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DLOS - The Alternate Star Wars Post-Endor Setting
Based Upon the ex-DLOS Sim Organization

Last Update - 02/07/99

Table of Contents

Chapter 1  -  The DLOS Storyline
Chapter 2  -  The Empire in DLOS
Chapter 3  -  Key Imperial Officers
Chapter 4  -  Imperial Intelligence and Adjustments
Chapter 5  -  The Imperial Fleet
Chapter 6  -  The New Republic in DLOS
Chapter 7  -  Key New Republic Officers
Chapter 8  -  The New Republic Fleet
Chapter 9  -  The Blood Lust Pirates (incomplete)
Chapter 10 - MetaCorp (incomplete)
Chapter 11 - Other DLOS Factions
Credits and Disclaimers


Before there was DLOS Star Wars RPG, there was the DLOS Star Wars Sim Organization. Although now disbanded, the old sim group is what directly evolved into the present day RPG group which spawned one of the most successful Star Wars RPG webpages ever created.

The storyline used for the old sim group was rather warped when compared to what is generally accepted as "basic Star Wars history" in that we started our game after the Battle of Endor and basically went from there (see history section for more details). Noting this, several things in this supplement may seem a bit odd or in error but please keep in mind that this is what we used to base all of our games off of and does not contain much, if any, actual official Lucasfilms or West End Games information.

This supplement will most likely not prove all that useful or interesting to anyone who wasn't a part of the old sim group or isn't a part of the new RPG group. However, if you're looking for an alternate campaign setting, then it may actually prove of some use to you.

Chapter 1 - The DLOS Storyline (recorded as events unfolded)

This is the history of the post-Endor galaxy as recorded after each week of simming in DLOS. Many details may be lacking and almost all of it does not hold true to what the official Star Wars timeline reports.

(ASW4 = After Star Wars IV: A New Hope)
(ABE = After Battle of Endor)

4 years ASW4:

The Battle of Ender occurs. Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader are killed by the Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker on the second Death Star while a Rebel fleet assaults the Death Star that they believed was not operational. Along with the Death Star II, the Super Star Destroyer Executor was destroyed when an A-Wing rammed the bridge, sending it spiraling into the Death Star. Upon the Death Star's destruction the Imperial task force withdrew. The supposed fall of the Empire begins.

1 day ABE (read The Truce at Bakura):

The Ssi-ruuvi attack the Imperial world of Bakura, Luke Skywalker leads a small task force to Bakura to provide assisstance and the combined Rebel and Imperial forces drive the Ssi-ruuvi off. Bakura then joins the Rebel Alliance.

3 weeks ABE:

Grand Admiral Weji Ynehtam returns to Coruscant with the Devastator task force and takes command of the Empire. Upon arriving at Coruscant Grand Admiral Ynehtam was able to calm the general populace and reorganize what Imperial forces that still remained loyal. Ynehtam put out a call across the galaxy for the Empire to remain intact and strike back at the Alliance, who now called themselves the New Republic, and claim vengeance on their fallen Emperor. However, many high ranking Imperial admirals and moffs decided that they were better off running the Empire and thus, the Imperial warlords were born.

1 month ABE:

Grand Admiral Weji becomes the Emperor of the New Galactic Empire. Imperial Intelligence reveals the location of Admiral Ackbar's flagship, Home One, the Devastator tracks it down and destroys it, killing all on board. Admiral Dev steps up to take Ackbar's place.

The New Republic's new E-Wing starfighter begins seeing combat many years before expected.

1.5 months ABE:

An Imperial battle fleet engages a moderately sized Rebel fleet near Turkana. Both sides take heavy losses and the Battle of Turkana becomes known as one of the bloodiest battle in the history of the galaxy. Both sides lose numerous capital warships and the death toll is estimated to be nearly a million. Both the Empire's and the Rebel Alliance's forces are weakened severly as a result.

2 months ABE:

Luke Skywalker is hunted down and killed by an elite team of a hundred Imperial storm commandoes, out of which, only seven returned.

