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Section of Site: Supplements D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Era: Canon:

Custom Starfighter Construction Supplement

Several commercial RanCorp shipyards are engaging in the CSC program. Friendly technicians help take a customer through the process in order to design a special starship with everything the customer wants. There are several hull variations, amount of armor, shields, weapons, engine systems and the like to choose from. Also what and how much a person can get depends on their status as either a civilian or as a military officer.

The following is a guide to help people design a custom ship from scratch:

All * 'ed items are only available to military personnel (it doesn't matter of what organization)

Hardpoints: Hardpoints relate to how many weapons each ship can have installed. Most weapons require one hardpoint though some items may require two. See section 3 "Weapons"

Ship Size: the length and height of a ship is very important because the square meter purchases extra armor

So you need to know you ship's surface area. Each basic hull has a range listed for height and length and the player must choose where his ship fits in that range.

Section 1: Basic Hull Variations

*Atmospheric Combat
These hulls are sleek and agile, made aerodynamic to cut through the air gracefully. They do not have the power to break free of a planets gravity. They are one or two men craft with no room for passengers. They have room for a maximum of 2D shields and have 3 Hardpoints. They tend to be from 9-14 meters in length and 4-6 meters tall. They have base hull strength of 2D and may have extra armor added on. They have a base maneuverability of 2D and may be modified with extra maneuvering thrust.

Cost: 70,000

* Space Combat
These hulls are meant to withstand the vacuum of space and attacks from enemy ships. They have room for powerful sublight drives but no Hyperdrive. They are one or two men ships with no room for passengers. They have a small cargo space able to store 40 kilograms. They have a maximum of 3D shields and have 4 Hardpoints. They are 10-16 meters in length and 3-7 meters in height. They have base hull strength of 2D+2 and may have extra armor added on. They have a base maneuverability of 3D and that may be modified.

Cost: 90,000

Personal Shuttle
These hulls are meant for small one-man craft. Usually purchased by business people for inter-system travel. They are one man ships with room for an extra passenger. They have room for sublight and Hyperdrive engines and have a nav computer. They have cargo room able to store 90 kilograms. They have a maximum of 1D shields and one hardpoint (2 Hardpoints for military personnel). They are 5-11 meters in length and 8-11 meters in height. They have a base hull of 1D+2 and may add extra armor up to 2D+1 (3D for military personnel). They have a maneuverability of 2D and may add extra up to 3D (3D+2 military personnel).

Cost: 120,000

Atmospheric Racer
These hulls are sleek and aerodynamic. They are one man craft with no cargo or passenger room. They cannot break free of a planet's gravity and thus have only very powerful atmospheric drives. They have a maximum of 1D shields to protect a pilot from crashes and no Hardpoints. They are 6-9 meters in length and 3-7 meters in height. They have a base hull of 2D and can have extra armor up to 3D. They have a base maneuverability of 3D and may have extra added up to 5D.

Cost: 80,000

Diplomatic Transport
These hulls are meant to give mild protection and is rather moderate giving luxurious room for the passengers. It is a two man craft with room for 8 passengers (including separate cabins, a dining area and a conference room). They have room for sublight drives and a Hyperdrive. They have a maximum of 1D+2 shields and 2 Hardpoints. They have a base hull of 2D and may have armor increased to 3D. They are 19-27 meters in length and 8-14 meters in height. They have a base maneuverability of 1D+2 and may add it up to 2D+1.

Cost: 140,000

*Escort Fighter*
These hulls are meant to be swift and powerful. Meant to defend shuttle type ships they are one or two man craft with no passenger or cargo room. They have room for sublight and Hyperdrive engines. They have a maximum of 2D shields and 3 Hardpoints. They have a base hull of 3D and may add armor up to 4D+2. They have a base maneuver of 3D and may go up to 4D+2. They are 9-11 meters long and 5-7 meters tall.

