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Section of Site: AdventuresBelongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: Canon:


by Joe Clements

I used this adventure with Syndicate: A.S.K. The idea came from an adventure hook found in Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids, pg 19. The main baddy in this one is Vangar the Pirate Lord (from Revised and Expanded). I don't know if anyone else ever took the books advice and used him as a recurring villan, but I did, and it worked out great (untill I left him in the open and Ash wasted him...)
This adventure also introduced another reacurring nuisance to Syndicate: A.S.K.; Morgan Jiasko, who turned out to be their "special smuggler." (You know, Boba Fett has Han Solo, Syndicate A.S.K. has Morgan Jiasko. It was fun for my PC's to be smugglers running from a bounty hunter, but now I think they've changed their tune a little since Morgan has been giving them the same runaround they used to give the bounty hunters that chased them!)

I started this one in media res, but feel free to modify the intro as you see fit; I just didn't feel like waiting for my PC's to get done dicking around in the Starport. I was ready to start the adventure!


Syndicae A.S.K. is at Wroona Starport, when the players get a communique from Uxan: a smuggler is on the run from Uxan with a hold full of weapons he was supposed to deliver to Noonia. The players have the following handout:

Name: Morgan Jiasko
Genger/species: Human/male
Homeworld: Brentaal
Known Associates: Ree-Dee Numlok (StarForge Station), Madat Ken (Ryloth)
Bounty: 15,000
Classification: Regional (Outer Rim Territories)
Application Conditions: Alive
Bonus: 10,000 for return of stolen cargo
Determent: No bounty for dead or overly damaged merchandise
Crimes: Theft, forgery
Brief: Morgan Jiasko is known frequent many shadowports, and now, with a few bountyhunters on his tail, will likely try to stay low. Ree-Dee Numlok and Madat Ken are his two main contacts, although he is suspected of having many others across the Rim and maybe even one or two Coreword. He travels alone, although he may have hired on some help in light of his current situation. He was last seen at Wroona Starport trying to contact either the Rebellion or a Merc outfit hoping to sell his cargo.

GM Note: This is a legal bounty. Just because Riechass Uxan is a crimelord doesn't mean he doesn't have perfectly legal buisness ventures, and he can post a legal bounty through the IOCI. However, you can decided that if your hunters work privately for your crimelord, that he gave them the posting early, or they got an insider tip.

The players have learned that Jiasko got wind of their presence, and blasted out of Wroona an hour ago. Jiasko didn't leave a departure record with the Starport, but the informant they are talking to now may know a few things to get Syndicate A.S.K. on its way...

Episode 1: Finding StarForge Station:
The informant the characters are speaking with is an Ortolan by the name of "Bumpy" Zudo (he looks alot like Max Rebo from Return of the Jedi, but he dresses in a flashy red suit, black tunic, and a big golden medallion. Bumpy will sell info to the characters, but what he knows costs:

Very Easy Information- 10 credts - Jiasko's favorite restaurant, Bumpy's favorite
Easy Information - 50 credits - ie, contacts for black market arms
Moderate - 300 credits - ie, who else is after Jiasko, where he is really headed, what his intentions are
Difficult - 700 credits - ie, crooked Imps on Wroona, what fringe operators are bound for StarForge soon, how much they'll charge for passengers
Very Difficult - 1500 credits - which one of them owes Bumpy a favor and calling it in for the players
Heroic - (More credits than the bount is worth, so don't bother, but see the following paragraph) credits - getting Bumpy to take the players their himself in his own space yacht

Players making a Moderate alien species roll remember that Ortolans have an obsession with food and missing a meal. Tantalizing Bumpy with some rare, exquisite dish gains the players +2D to any persuasion attempt (or more, depending on how well they "ham it up (sorry, I couldn't resist!)." They might use this bonus, for a favor, or a loan, or even transit from Bumpy himself. They also gain this bonus for intimidation if they threaten Bumpy's digestive system. Even though Bumpy doesn't have a slew of bodygaurds, many of the local fringe characters like Bumpy, and threatening him is a good way to make enemies at Wroona, even if they intimidate Bumpy.