The newly reorganized Black Sun attempts a takeover of the weakened Empire but is quickly crushed. The Black Sun's fleet scatters and their leader escapes before while his flagship is captured.

3 months ABE:

The New Republic created by declaration of Mon Mothma, the Rebel Alliance ends.

Emperor Ynehtam takes the SSD Devastator to Endor and sends out search parties looking for Rebels that may be hidden on the surface. Finding only a handful of primitive Ewoks that were able to survive the devastation caused to their world by the destruction of the Death Star, Ynehtam orders the destruction of the moon via heavy fusion warheads leaving the a surface molten wasteland.

The Imperial Star Destroyer Broadside is fitted with an axial superlaser based off of a scaled down version of the one that was found on the second Death Star. The Broadside is destroyed when attempting to fire the superlaser during a testing phase and all hands were lost.

4 months ABE:

A relatively quiet time insues, the New Republic and the New Galactic Empire only have a few minor skirmishes.

5 months ABE:

Emperor Ynehtam discovers the prototype plans of the Eclipse in Emperor Palpatine's personal files along with the location of where Emperor Palpatine had began construction some months before his death. Vast amounts of resources are diverted to the site to complete its construction ahead of the scheduled date.

6 months ABE:

New Republic Admiral Dev is killed by Imperial assassins. Admiral Thern Moudurn takes his place.

7 months ABE:

The Maw Cluster is discovered by Imperial forces and much of the Imperial Research and Development is transferred there along with relief troops for the four Imperial Star Destroyers found protecting it.

8 months ABE:

New Republic Admiral Thern Moudurn resigns for undisclosed reasons and Admiral Calice takes his place.

The Imperial slave race, the Yevetha revolts on the planet N'zoth and takes control of the shipyards there and also takes several of the ships that were stationed there, including an Executor-class Super Star Destroyer.

9 months ABE:

The prototypes of the Wraith-class Super Star Destroyer and the Enslaver-class Heavy Star Destroyer are found in the Empire's most secret research facility.

Geraad Kun is promoted to Vice Admiral and given command of the SSD Devastator. The ex-New Republic Admiral Thern Moudurn defects to the Empire and becomes the executive officer on board the Imperial Star Destroyer Maelstrome.

10 months ABE:

The Eclipse's construction enters the final phases

The Maelstrome is destroyed while defending an Imperial supply convoy from a group of New Republic frigates, 90% of the convoy is also lost. The New Republic Admiral Calice is killed by the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. Geraad Kun is promoted to Grand Admiral. Thern Moudurn is promoted to Commodore.

11 months ABE:

Admiral Keeper takes command of the New Republic fleet. Warlord Jonus and the SSD Lusankya takeover five systems in the Corporate Sector. Commodore Thern Moudurn is promoted to Vice Admiral and given command of the Wraith. Emperor Weji Ynehtam and Empress Red are wed.

1 year ABE:

The Eclipse is completed.

The Ssi-ruuvi launch a massive invasion into Imperial and New Republic space. The Empire launches a counter strike driving the Ssi-ruuvi from several star systems. The location of the Ssi-ruuvi homeworld is found. A massive fleet of Imperial, Republic, pirate, and Imperial Warlord ships strike defeating the large Ssi-ruuvi fleet. The Ssi-ruuvi ship, dubbed the Big Ass, single handedly drives off the enormous attack fleet. The Eclipse destroys the Ssi-ruuvi homeworld.

Warlord Jonus joins the Empire and remains in command of the five systems previously captured by his forces.  

Dr. Bob, the lead Imperial research scientist, is cloned so that his attention may be in more than one place at once. Vice Admiral Thern Moudurn is promoted to Admiral.

13 months ABE:

The Imperial Navy locates and attacks the Big Ass, losing all attacking ships.

The Imperial slave race known as the Umgah or "evil blobbies" rebel and drive the Empire from their planet. The Umgah later open fire on a New Republic diplomatic ship.

The existance of a New Republic Mon Calamari MCS-115 Super Cruiser is confirmed.

The first Imperial-IV Star Destroyer is built.

