Ambassador Jorkusan or any of the other false pirate names given to the chars.
Therefore the chars will be forced to use their original ID's and say that they are the crew of the Ptahck hunt. They should already have a fake ID for the Major, and Jason's record is still clear.
The escape pod will transfer them to the Luxury cruiser Utopia, which will transport them strait too the final destination, Spira. They will still be there four days earlier than planned, but the cruise line will cover the pay for the days (since it's "their" fault).
Then the chars will have six days to train (use the rebel informant in the Spira area). At the end of the six days, they will all gain the mechanical skill of Whaling Boat at +2D. As well as the dex. skill Manual Harpooning at +1D+2.
Jason will leave as soon as they arrive, to ensure that the New Republic will still make the pick-up after the race. Then the next cruise will take them to Calamari, and the race is on.
To design encounters for the race use some of the stuff from the Spira adventure, as well as any of the other water adventures. The chars should not be either the first killers, or get the biggest Ptahck, but should get a small award for the sucessful capture of a moderate sized Ptahck. The cash prize is 1000 credits for their Ptahck, and the Major doesn't want any so the chars can split it amongst themselves.
Then after the awards, they will meet Jason, and a short Calamarian Trader, their contact Ressari Glubnaut. He will give them each 1000 credits, and will take the Major back to Courscant to share his finds with the Alliance's scientists.
Then Jason will tell the chars that they did well for the NR, and they now have more information on the development of cloaking devices, and in return, the NR will help them recover their ships, by loaning them the Corellain Corvette Jagatai, and Nebulon-B Visigoth.
Each ship has a full complement of crew, and in addition to the Capital ships, the NR will send A-wing squadron red and B-Wing White.
The chars can take the light freighter Buckin' Nekdog, and the Space Yacht Taldor(Use checkmate). (see characters folder)
All weapons on the ships will be replaced with Ion Cannons, and the pirates will be in orbit around the Space Station Bootlegger II. They will have the four ships that they already had, as well as the chars ships.
The battle should be pretty one-sided, and the chars should get their ships back, repaired, and modified in one beneficial way (faster hyperdrive, better hull or sheilds, smuggler compartments etc.)


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