Here's what Bumpy knows:

- The characters are sitting in Bumpy's favorite restaurant - he owns it. Jiasko doesn't have a favorite eating establishment, but he does like to get drunk downstairs in the part of the club called "Starshiners." It's a seedy establishment full of rabscalious individuals, and a real GM's playground for getting their players into all sorts of trouble...
- As to the arms dealers, document forgers, data slicers, and others who ply various illegal trades, come up with them as needed, but keep in mind, while Wroona certainly has some top-notch crooks, Bumpy is a minor crimelord, and won't know the really good ones.

- At this point, no one else is officially chasing Jiasko, but now that the bounty is out, Bumpy knows that another hunter, "Gunner" Groth is low on funds, and will probably go after the mark. If you end up needing Groth's stats (as I did), use the "Veteran Hunter" stats from the GM Screen. Bumpy also knows that Jiasko is intending to sell the weapons to Churhee's Riflemen. After that, Bumpy thinks he overheard Jiasko talking about another gunrunning deal on Bespin. (Unbeknownst to Bumpy, but knownst to you as the GM, Jiasko's next stop is Tatooine, and he's picking up a shipload of weapons from Ephant Mon, the Chevin gunrunner in Jabba's palace.)

- As for crooked Imps, there's always a bureacrat who's disgruntled, and for a price would let the characters sneak in at night and access the mainframe. That kind of character is easy enough to generate, and I didn't even need one because as soon as my PC's had the Easy information, they were ready to saddle up. But it's always better to be prepared...

- The fringers headed for StarForge are listed below. Mack Roanoke is in pretty deep with Bumpy, and will take the characters just to try and get on Bumpy's good side (depending on how the characters treated Bumpy.) Of course, Mack is a clich? in the smuggler world, so if the players go with him, beef up the oppostion when they try to leave, both dirtside and up in the wild black yonder. Nev Mebl is currently wanted by the Empire for being a Rebel Conspirator, but his price tag isn't very high, and the PC's shouldn't know about it (Bumpy certainly won't volunteer the information.) Pama Dowmoni doesn't owe anyone anything, and likes it that way. He isn't wanted by the Empire, just despised. He is gruff, mean, and cynical, but knows all the best ways to get anywhere, and could be a valuble contact to make. Any of these are good GM characters for any situation, and would make good friends or enemies.

StarForge Station? Streetwise tells us that:
VE: Located in the StarForge Nebula, somewhere in the Ado Sector
E: A smuggler free-port, it is an asteroid space station
M: It constantly moves through the nebula, and is known for the Shipyard
D: Governed by a tenant council and one administrator, the station's location is passed by word of mouth, and the head of any snitch to the Empire is worth 20,000, dead or alive
VD: Moff Stavveld, the new Moff of the Ado Sector, has begun bringing the local military up to snuff and is very interested in finding and shutting down StarForge Station. (For more information about StarForge Station, see pages 109-113 of Pirates and Privateers.)

"Bumpy" Zudo (Ortolan Informant) - all stats 2D except: blaster 3D, dodge 4D, Knowledge3D, alien species 5D, buisness 5D+1, planetary systems 4D+2, streetwise 4D, streetwise: Wroona Starport 7D, law enforcment: Wroona Starport 6D, value 5D, Perception 4D, bargain 5D, Strength 3D+1. Move:5. Character points: 6, Hold-blaster (3D), datapad, medallion
Wine and Dine (SoroSuub Luxury Cruiser 200), Starfighter-scale, maneuverablity 1D, space 4, atmosphere 280; 800 kph, hull 6D, sheilds 1D.
Bumpy's personal space yacht is not built for combat, and Bumpy's pilot's space transports skill is only 3D.