14 months ABE:

The Empire launches a three pronged strike at the New Republic attempting to lower their morale by slaughtering small fleets of Republic light cruisers. The SSD Devastator took what was left of Endor as a trophy, destroying a small research station found on the planet. At the same time the first Imperial-IV Star Destroyer attacked the remains of the Alderaan system and the newly constructed stardocks but was forced to withdraw when a New Republic task force arrived. The ISD4 and its escorts were able to destroy several New Republic cruisers before pulling out. An Imperial fleet, disquised as a local pirate group, a plan devised by Grand Admiral Geraad Kun, that was known to be allied with the New Republic struck at the small defense fleet located at Hoth slaughtering it, upon the the appearance of three Mon Calamari cruisers, the fleet jumped straight toward the main pirate base causing the Rebels to break their treaty. Later, the real pirate fleet joined the New Republic fully.

Geraad Kun was made a Moff by Emperor Weji.

15 months ABE:

Tatooine falls to an Imperial invasion force. Rich minerals are found under the desert making Tatooine a major mining world in its infancy. During a celebration party following the victory at the Battle of Tatooine, Line Captain Jonus is executed for conspiring to defect to the New Republic on board his ISD3.

The mercenary known as Celeris destroys a military base on the planet Calamari, forcing the New Republic the blockade their own planet in an attempt to capture him.

16 months ABE:

The leader of the Bloodlust pirates is killed during an Imperial raid of a small space station. During the skirmish, two Bloodlust Corvettes were destroyed before the station was captured by a team of 35 stormtroopers.

Kessel's main prison facility is taken over by a team of commandos who later fight off a large Imperial attack force bent on recapturing the world. The Empire's World Devastator makes its first appearance and 'eats' the prison area of Kessel where the rebels and prisoners fought off the Imperial assault.

Celeris attempts to escape from Calamari but was cheated by a used starship dealer and was sold a freighter with no hyperdrive and is captured.

17 months ABE:

The Ssi-ruuvi return and attack the Hapan world of Selab where a combination of Imperial, Hapan, and New Republic starships fight off the assault. The Hapans turned on the Imperial starships and chased the them from Hapan space immediately following the battle.

New Republic Admiral Keeper resigns and Admiral Gavin Dighter takes over command of the New Republic Fleet.

The Hapes Consortium joins the New Republic.

Celeris, after becoming a Colonel in the New Republic through clever manipulation and lies, sets several explosives on board of Calamari's orbital shipyard and puts it out of service for several months.

19 months ABE:

The Battle of Mantooine occurs. Lord Celeris and his small fleet attack, made up of older starships purchased via the credits paid to him by the Empire for disabling the Calamari shipyards, the New Republic world of Mantooine in an attempt to take it but find much heavier resistance than thought. The assault was planned in conjunction with the Empire who sent in a back up assault force followed into the system roughly ten minutes later after the engagement began, firing on both Celeris and the New Republic ships. The Imperial forces dominate the battle and come out victorious under the command of Dr. Bob. Lord Celeris and his second in command Cordan are seemingly killed.

23 months ABE:

General Jayell, Commander of the Imperial Army, is executed, by the order of the Emperor by Colonel Ash, for conspiring to murder several members of the Imperial High Command. Commodore Shuntly transfers to the army and takes the rank of General and assumes Jayell's old responsibilities.

2 years ABE:

A large New Republic fleet consisting of a Republic Super Star Destroyer along with several other cruisers heading out with the intention to destroy the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Lusankya fell victim to a devious Imperial ambush. All attacking Rebels were killed and the Imperial battle fleet took no capital combat starship losses.

The Bloodlust Pirates struck an Imperial convoy at approximately the same time, destroying a Strike Cruiser along with an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Druidia and Planet Spaceball fall to the Umgah Empire.

25 months ABE:

The New Republic and the New Galactic Empire formally agree to a cease fire and end hostilities.

26 months ABE:

Imperial forces engage Duskhan League warships for the first time in the Mid Rim. The infamous ISD3 Decimator is crippled during the battle. The attacking Yevethan warships are destroyed.

