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Summary: The characters find a lost planet with a civilization that appears perfect. But it is not, and they must help the rebels in order for the people to realize their mistakes.

Time Frame: Any.

Required Characters: A novice Jedi or any Force Sensitive character.

Recommended Characters: Warriors, diplomats, technicians, scouts.


The characters finished their last adventure, but when they were leaving the planet, a Star Destroyer came out of nowhere. Forced to make a hasty Hyperspace entry, they had no time to compute the coordinates for an adequate route. So they are now in the middle of nowhere, in the Unknown Regions. While they plot their course back home, they receive a distress signal from a buoy:

"May the Force be grateful with thy souls. We pledge your assistance in our moment of despair, oh noble gentlemen."

Puzzled, the characters find a terrestrian world in the coordinates indicated by the buoy. Only a continent is inhabited, and they should land in the main plaza in the big capital city, Uria. Uria is a big city, with the looks of the modern cities pictured in early 20th century science fiction movies. In the main plaza, a giant building, the Pyramid of the Treasure, rises a kilometer above ground.

Episode One: The Descendants of Urus XXIV

In the city they are honored by a magnificent reception by Urus CDXCIII (493), Supreme Ruler of Uria. He explains that the humans that compose his people belonged to a planet, Zrklove. And 25,000 years ago, Xim the Despot (see Han Solo and the Lost Legacy) had tried to eradicate his peope. But Urus XXIV, then king of Zrklove, send his son Urus XXV to pick an important delivery, "really a treasure in our hopes to defeat Xim". However, the ships of Urus XXV were ambushed, and forced to enter hyperspace, they landed in this planet. Everyone who could repair the damaged ships were dead. Since then, the descendants of Urus XXV had created this civilization out of nothing, waiting patiently for a representative of Urus XXIV, and being really serious on the defense of the treasure he had left.

The characters are encouraged to meet the civilization. Every inhabitant is happy, since everyone trusts their government in the protection of the Treasure of Urus XXIV. Everyone is proud to be a keeper of the Treasure in certain way, and there is no crime, no violence. Although it is very strange that after 25 thousand years, technology has not advanced. When they ask about this fact, they receive evasives, and by own research they find no one knows about technology.

The characters also meet Zdreo Kalipa, appointed Guardian of the Treasure of Urus XXIV. Zdreo is a venerable old man, the only of Uria's inhabitants that can use the Force. He is concerned with finding his heir, any human gifted with the Force, and he questions if the characters are Force users. But he never shows the Treasure, it is hidden in a secret vault inside the big Pyramid, and is watched over by hundreds of fanatical guards, everyone proud of their duty.

Finally, in one of the massive ceremonies, during a speech by Urus CDXCIII, he is attacked by something that resembles a blaster bolt, the sniper fails, but the characters should protect him. The sniper vanishes, so when danger is over, the characters should question Urus CDXCIII. He tells them that there is a rebel group, opposed to his government. They live in the forests, but the Guardians haven't been able to locate them, since every patrol sent dissapears.

Episode Two: The Urian Rebels

Commissioned by Urus CDXCIII, the characters search the rebels, they have to exterminate them or at least acquire knowledge on them. Whey they reach the forest, they are ambushed and taken over to their chief, Nibor Dooh.

He tells the characters that there is repression in Uria, there is no freedom of speech, no freedom of action and scientific research is forbidden. The Guardians have deceived the people with false promises of a nonexistent treasure they must protect no matter what. The treasure is simply the excuse of the Guardians so they can retain power over the people.

But the rebels haven't been able to launch a frontal attack agains the Guardians, since they don't have any advanced technology, just slugthrowers. But they take the characters to their research center where they are developing blaster-like technology, they find a huge rifle with a power backpack. The rebels call it a "beam tube", and it is capable of providing 4D energy damage.

If the characters are willing to help the rebels they should try to find if the treasure really exists and what is it, so they can prove the people their mistake. They can also help rebels leaving them blasters or helping them develop better technology.

Episode Three: The Discovery of the Treasure

The characters should someway convince the Guardians that they couldn't find the rebels. Then they must try to talk with Zdreo Kalipa, the Guardian of the Treasure. But before that, the old Jedi summons immediately the Jedi or Force sensitive character and appoints him his heir, because he is about to die. Before dying he gives to him two things, a small Holocron (a Holocron is a metallic cube that helps a Jedi develop his Force skills without a teacher), and the keys to the Treasure. With his last breath, he asks the Jedi to destroy the Treasure, it is time for the people to be free. Then Urus CDXCIII cames in and arrests the Jedi.

Characters should then rescue the Jedi and find the Treasure. The Jedi is held in the detention block inside the Pyramid. They should go after him and face the guards. Then they must go to the top of the Pyramid and use the key Zdreo provided them, they face also guard opposition there.