Mack Roanoke (Human Smuggler). Dexterity 3D+1, blaster 5D, dodge 5D, Knowledge 2D+1, planetary systems 4D, streetwise 4D+2, Mechanical 3D+2, astrogation 4D+2, space transports 5D+2, starship gunnery 4D+2, Perception 3D, bargan 3D+1, con 4D+1, gambling 4D, Strength 3D, brawling 5D, Technical 2D+2, space transports repair 4D+2. Character points:4, Move 10. Heavy blaster pistol (5D).
Mack is a haughty smuggler, but he's headed to StarForge and will take the players for 7500 credits.
Mack Attack! (Modified YT-1300 Transport) Starfighter-scale, maneuverability 1D, space 5, hull 4D, shields 2D, Weapons: 2 laser cannons (fire control 1D, damage 4D+2)

Nev Mubl (Sullustan Trader) Dexterity 2D+1, blaster 3D, dodge 4D, Knowledge 2D+2, alien species 4D, buisness 4D, planetary systems 5D, value 4D, Mechanical 4D+1, astrogation 6D, space transports 5D+1, Perception 3D, bargain 5D, persuaion 4D, Strength 2D, Technical 3D+2, computer prog/rep. 4D+2, droid rep 4D, droid prog 4D, space transports repair 5D. Character points 3, Move 10. Blaster pistol (4D), datapad.
Nev is a diminutive trader, with no real interest in StarForge Station. However, he has just gone quite a ways into debt to overhaul his frieghter. He'll start at 10,000, but he can be talked down.
Sure Deal (Modified SoroSuub Nesst- class light frieghter) Starfighter-scale, maneuverability 1D+2, space 4, hull 3D+2, shields 2D, Weapons: laser cannon (fire control 2D, damage 4D), concussion missle tube (fire control 2D, damage 7D).

Pama Dowmoni (Ithorian Scout) Dexterity 2D+2, blaster 4D, dodge 5D, Knowledge 5D, planetary systems 6D, survival 6D, Mechanical 2D, astrogation 3D+2, sesnsors 3D, space transports 4D, starship gunnery 4D, starship shields 3D+2, Perception 3D, bargain 4D, Strength 3D, stamina 5D, Technical 2D+1, space transports repair 4D, starship weapon repair 3D+1. Character points 5, Move 10. Blaster pistol (4D), blaster rifle (5D), survival gear.
Pama is an Alliance scout, and is headed in that general direction, and has contacts on StarForge, but he is used to being alone and getting his way. 15,000, not very bargainable, but the players will get a good list of contacts at StarForge, including Kuuda De Nall (Allaince agent) and Chidee Na Maak (the infamous shipwright). They both owe him favors.
Intrepid Trailblazer(Lone-Scout-A Scout Ship) Starfighter-scale, maneuverability 0D, space 4, hull 4D, shields 1D, Weapons: laser cannon ( fire control 0D, damage 4D).

Zoom-zoom (Twi'lek starship merchant) all stats 2D except: streetwise 2D+2, repulsorlift operation 2D+1, bargain 4D+2, con 3D+2, persuasion 2D+2. Move: 10. Datapad, used starship lot.
Zoom-zoom provides yet another avenue for the characters: buy their own ship. The Twi'lek goes by this nickname for his fast service: any ship (within reason in a few days, even if it's in Imperial impound). He likes to bargain, and has a good number of used freighters and scout ships on his lot. Just don't try to muscle him: his Gamorrean bodygaurd goes by another name:
Boom-boom (Gamorrean bodygaurd) all stats 1D except: Dexterity 2D, brawling parry 4D, melee combat 4D, Perception 2D, search 3D, Strength 4D, brawling 5D. Move 7. Vibro-axe (STR+3D).

Upon leaving Wroona in what ever transportation they may have secured, the players will come under attack from pirates. The players will recognize the Pirate Corvette Vangar's Vengence (assuming that they've faced off with Vangar before). They may want to fight, but unless they get away, their adventure may be over. Vangar's ship escapes before it is destroyed in any event.