27 months ABE:

The main Bloodlust pirate base is destroyed by an Imperial task force led by the Wraith under the command of Thern Moudurn.

An attack by the Duskhan League at Nar Shaada is pushed back by an Imperial task force.

30 months ABE:

The Duskhan League takes the Imperial world of Churba, famous for its assasin droid factories and later integrates new found assassin droid technology into viable Yevethan battle droids.

31 months ABE:

Admiral Gavin Dighter surrenders to the Umgah Empire under the impression that he would not be turned over to the Empire. The Umgah then turn around and hand him over to the New Galactic Empire.

32 months ABE:

The main outpost used by the Bloodlust Pirates is destroyed by an Imperial task force. Several thousand pirates were killed or captured with minimul Imperial losses.

33 months ABE:

Admiral Celeris of the New Republic, who somehow escaped death many months earlier and again earned the trust of the New Republic, breaks the cease fire with the New Galactic Empire by launching over a hundred hyperwave missiles into the Coruscant star system. Several hundred civilian ships were massacred in the raid as the hyperspace missiles slammed into merchant cruisers, freighters, neutral warships, along with hitting Imperial targets. The civilian death count is in the hundreds of thousands.  Mere hours later the Empire launches a massive hyperspace cruise missile attack, destroying dozens of New Republic warships.

Days later Admiral Celeris is forced to flee from the New Republic in order to escape arrest.

34 months ABE:

Early in the month, the Death Star III assaults the New Republic planet of Briggia destroying all of the New Republic warships there, destroying the Republic Naval Academy and capturing the system in a matter of minutes.

The following day Emperor Ynehtam personally oversees the capture of the New Republic's Sluis Van shipyards and deepdocks.

The New Republic Army Academy on Yavin IV is destroyed by Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn.

3 years ABE:

The Yevetha launch a massive campaign against everyone, dozens of worlds are completely flattened. The Umgahs are forced to flee their homeworld, Beta Orionis, as Yevethan warships attacked. The Yevethan border reaches the border of the Core Sectors, getting dangerously close to Corellia.

The New Republic fleet apparently flees the galaxy leaving all of its worlds open to slaughter. Kashyyyk and Bothawui are destroyed by the Yevetha.

37 months ABE:

Most of the New Republic senate is killed during a bombing conducted on Calamari by a Yevethan Super Star Destroyer. New Republic president, Mon Mothma, is assassinated on her front lawn.

The main New Republic fleet is destroyed at Pulug by the Death Star in a last ditch defense.

Later it is revealed that Admiral Champignon, commanding officer of the New Republic fleet, had taken the fleet without approval of the New Republic Senate and was considered a renegade by those in the New Republic hierarchy.

39 months ABE:

The surviving ships of the New Republic fleet are captured by the Eclipse commanded by the Emperor himself.

The new acting president of the New Republic, Leia Organa, is assassinated during a speech on Calamari by an Imperial Intelligence operative rumored to be from the infamous Adjustments division.

Yevethan warships continue their push into surrounding space, pushing back the Imperial lines by parsecs.

40 months ABE:

The Dark Shard, which was originally built by the New Republic then handed over to the Empire by Admiral Dighter during his "defection" (which was no more than an attempt to escape execution) is stolen by unknown forces from the Sluis Van deepdocks.

Days later Imperial Warlord Ardus Kaine is publically executed by the Viceroy of the Duskhan League, Nil Spaar. The execution is recorded then played for the entire galaxy.

41 months ABE:

Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn resigns after the Imperial occupation force on Yaeger Prime is overthrown and the small Yaeger Imperium begins to reclaim much of the Yaeger Sector that was once theirs. Moff Alehdrin Rulduk, commander of the Imperial Yaeger Sector, demotes Grand Admiral Moudurn to the rank of Vice Admiral and reassigns him to the Imperial-IV Star Destroyer Death's Head for not responding to the Yaeger uprising fast enough.

Admiral Akura Bosh is transferred to the Third Fleet to take command in Moudurn's place.

