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-Galaxy's Finest Military And Adventure Equipment
Written By: Richard Harmon

This is sort of an idea that hit me, and I just sort of started churning out stats over a one-day period.Well, I hope you enjoy, and please send me commments, suggestions on what you like or don't like.

Snowblind Goggles
Type: Eyewear
Cost: 40 credits
Availability: 2
Game Use: +2 Per in snowy environments
This fashionable and functional pair of goggles is a perfect gift for the snowgoer in your family. Whether skiing on the slopes of the Manarai Mountains, or tracking through the wastes of Toola, these goggles will protect even the most sensitive of eyes.

Astronex Aviator's Sunglasses
Type: Eyewear
Cost: 25 credits
Availability: 1
Game Use: Looking really cool
These sunglasses are the height of fashion. Watch the young females fawn and drool over you, the confident pilot of a hundred battles in a hundred systems. These are authentic replicas of Imperial standard issue to TIE pilots in the field. For the ultimate in style and function, choose Astronex.

SoroSuub NeverLost GPS Receiver
Type: Location Device
Cost: 140 credits (satellite costs 5,000)
Availability: 2
Game Use: +2D to Survival, Tracking, and related skills
Never get lost with the NeverLost global positioning service. This device can get you to within .0001 meters of any chosen destination on any serviced planet. The NeverLost system is also functionally compatible with thousands of types of sattelites; only requiring space coordinates as a point for trangulation. If you plan on tramping through an abandoned forest, make it a NeverLost today!

Imperial Issue Compass
Type: Location Device
Cost: 10 credits
Availability: 1
Game Use: +1D to survival, tracking, and related skills when used in conjunction with a planetary map.
This is the oldest, simplest, and most reliable form of direction finding on any world. It can be used to find the magnetic north of any planet, and when used in conjunction with a planetary map, can be used to find any particular point on said planet.

SpyTron Bionic Ear
Type: Spy Gear
Cost: 500 credits
Availability: 3, R
Game Use: +2D Per, allows eavesdropping for 100m on any line-of-sight conversation.
Ever been dying to know what your neighbor's were saying about you? Well now you can with the new Bionic Ear! This device amplifies any conversation within a 100m range by 30+ decibels! An Imperial permit is required to purchase this equipment, and can be obtained by submitting to IOCI (Imperial Office of Criminal Investigation) for a criminal background check.

Bug-B-Gone Bug Detector
Type: Spy Gear
Cost: 235 credits
Availability: 2, R
Game Use: +2D to Search, +1D to Security for any bug sweep.
Do you need the most protection from potential snoops? This bug detector is perfectly made to detect any bug transmitting from the 2.7Mhz to 890MGhz range. This is especially modulated to detect most subspace and hypercomm frequencies. Bust any snoop with this Bug-B-Gone bug detector. An Imperial permit is required for purchasing this item, which can be obtained with a recommendation from an Imperial official, and an IOCI background check. (Note: Due to racial discrimination proceedings initiated by the Verpine, Bug-B-Gone, inc. has filed bankruptcy, and will produce no new products.)

Luma, Ltd. Weapons Light
Type: Illumination Device
Cost: 55 credits
Availability: 2
Game Use: +2D to Search, Per, -2D to Search, Hide in darkened areas.
Designed especially for CorSec TacForce (Corellian Security Tactical Forces), this eliminates the need for an extra hand for a flashlight, and offers helpful illumination in any direction of your gun. The moulding is especially designed to fit almost all gun designs. If Luma can't fit it onto your gun, we will make a specially moulded mount for you for free!

RSS Throwing Knives
Type: Throwing Knife
Cost: 45 credits for a set of three (includes forearm sheath)
Availability: 1, R, X
Skill: Melee Combat: Throwing Knives
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Str +1D+1 (max 5D)
This knife is a replica of the original used by the RSS (Republic Security Service), a spy organization of fabled skill in cloak-and-dagger affairs. It saw wide use among the undercover agents as a convenient, powerful, and easily concealable weapon. A little practice will put you into fine fighting trim with a set of these babys. An Imperial permit is required to purchase this device, requiring a background check available at the IOCI.

DewBack Water Storage System
Type: Water Storage System
Cost: 65 credits
Avalability: 1
Game Use: +1D Stamina, +2D+1 Survival in wilderness situations.
This is the ultimate in water storage systems. It can hold two days worth of water, and it isn't a canteen! This back-mounted pack fits comfortably under any armor, clothing, or other wearables, and is equipped with the patented Sta-Cool system and a wraparound straw. This is model water system is even routable through your survival suit or gas mask! And what a bargain: The original, one, and only DewBack Water Storage System...for only 65 credits!