At last they find the Treasure of Urus XXIV. It is a small cube, much like a Holocron. When they use Zdreo's key, a hologram is activated and a human stands with the following message:
"Your highness Urus XXIV, I go by the name of Izza Kleri, and I am one of the military aggregates of Xim, the Despot. I am ready to offer my services in order to provide you with the latest information on Xim's tactical movements. The price will remain as we agreed before.
Yours, Izza Kleri."

The famous "Treasure" is only a message from a spy of Urus XXIV, an object with no value after 25,000 years. With this knowledge, the characters should "depose" Urus CDXCIII and create a new government with help from the rebels. They are acclaimed in Ubria and the people asks for their help to make contact again with the Galaxy.


Characters should decide what to do with Ubria. They can show it to the entire Galaxy, but it is defenseless and would make an excellent slave planet for the Empire. They can also convince Ubrians to join the Rebel Alliance or the New Republic, depending on the time frame of the adventure. But Ubrians also would like to start developing their own technolgoy. Other option is to establish a "safe planet" for the Alliance, since it lies in the borders of the Galaxy.

Diverse Statistics

Type: Supreme Governor of Uria
Dodge 4D, Firearms 3D+2, Melee Combat 4D+2, Melee Parry 5D
Bureaucracy: Uria 6D+1, Business: Uria 5D+2, Cultures: Uria 7D, Law Enforcement 6D+2, Willpower 5D+1
Beast Riding 3D+1, Ground Vehicle Operation 2D+2
Command 6D+1, Investigation 5D
Swimming 4D+2
First Aid 2D+2
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 9
Move: 10
Equipment: ceremonial pistol (3D+1 physical damage), ceremonial sword (STR+1D), comlink, keys to the city.
Capsule: Like the almost 500 kings before him, he is obsessed with the "Treasure of Urus XXIV", and would stop at nothing to protect it. He also works in order to keep his people peaceful and obedient.

Honorary Guardian
Type: Typical Soldier Guardian of the Treasure
Brawling Parry 5D, Dodge 5D, Firearms 6D, Melee Combat 5D, Melee Parry 5D
Intimidation 3D+2, Willpower 4D
Beast Riding 3D+2
Command 4D+1, Search 4D
Brawling 6D
Character Points: 3
Move: 10
Equipment: sword (STR+1D+1), rifle (4D+1 physical damage), armor (+1D vs. physical damage)
Capsule: Told since children that being an Honorary Guardian is the highest duty they can serve, they are ferocious and loyal when defending the Treasure. They will do everything the Guardian of the Treasure orders them, and Urus CDXCIII is second in command.

Zdreo Kalipa
Type: Guardian of the Treasure of Urus XXIV
Dodge 3D+1, Melee Combat 3D+2, Melee Parry 4D
Cultures: Uria 5D+2, Scholar: Old Republic 4D+2, Scholar: Jedi Traditions 5D, Willpower 4D
Investigation 4D+2
Special Abilities:
Force Skills: Control 3D+2
Force Powers:
Control: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Emptiness, Hybernation Trance, Remain Conscious
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Points: 2
Character Points: 6
Move: 10
Equipment: ceremonial sword (STR+1D), keys to the city, Holocron (allows Force skills development to reach Control 3D+2 and includes the following Force powers: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Accelerate Healing, Emptiness, Hybernation Trance, Remain Conscious)
Capsule: Trained as Guardian of the Treasure of Urus XXIV by the previous Guardian because he was Force sensitive. Has lived miserably since then, since he is not very sure the Treasure is worth everything, but he hasn't been able to figure it out either. Now that he is about to die, he will name the offworld Force sensitive stranger as his heir. And hopes he will solve Uria's problems.

Nibor Dooh
Type: Chief of the Urian Rebels
Blaster 4D, Brawling Parry 4D+2, Dodge 5D, Firearms 5D+1, Melee Combat 4D+2, Melee Parry 5D
Cultures: Uria 4D+2, Intimidation 5D+1, Survival: Forests of Uria 5D+2, Willpower 5D
Beast Riding 4D+2
Command 6D+1, Investigation 4D+2, Search 4D+1, Sneak 4D+2
Brawling 5D, Climbing/Jumping 4D+2, Stamina 5D, Swimming 4D+2
First Aid 3D
Dark Side Points: 0
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 11
Move: 11
Equipment: large sword (STR+1D+2), "beam tube" (4D energy damage)
Capsule: Son of a powerful Urian citizen, he refused to believe in a sacred Treasure and ran away faking his death. He knows nothing of technology but realizes that could be the key to defeat Urus CDXCIII. Great leader and motivator of his forces, he is willing to sacrifice his life in order to depose the Guardians of the Treasure.

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