42 months ABE:

Rogetii Juiss is elected the new Chief of State for the New Republic and the New Republic senate is refilled by new representatives, replacing those killed during the bombing of Calamari.

4 years ABE:

Emperor Ynehtam apparently begins suffering from some sort of severe mental condition and demands that all starships be painted pink. A few weeks later the Emperor flees the Empire in a pink TIE Defender and it is later revealed that it wasn't the real Emperor at all, but a clone that was made around the same time that Dr. Bob was first cloned. A massive search of the caverns beneath the Imperial Palace results in the rescue of the real Emperor Ynehtam who proves to be even more wickedly evil than remembered. A long search for the escaped clone Emperor fails and he is never seen again.

4-7 years ABE:

The galaxy trembled under the relentless assault of the Duskhan League. Hundreds of worlds were decimated, countless billions were massacred. With the Empire's destruction of the Yevethan homeworld, N'zoth, the main Duskhan League battle fleet massed together and jumped to the opposite side of the galaxy to launch a major offensive against a relatively undefended side of the Galactic Core. The Yevetha, unknowing that the territory they entered was controlled by the powerful Imperial Warlord Zsinj, engaged Zsinj's forces repeatedly over several months of conflict which finally resulted in the death of Warlord Zsinj and the defeat of the Duskhan League. Imperial commanders, taking advantage of the devastation sent military forces into Zsinj's territory, bringing entire sectors under Imperial rule and gathering the ravaged forces of Zsinj back into the Imperial military.

The New Republic, still recovering from the massacre at the Battle of Pulug quietly rebuilt their forces, making alliances with various worlds, and convincing the rich and powerful Hapes Consortium to rejoin them. In a brilliant and yet tragic move, Fleet Admiral Hiram Drayson, the Supreme Commander of the Republic Navy, took on the Death Star III (the completed Death Star Prototype) at nearly point blank range. Nearly all of the New Republic task force sent on the mission was destroyed. In a last ditched effort, Fleet Admiral Drayson ordered his MC80B star cruiser into hyperspace... directly into the superlaser focus lens of the Death Star. The impact was so great that it set off a massive chain reaction which ripped through the station leaving a large and charred framework, and killing all but 56,019 Imperials on board. Fleet Admiral Drayson, and all on board the MC80B Mon Remonda were lost.

In response to the destruction of the Death Star III, and small problems in their newly conquered territory, the Empire began a long campaign meant to strengthen their already massive military forces. Emperor Weji Ynehtam, tiring from long years of war, encouraged Tenebris Janus S`tarn, a prominent Dark Jedi, to rise to the rank of Dark Lord of Sith and to serve the Emperor above all others. Grand Admiral Geraad Kun, with the command of the Empire's most infamous warship, the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Devastator, brought down a tight grip upon the Core and Colonies, securing their safeties, and allowing them to prosper under the New Order. Fleet Admiral Thern Moudurn, at the command of the Second Imperial Fleet, put an end to centuries worth of terror, destruction and piracy brought on by the mighty Blood Lust pirates. High Admiral Akura Bosh deployed the Third Imperial Fleet along the borders between the Empire and the Republic, and putting a hault to the Republic advance, allowing Imperial forces time to gather for the final conflict.

Not long after the destruction of the Death Star III, a clone of Emperor Palpatine arose. Forcing Imperial Warlord Delvardus into submission, Palpatine took command of Delvardus' forces and launched an all out assault on Coruscant, capitol of the Empire. The battle ensued for days sending Imperial warship against Imperial warship. Countless millions died, and in the end, Coruscant fell to Palpatine. For several months, Palpatine's forces ruled over Coruscant and brought the Galactic Core into a civil war. After a long and involved civil war, Emperor Weji Ynehtam personally led the final assault on Coruscant, thousands of square kilometers of the planet were leveled in the bombardment, and Palpatine's clone was hunted down and killed. The Empire feebily brought the Galactic Core back under its rule, and began rebuilding from months of civil war.

