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The Invasion of Dragonthia

Author: Rath Koron
Homepage: None
Requirements: 5-6 characters, moderate skill levels (I allowed a starting group to roll 1d6 and add to their attributes)

The players are flying along in a freighter owned by Xizor Transport Systems that is due for retirement, when low and behold they drop out to see an Imperial Star Destroyer (Type 1) with support craft including 1 Interdictor Cruiser(to determine support craft use the procedure tables in The Far Orbit Project)

Episode 1: The Dropout

All the PCs are flying along in their piece of junk, barely functional ship. When they dropout they see an Interdictor cruiser bearing down on you.

Read the following aloud:

"As you get your bearings and begin bringing systems online, you recieve a call over the comm. A lady's voice comes on, obviously carrying authority and says "Unidentified Freighter, Identify yourself, and state your business in this system."

Their business is not legitimate, nor legal. The Imperial will detect this no matter how high the PC who tries to persuade her rolls. Ultimeatly a shuttle will be launched to Investigate. If the PCs refuse to cooperate they will be attacked by Lots of Ties (approximately 72), however THEY WILL NOT EXPLODE, NO MATTER WHAT THE DICE SAY.

They will however crash down on the planet.

Episode 2: RAD Planet

Once down the sensors, but no weapons or propulsion systems will work, no parts to fix it up with.

When they check the sensors they find that the planet is radioactive, yet life flourishes. (Its due to the fact the sun produces too much radiation)

If the PCs do not leave the ship, prod them, have TIEs attack the crashed ship. Allow them to take anything they can carry.

Once they leave the ship, give them a chance to recover from wounds recieved, or jury-rig repairs on anything they're carrying that they can or whatever. But once they start going again Give them 1D6 rounds to do Perception Checks then have anywhere from 1-12 (depending on the number of PCs, should be an even number on both sides) Dragonthian Wolves attack them, stats below:

Dragonthian Wolves
Habitat: Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Plain
Evolved From: Mammal
Ecological Niche: Mammal
Tech Level: Feudal (based on Japanese Feudal)

Starting Attribute Dice: 18D
Dexterity 3D/6D
Knowledge 1D/3D
Mechanical 1D/3D
Perception 4D/6D
Strength 3D/6D
Technical 1D/3D

Move: 14-18
Size: 1.5-1.9 meters

Appearance: Think of a Wolf/HUman Hybrid. Give it fur that is Jet-Black to Flaming Red

Special Skills: Hunter's Sense: Unique Ability to Wolves, provided they can sneak up on a target, they may make an additional action on the turn that they Sneak up on the target. This only works on non-dragonthian.

Special Abilities:
Double Hide search and Sneak Skills

Night Vision-No minuses for Darkness, or cover

Blood Frenzy-A Dragonthian Wolf will go insane (very similar to a Shark) when it smells Blood, In game terms It must make a Very Difficult Willpower check to avoid Killing everything in an area where it smells Blood.

Retractable Claws-All toes, and fingers-str+3D
Teeth-Str+3D+2, due to paralytic poison, Target is paralyzed for 1D6 hours.

Non-flammable Hair-+2 to resist Blaster Fire

Radiation Proof Hide- No damage from Radioatctive areas

Capsule: These are the sentiebt denizens of the planet dragonthia. Though they have no high-technology, they have routed Stormtroopers on more than 1 occaision. This is largely because Stormtroopers make far too much noise "Sneaking" through Dragonthian land. Every group of troopers that went out on their own has either suffered heavy casualties or did not come back.

Dragonthian Wolves run in Packs form 10-100 individuals. They are fiercely territorial. Behavior is largely unknown as any human or alien intruder has been ripped limb from limb and minced.

However they are NOT heartless killers, they prey upon the b and have empathy for the weak.

Basically, if you aren't a percieved threat, they leave you alone. If you are weak, you are very, very, very well-protected when moving through their land.

This is what the PCs are up against, and the PCs are intruding on Dragonthian land. They WILL NOT attack anyone who does no have a visible weapon, at first. The creature's goal is to neutralize all the PCs (I love poisons). If the PCs win, Imperials come along in the form of Speeder Bike Scouts who then are taken down by, samurai-sword wielding were-wolves and recure-bow shooting were-wolves, and then the wolves handle the PCs.

Episode 3:The Rebel Convoy

When the PCs come-to they find themselves tied togther with some sort of unbreakable (6D Walker Scale body strength) and that their RAD GEAR HAS BEEN REMOVED. But just as the PCs figure out they are in trouble, another Human walks in and says "Dont worry about the suits or yourselves, or the Radiation. Our Furry friends have provided us all with a root-based drink that makes it so we can survive the radiation without any trouble."

It turns out the reason the Imperials were so adamant is that the PCs stumbled into an Imperial Invasion force to take down Dragontia, and make the locals their slaves. The human is named Krantos Shrileckan, a rebel leader, and defected Imperial Ground Commander, chosen to be left on Dragonthia by order of the Rebel Alliance to take down the Imperials, and find the mysterious "Shugenja (Japanese for magic user)" or Jedi Master that is hiding on this planet, as well as thiefo a ride off planet from the Imperials after all this.

How the rest of it goes is up to you as GM, the Jedi Master is actually a Dark Jedi Mistress and the Imperials are actually trying to takeover the planet, but cant get an effective offensive and cant target for bombardment due to radioactive interference.

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