Vangar's Vengence (Modified Imperial Customs vessel) - Starfighter-scale, maneuverability 2D+2, space 8, hull 5D+1, shields 2D, Weapons: 4 double turbolaser cannons (fire control 2D, damage 4D), 2 ion cannons (fire-linked) (fire control 2D, damage 4D+2), 2 tractor beam projectors (fire control 2D, damage 5D)
Crew Skill: Space transports 5D+2, starship gunnery 4D, starship shields 4D

Episode 2: Welcome to StarForge Station

Type: Asteroid
Temperature: Termperate
Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Artificial
Length of Day: 20 Standard hours
Length of Year: 300 Standard days
Sentient Species: Varies widely
Starport: Standard
Population: 10,000 (approximately)
Planet Function: Shadowport
Government: Tenant Council
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: Free market, ships services, starships
Major Imports: Raw and processed materials

Players arrive, and part company with their ride or dock their own ship (possibly needing repairs). The Station techs don't know anything, nor have they seen anyone matching that description. Slicing into the station logs will show that Jiasko's ship is on StarForge, but somebody has gone into the records and erased all other transaction records. Reconstructing them requires a Very Difficult computer programming skill check and 15 hours of work.

All the players have on Ree-Dee Numlok is a name, and that he or she knows Morgan Jiasko and does buisness with him. The Station computers have no information whatsoever on anyone by the name of Ree-Dee Numlok (GM note: this was set up for a later adventure; if your planning on running this as a stand-alone, which you can do pretty easily, you can omit his name from the IOCI bulletin.)

Upon leaving the dock, the players can go to any myriad of shops, restaurants, bars, or the casino (wing this one, the house's gambling is 5D), but is one of the establishments, the players run into (next to them at the bar, at the next table, accidently bumps into the players or vice versa) "Skoot" Jarrik.

"SKOOT" Jarik
Type: Droid Slicer
Blaster 4D, blaster: DEMP gun 5D, dodge 4D+1, running 3D+2
Investigation 5D
Repulsorlift operation 3D+1
Search 4D, sneak 3D+1
Computer programming/repair 5D+2, (A) droid engineering 9D, droid programming 6D, droid repair 5D+1, security 5D
Character Points: 6
Move: 10
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D), DEMP gun (3D ionization damage, 3-25/60/250, ammo 10), comlink, datapad, droid tool kit.

Skoot is the local droid tech, and he is very friendly towards the players. He doesn't know anything about Morgan Jiasko or Ree-Dee Numlok, but does ask the characters if they need a droid, and what the would want in a droid, and he tells them about some of the droids he's built (just tell a good fish story about a droid with a blaster).(For more information on Skoot Jarik, see Cynabar's Fantastic Technology: Droids, pgs. 18-19).

About this time, Vangar and gang come busting into the place barking orders for drinks, throwing patrons out of tables and booths, monopolizing the bar, throwing insults, and basically being rude. Vangar wouldn't recognize the players from the last encounter (they were inside their ship), but he might remember them from the debacle on Prexia if they introduce themselves or are simply too conspicuous (Vangar himself won't notice anything, but his lieutenant, Sleebo, might).

When the players turn back to Skoot, he is gone. Easy search or Perception scores show that Skoot has indeed "skooted;" he's moved to the far side of the establishment and is motioning for the players to follow, but to do so quietly. The place is pretty full, and most of the pirates are distracted, so easy sneak totals are required. Play it out, make it tense, but the players should have no touble reaching Skoot undetected.

If the players do this, or if the players simply leave the place, go the "Skoot's Story." If they bump into a pirate on the way, go to "The Fight."


The players reach Skoot, or he reaches them if they left, and tells them the following:
"Sorry guys. Can't let that Barabel in there see me. You know him?"

"Yeah, I second that. Mean as a rancor and twice as ugly. I think he's after me."

"Well, it's like this. I was workin' on an astromech with a shot motivator, when him and his Rodian sidekick, Sleebo, I think, come walkin' in. Couple a more guys behind him start pushin' in two big crates on anti-grav carts. "Anything I can do for you?" I ask. "Yeah, matter u fact, der is," the Rodian says.