Chapter 2 - The Empire in DLOS

Commander Pol Daelo, a rising young officer within the Imperial Navy was the "lucky" one that drew the short straw. It was he who had to deliver the bad news to the new emperor and given the choice he would rather deliver it to either Lord Vader or the late Emperor Palpatine because he knew how they would react, they'd most likely kill him on spot. But this new emperor had yet to set a reputation as the type to lash out at the innocent messenger who was unlucky enough to be given the task of delivering bad news. Not knowing how Emperor Ynehtam would react was more than frightening for the young commander as he stood outside of the door to the emperor's ready room.

He reached out a shaking hand to press the ringer on the door to announce his arrival just as the door slid open itself. Standing on the other side of the door was High Admiral Essen Balher, who definately had quite a reputation for venting his anger on anyone and everyone he saw fit. Commander Daelo promptly snapped to attention and exchanged a sharp salute with the admiral who blatantly ignored him and went about his business.

"Is there something that I may help you with, commander?" Emperor Ynehtam spoke with a confident firmness in his voice which gave those who were not familiar with him personally a sense that they were with someone of great power.

"Yes sir, I... we that is... just received reports from the Palvar Sector in the Mid Rim," Daelo was amazed that he was able to even stutter out that much. Hopefully the emperor wouldn't be up for a lengthy conversation about politics or anything else for that matter. Daelo swallowed and walked briskly toward the emperor, placed the datapad with the reports on the emperor's desk and snapped back to attention.

The emperor picked up the datapad and read through its belongings for several minutes, not dismissing Commander Daelo but not acknowledging his militaristic form in the room either. Upon finishing reading the report the emperor lightly and carefully replaced the datapad on his desk and looked up at Daelo, "Did you know the contents of this report, commander?"

"No sir," he didn't stutter at all that time, perhaps this won't be so bad after all.

"I see. And I also suspect that you do not realize that nearly seventy percent of all Imperial forces under Palpatine are not choosing to allign themselves with us even though we are the ones in control of Coruscant? No, of course not, such trivial information is not of your concern."

"I... well that is... I..."

"This report comes directly from loyal agents in the Palvar Sector, apparently Moff Jerr Uhlmann has chosen to join the ever popular group of rogue warlords instead of fighting with us for the good of the Empire. These power hungry moffs and grand admirals just might mean our final demise. You are dismissed, commander."

Daelo visibly relaxed realizing that the emperor wouldn't be taking out his anger upon him. In fact, the emperor didn't seem all that angry. He nodded and spun on his heel with a new found energy and took two steps toward the door before a roar of a blaster following instantly by an extremely painful and powerful force hitting his back through him onto his face. The smell of ozone and charred flesh filled the parts of his lungs that weren't vaporized as he gasped his final breaths.


After the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor the Empire was cast into a state of complete and utter disarry. Grand Admiral Weji Ynehtam commanding a battle group in the Outer Rim, left his command and sped back to Coruscant on board of his Executor-class super star destroyer  Devastator after hearing of the horrible news of the Alliance victory at Endor.

Upon arriving at Coruscant Grand Admiral Ynehtam was able to calm the general populace and reorganize what Imperial forces that still remained loyal. Ynehtam put out a call across the galaxy for the Empire to remain intact and strike back at the Alliance, who now called themselves the New Republic, and claim vengeance on their fallen Emperor. However, many high ranking Imperial admirals and moffs decided that they were better off running the Empire and thus, the Imperial warlords were born.

Ynehtam quickly learned that the Empire would need to regain strength quickly if they were to survive against the quickly growing New Republic. In the first few months after securing his power Ynehtam commanded an extensive hit and fade campaign against minor New Republic worlds to force them into spreading out their fleet in order to defend as many member worlds as possible and thus leaving their main fleet more vulnerable.

Even though these assaults were working to achieve their goal, many of the Imperial commanders under Ynehtam feared that the Republic would soon take Coruscant and there would be no way of stopping them and many fled from Ynehtam's command rather than face an almost certain death in battle of a life long imprisonment by the Republic. Nearly six months after the Battle of Endor, Imperial forces loyal to Coruscant had dramatically decreased, leaving Ynetham with only a mere seven Imperator-class star destroyers (ISDs), his flagship and several smaller capital ships.