Cost: 115,000

Intra-system Planet Hopper
These hulls are meant for short journeys between planets in the same star system. They are 1 man craft with room for 5 passengers. They only have sublight drives to get around in a particular system. They have a maximum of 1D shields and 1 hardpoint (2 for military personnel). They have a base hull of 2D and may add armor up to 2D+2 (3D+2 for military personnel). They have a base maneuverability of 2D+1 and may go up to 3D. It is 9-16 meters in length and 7-11 meters in height.

Cost: 86,000

Section 2: Drive Systems

Sub-section 1: Sublight
On stats this appears as a move rating under 'Space: ' The base sublight drive put into each ship equipped with one in this system starts at a space of 4. This costs 25,000. Below is the price guide for upgrading:Space rating Cost
5 250,000
6 500,000
7 5,000,000
*8* 50,000,000
*9* 75,000,000

Sub-section 2: Atmospheric
All ships have atmospheric drives. in this system all start off with different atmospheric movement ratings seeing as how their design helps or hinders atmospheric performance.. down below is the atmospheric speed chart: (note: the cost is how much it costs to get that drive system in place of a worse one. It does not cost that much to get it with the hull mentioned for the drive system comes with that hull.)Hull Move KM/H Cost
Diplomatic Transport 70 200 30,000
Personal Shuttle 90 260 90,000
Space Combat 105 300 110,000
Escort Fighter 125 360 190,000
Intra-System Planet Hopper 140 400 230,000
Atmospheric Combat 160 460 250,000
Atmospheric Racer 210 600 450,000

After the atmospheric racer's drive further upgrades go in increments of 15 km/h and cost 80,000 credits per upgrade.

Sub-Section 3: Hyper-Drive

All ships in this system capable of a hyper drive have a base Hyperdrive multiplier of x5. below is the chart for increasing that:Multiplier Cost
x4 10,000
x3 15,000
x2 25,000
x1 30,000

Section 3: Weapons

In this system a ship is given a certain amount of Hardpoints which allow only so much weaponry to be installed. Most weapons require only one hardpoint to install though some require two. Also civilian ships may only have weapons that do a total damage of 15D Starfighter scale. Example: Korlath is getting his custom ship built. He pulled some strings is getting a space combat hull so he can travel well protected. He uses two hard points for a proton torpedo launcher (damage 9D) he can only get weapons with a total damage of 6D now, so he gets two cannons which each do 3D damage.Weapon Hardpoint Cost Damage Cost
Laser Cannon 1 3D 1,000
Medium Laser Cannon 1 4D 3,000
Heavy Laser Cannon 2 5D 3,500
Concussion Missle Launcher 1 7D 4,000
Proton Torpedo Launcher 2 9D 6,000
Medium Plasma Cannon 1 4D+2 4,600
Heavy Plasma Cannon 2 5D+2 5,700

All other 'Heavy' weapons are considered to cost 2 Hardpoints while all others cost 1.

Note on Hardpoints: Extra weapons systems may be added with modifications but the shipyards will not do it so these modifications must be made by outlaw techs.

Section 4: Armor and Shields

Finding the cost of armor is probably the most complicated part of this. Armor is charged for by strength and by the square meter. down below is the chart for figuring out the surface area of your ship in this system:

Height | Length 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
3 24.5 29 33.5 38 42.5 47 51.5 56 60.5 65 69.5 74
4 32 38 44 50 56 62 68 74 80 86 92 92
5 39.5 47 54.5 62 69.5 77 84.5 92 99.5 --- --- ---
6 56 65 74 83 92 --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
7 75.5 86 96.5 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
8 98 --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Any spots above filled with --- is impossible to get the ship to that size. Thought in Section 1 the range given may say it can go from 6-9 meters in height and 7-14 in length, to get the 9 meters in height it could only be 7 meters in length for a surface area of 96.5 square meters (the length column can be used as height and vice versa, it was reduced to this form for simplicity's sake)