To make a long story short, Vangar had apparently bought a couple of used Arakyd Viper Probe droids and wanted me to modify so they would be suitable for boarding starships during pirate raids. You know extra armor, weapons, that sorta thing. Not sure why he wanted them modified though; the Empire built a pretty good droid there as it was. So I told him I'd do it, and they'd be ready in a week. We agreed on a price, which of course was too high for him, but I charge a lot because I'm good, and I only work on droids when their owners can afford it, right? I'm a buisnessman, after all, even if I do enjoy my work.

"Anyway, I deliver the droids, and Vangar only pays me half of what we agreed on. 'Where's the rest?' I ask. 'I decided I didn't like your deal.' Vangar says. 'You'll take what I give ya, and be satisfied with that! You want more, take it outta me!' Well, I didn't have any back-up, and since he's about twice my size, I scrammed. End of story, right? Wrong! I had the forsight to install some remote scramblers keyed to my private frequency. I go back to the lab, key it in, and both droids, do a remote memory wipe and short out all their systems! You think Vangar's fragged off?"

If the players choose the fight, they get the same information from Jarik in Episode 4.

The players might be more interested in taking on Vangar & Co. right here in the bar/casino/whatever. Vangar won't immediatly recognize them, but once Sleebo reminds him, he is livid, bloodthirsty, and enraged.

Type: Barabel Pirate Lord
Blaster 6D, brawling parry 5D
Intimidation 4D, planetary systems 2D+2, value 3D
Space transports 4D
Command 3D
Brawling 6D, lifting 5D+2
Special Abilities:
Natural Body Armor: +2D phys., +1D energy
Radiation Resistance: +2D vs. radiation
Vision: can see infrared, no dark penalties
Dark Side Points: 3
Character Points: 5
Move: 11
Equipment: Heavy blaster pistol (5D)

(For more information on Vangar's gang, see Star Wars, Second Edition Revised and Expanded, pgs 173-182)

Type: Rodian Merc
Blaster 6D, dodge 6D, melee combat 4D,vehicle blasters 5D
Bureaucracy: Prexian pirates 6D, buisness 4D, streetwise 4D+2, value 5D
Repulsorlift operation 4D, starfighter piloting 4D+1, starship gunnery 4D, starship shields 3D, swoop operation 5D, walker operation: AT-PT 5D
Command 3D+1, con 3D, forgery 4D+2, persuasion 4D, search 5D, sneak 4D
Brawling 5D
Blaster repair 3D, computer prog/rep. 4D, droid programming 3D+2, droid repair 4D+1, security 5D, walker repair: AT-PT 4D
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points: 7
Move: 10
Equpment: Blaster pistol (4D), blaster carbine (5D), vibroknife (STR+2D), blast vest (+1D phys, +1 energy)

10 Pirates: all stats 2D except: Dexterity 4D, blaster 5D+2. Move 10, character points 2. Blast vest (+1D phys., +1 energy), comlink, heavy blaster pistol (5D).

Vangar is mad, and will join in the fray with his men, no doubt taking the lead. Sleebo is more cautious, and will not jump into the melee. He will draw a bead on anyone who injures Vangar and shoot them on the next round. After 5 pirates are down or Vangar is down (not dead), the StarForge Security Force arrives to break up the brawl. If the brawl doesn't break up, or if the SSF is attacked they retaliate, using stunning force. If one of them is killed or seriously injured, the use lethal force on the attacking party.

SSF Constabulary: all stats 2D except: Dexterity 3D, blaster 4D, brawling parry 4D, dodge 5D, melee combat 5D, running 4D, law enforcement: Starforge Station 6D, streetwise 4D+2, investigation 4D, search 5D, sneak 4D, Strength 3D, brawling 4D, computer prog/rep 4D, first aid 3D+2, security 4D. Character points: 3. Move 10. Uniform, blaster pistol (4D), stun baton (5D stun, STR+1D+2).

As soon as the fight is broken up, one of the officers begins to question the players:
"All right, who started this mess?"
"No time!" another officer steps in. You notice he's a captain; the guy who broke up the brawl is only a sergeant. "We need anybody who can fly right now!
"StarForge Station is under attack!"

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