In an attempt to raise morale among Imperial forces, Grand Admiral Ynehtam declared himself as the second Emperor to the mighty Galactic Empire and instituted several changes in the Empire's hierarchy, such as the forming of the soon-to-be infamous Imperial High Command (IHC).

The Empire and the New Republic engaged in a prolonged conflict for nearly four years before reaching a turning point. The then finished Death Star Prototype was unleashed upon the Republic, world after world surrendered to the Empire or was faced with certain destruction. The Republic Fleet fled to the rim where they gathered for a massive all or nothing assault on the Death Star, unfortunately for the Republic, the Death Star found them before they were ready to launch. The massacre that followed resulted in only a handful of Imperial casualties and minor damage to the Death Star and the elimination of over 90% of the Republic's naval forces. The New Republic began to crumble, only a cease-fire offered by Ynehtam kept the galaxy from falling back into a state of disarray as Ynehtam knew that he did not have the firepower to keep the galaxy under full Imperial rule yet.

Inside of the Imperial machine, locked from the eyes of the public, the Empire was a cesspool of constant debate and conflict as advisors, aides, admiral and generals all disputed amongst themselves. This is very typical of almost any government, especially one of such magnitude, but this extreme political conflict within the Empire often times threatened to destroy it.

When it appeared that drastic measures would have to be taken in order to preserve the Empire's floundering pride and power the emperor did something that shocked the entire galaxy. He married.

His new empress, Empress Red, was grudgingly accepted among the citizens of the Empire as well as the emperor's friends and servants. It was widely suspected across the galaxy that it was all nothing more than a vast farse in an attempt to sway the public's opinion of the Empire. After a few months of a seemingly normal marriage the Empress began to be finally accepted by the public and hated by those high up in the Imperial bureaucracy due to her arrogance and short-temperedness.

The emperor's mental health began to degrade, something which was kept a tight secret by his top advisors, and the Empress found herself enjoying new liberties as she constantly tested and expanded upon her political power.

When the emperor finally went clinically insane and fled from Coruscant just after ordering Dark Wing squadron, the most elite starfighter squadron in the Empire, to bomb Imperial Palace the Empress also dissapeared. It was soon revealed that the emperor was indeed not himself but a clone of himself which was created around the same time as Robert Lemelisk's clones were created. The real emperor had been kept in the ancient dungeons below the palace for nearly two years while his clone took his place.

The real emperor returned and was greatly enraged and consumed with the idea of vengeance. The Empire quickly altered almost all of the policies and laws set by the clone emperor (the existance of the clone is something which only a handful of individuals ever knew about) and the Imperial war machine was put back to full strength.

The Imperial High Command

The Imperial High Command was formed by Emperor Ynehtam to give his top commanders a better sense of control and power within the Empire by giving them no more than a fancy title and a little bit of say in how the Empire would be run.

The Imperial High Command had seats for each Imperial Fleet Commander (usually a High Admiral, sometimes higher or lower depending upon circumstances) which ranged from only two and up to five fleets at the height of the new Empire, a seat for the director of the Ubiqtorate (Imperial Intelligence), one for the supreme commander of the Imperial Army, one for a COMPNOR representative (this position was replaced often and was usually someone of high rank in the Imperial Security Bureau) as well as a single seat for the head of the Imperial Research and Development.

The Imperial High Command was mainly used as a political tool to further the power of the Emperor and rebuild the Empire. The IHC was generally only called to meeting in the most dire of emergencies (something that would warrant bringing each member from the far reaches of the Empire to the Emperor's flagship) or if the Emperor had something of which needed to be addressed.

The Imperial High Command wasn't without its own bit of drama. Several members were executed and/or tortured during the meetings as punishment for various acts of treason and other wrong droings. The first such incident was the execution of the Supreme Imperial Army Commander, a General Jayell ("JL") for attempting to organize a coup among the other members. The entire IHC was taken to the top of the Imperial Palace, where, as more of an example than punishment, General Jayell was thrown from the top of the palace to a very bloody death several kilometers below.