Armor plating may be added to strengthen the hull of the ship. Each pip increase to the hull subtracts one pip from the ship's maneuverability. You can only reduce a ship's hull to 1D in this manner. Armor is sold by the square meter, so you must take the price per square meter times the surface area of your ship to determine the price for the upgrade. down below is the price chart per square meters of armor: (this is for adding new armor, not adding on top thus you pay the price per meter and you get that amount of armor)Hull Rating Cost Per Square Meter
1D+1 1,000
1D+2 2,000
2D 4,000
2D+1 5,000
2D+2 6,000
*3D* 8,000
*3D+1* 9,000
*3D+2* 10,000
*4D* 12,000
*4D+1* 13,000
*4D+2* 14,000
*5D* 15,000

Shield cost chart (same deal as armor, you buy a package not just an add-on)Shield Rating Cost
1D 10,000
1D+1 15,000
1D+2 20,000
2D 25,000
2D+1 30,000
2D+2 35,000
*3D* 40,000

Section 5: Sensors and Maneuverability


Currently there are only two packages for sale, civilian and military.

CivilianPassive 10/0D
Scan 25/1D
Search 40/2D
Focus 2/3D
Cost 10,000

*Military*Passive 30/09D
Scan 50/1D
Search 75/2D
Focus 4/4D+1
Cost 30,000

New sensor packages may be added to this at a later date.

Maneuverability may be added by rounding off parts of the hull and adding thrusters in certain places. This used to take away from the armor's integrity but a new process is being used so that this does not happen. Here is the cost chart for maneuverability:

(Note this is a package like shields and armor, not an add-on)Maneuverability Code Cost
1D+1 1,000
1D+2 2,000
2D 10,000
2D+1 11,000
2D+2 12,000
3D 100,000
*3D+1* 110,000
*3D+2* 120,000
*4D* 160,000
*4D+1* 170,000
*4D+2* 180,000
*5D* 200,000

Section 6: Finishing Up

There are a few details left to take care of, but these are all minor. First of all though there are set hull types the actual design of the hull can be however you want it so that it looks how YOU want. You can determine how many consumables it ahs on board but be reasonable. Come up with a name for your ship. the skill for piloting the ship will then be Starfighter Piloting: . Perhaps your character had the techs add some other little feature you thought up go ahead, but remember this is a professional shipyard, so..KEEP IT LEGAL! Finally remember if this isn't done before a character starts playing that it will take a while to create. The ship will be completed in 3D days (real time not game time) from start of construction, seeing as how these shipyards are often notorious for fast mass production. Well I think I'm done, it took me about a month and a half of planning to finally give up and spontaneously do it and improvise until I found a way to make it work. I must say I enjoyed making this and hope SOMEBODY finds it useful.


Dave Maloney: Yours truly, chief engineer, king of typos and grammar errors. Stat god extraordinair and pompous SWRPG player. Enjoy, guys!

Ryan Matheny: A.K.A. Weej of #DarkLordsOfSith on DALnet . Never have I met someone with so little of a life as to be so dedicated to SWRPG. Still he's a cool guy and runs the best SWRPG website around in my opinion. This man makes any stat maker ashamed with how little they do. He helped me drastically with concept and pricing.

--DLOS website:

Brian Gavel: Bah, he's a good friend and helped me a little so I put him down, he did some proofreading. He never encouraged me and he's rather useless unless you need someone to GM. In fact he began proofreading this then stopped and went off to play Team Fortress instead, bastard.

Anyone who posts this on their site: Anyone is welcome to post this on their site providing they leave these credits up. I thank you if you do post it because I love to share my creative ideas with others.

Anyone Who Uses this: Without people willing to actually use it my time making this is wasted so please use it sometime =P

My TI-82: Without whom the surface area chart would've taken hours longer to write. instead I wrote up a quick program so all I had to do was plug a few things in and it figured it out for me. if you don't have a graphing calculator GET ONE, it'll be your best friend. =)

Comments made about this Article!

28/Sep/2017 22:53:28 Posted by hellstormer1

Wow. I know it's custom, and something custom always costs more than standardized stuff, but....dang!!!!!

29/Sep/2017 23:25:47 Posted by Freddy

In the late game of Star Wars, players usually have an excess of cash, once they've stolen a bunch of Starfighters and Transports, sold off the crates of Blaster Rifles from all the StormTroopers they've killed, etc. So having something as a sponge to soak up all that excess cash sounds really cool to me.

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