Heat SEAL Cold Suit
Type: Cold Water Protection Suit
Cost: 140 credits
Availability: 2
Game Use: +2D vs. Cold damage in water
This SEALsuit is the perfect solution to your cold-water needs. It is very popular with arctic fishers in the polar fisheries of Chandrila. Hypothermia is a constant fear in these frigid water areas, and, let's face it, do you really want to spend any amount of time with your best friend naked in a sleeping bag? If not, buy one of these before you next dive off an iceberg.

Surplus Imperial-Issue Camo Cream
Type: Camouflage Paint
Cost: 8 credits per set of three paints
Availability: 1
Game Use: +2 Hide, +1 Sneak If proper pattern and colors are used.
These paints are genuine Imperial surplus, and have been tested in numerous engagements over the Emperor's glorious reign. We sell several basic pattern sets: Jungle, Forest, Desert, Wasteland, Urban, and Subdued Urban. All paints are sold in sets of three, based on the environment pattern. There are also sesveral tubes of paint of various colors, for nonstandard environments, and other uses. (Note: Please do not apply to clothing. It has minimal effectiveness, and only stains your clothes.)

Sand Bags
Type: Temporary Fortification
Cost: 100 credits for set of 1,000
Availability: 1
Game Use: +3D vs. Slugthrowers, +2D vs. Energy, +6D vs. Physical damage
Simple. Sand + Bag = Sandbag = Badass fortification. Lay a defence using these, and they're cheap enough you can leave them when you're done. Take them anywhere, fill them with anything, they're the best, most effective defence your pathetic planetary militia could ever hope for.

BlasTech Sniper Ghillie
Type: Camouflage Clothing System
Cost: 350 credits
Availability: 3
Game Use: +2 Sneak, +2D Hide If proper pattern and colors are used
This is the best sniper ghillie on the market, using a precisely calculated pattern to give the best camoflauge possible. If you get caught while using this system, you are inept, and should be summarily shot by any sniper worth his salt.

BlasTech Blaster Cleaning Kit
Type: Cleaning Kit
Cost: 35 credits
Availability: 1
Game Use: +1D to Blaster Repair, if regularly used
This is your standard blaster cleaning kit, with standard solvents, lubes, and picks. Use this thing often, and your illegaly modified DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol should last a lot longer than that tightwad arms dealer intended it to.

'The Mouse' Stun Gun
Type: Stun Gun
Cost: 115 credits
Availability: 2, R
Skill: Melee Combat: Stun Gun
Difficulty: Very Easy
  Stun Gun - 2D Stun Damage
  Pepper Spray - 1D Stun Damage - -2D PER
  if sprayed in eyes
  Siren - -2 to all rolls, increases
  chance of law enforcement intervention
Power. Sheer Power. That is what you get when you purchase 'the mouse.' This is easily the most powerful stun gun on the market, and is coincidentally the most popular with our female subscribers. If you want to leave an attacker helpless, unconscious, pissing his trousers, unleash The Mouse!

TaggeCo. Police Tactical Baton
Type: Police Baton
Cost: 85 credits
Availability: 3
Skill: Melee Combat: Club
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Str + 2D (max 7D)
This specially designed law enforcement weapon is perfect for a night on the beat. Springs into action from a diminuitive 8cm, it deploys as a full-sized and particularly effective club. Its popularity has even extended to citizens, wishing for protection, because of the lack of need for a permit to carry it.

BlasTech Assault Sling
Type: Blaster Accessory
Cost: 30 credits
Availability: 2
Game Use: Eliminates weapon draw penalty while in use
This simple rig designed by CorSec TacForce is designed to keep your weapon on constant guard. If you are in a small corridor searching for the enemy, this can be handy indeed! Many a TacForce Agent owes their lives to the convenient, simple constancy displayed by this rig. The Imperial Army is already considering integrating it into Commando Stormtrooper armor, and a modified version is in testing with several elite Stormtrooper forces.

Tactical Assault Harness
Type: Rappelling Harness
Cost: 45 credits
Availability: 1
Game Use: 1D to (A) Mountaineering, or Climb
This is a simple, reliable harness designed for urban environment use, and is extremely handy when scaling the face of a twenty-story building. It comes standard issue to Imperial Airmobile Infantry Ops, and is in common use by many other climbers in the galaxy.

SoroSuub Subversion Slingshot
Type: Slingshot
Cost: 50 credits
Availability: 1
Skill: Missile Weapons: Slingshot
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: Str+2D+2 (max 8D)
Angry citizens around the galaxy unite and kill small game with this small but deadly weapon. It has a rear-fitted arm support for added stability, and an aiming reticle. Be warned, the Slingshot is a fairly difficult weapon to master, and no guarantees are made as to your own accuracy.

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