The Emperor privately encouraged rivalries among members as it promoted greater loyalty and efficiency among those officers competing for the Emperor's favoritism. It wasn't all that uncommon for the Emperor to privately call in each member of the IHC to privately tell them that they were his most favored officer.

The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy under Emperor Ynehtam was slightly different than the navy under Emperor Palpatine, mainly due to the lack of resources and starships to sufficiently protect and hold Imperial territory. The Navy's new mission profile was to protect and hold Imperial space while a specially designated attack fleet (whose combat ships were rotated with defense ships periodically) was deployed for both reinforcement and offensive actions.

During the first few years following the Battle of Endor the Imperial Navy saw several new commanders make names for themselves including Grand Admiral Thern Moudorn (who was later demoted for classified reasons and then assasinated by Republic SpecOps some seven years later), Grand Admiral Geraad Kun (not related to the ancient sithlord), Admiral Akura Bosh and even Rear Admiral Robert Lemelisk (see Imperial Research and Development).

Nearly 90% of the Empire's military budget was devoted to the construction and maintenance of capital combat starships. Under Emperor Ynehtam, the Imperial Navy introduced several new starship designs as well as further deploying both readily available and previously designed starships in an attempt to keep the New Republic from being able to design an effective counter weapon to any specific ship.

Approximately eight months following the Battle of Endor, Emperor Ynehtam located the construction site of a new class of command ship that Emperor Palpatine had began building several months before his death. This ship, the Eclipse, was the pinnacle of modern Imperial technology, combining technology developed with the older Executor-class super star destroyers and the superlaser technology in the Death Stars. Vast amounts of resources were diverted from other construction projects in order to complete the Eclipse as soon as possible. Two years later, the Eclipse left the stardocks and flew into history.

Other new starship designs included the Wraith, based off of an alternative design to the Eclipse, as well as several new cruiser and starfighter designs that were deployed in at least limited numbers to select commands.

Imperial Starfighter Organization

The Imperial Sourcebook didn't go into detail about Imperial starfighters, a Sienar Fleet Systems advertisement that displayed pictures of the TIE/ln, TIE/gt, TIE bomber, and TIE interceptor was as close as it came. Since the Imperial starfighters in the New Galactic Empire were organized the same way as in the old Empire, Imperial starfighter organization will be explained in detail here.

Imperial starfighters are fairly standardized in Imperial protocol and are organized into several subgroups and catagories. The standard TIE wing is composed of six squadrons which are each comprised of three flights of four TIE fighters each.

According to standard Imperial protocol, TIEs are not to be deployed in anything less than flight strength unless circumstances prevent this from happening. When the Empire had a handful of TIE Defenders, those Imperial commanders that had them at their disposal often deployed them in less than flight strength, stating that a single TIE Defender was equivalent to at least two or more TIE/ln. This, however, was the only real exception to the rule.

All starfighters, all starships for that matter, tend to be classified according to a specific role that they were designed for and/or succeed in performing. There are four main starfighter classifications that the Empire acknowledges as a requirement to further extend the fighting capacity of its numerous TIE fighters. These classifications are space superiority, interception, bomber/heavy assault fighter, and reconnaissance. In practice, a well commanded combination of craft from each catagory can prove to be a devastatingly effective weapon.

During a deployment of more than one squadron of Imperial starfighters there will typically be a Wing Commander that all squadron leaders will report to and who is a squadron leader himself (usually of the leader of the squadron with the more advanced fighters). Each squadron leader is of the rank Commander while his second in command (chosen by him) may either be a Second Lieutenant or a Commander himself. All other members of the squadron range in rank from Pilot to Lieutenant.

TIE Pilot Ranks Typical Position Equivalent Navy Rank
Wing Commander Wing Commander Captain
Commander Squadron Leader Commander
Second Lieutenant Squadron XO/Flight Leader Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Flight Leader Lieutenant
Flight Officer Pilot Ensign/Midshipman
Senior Pilot Pilot Chief Petty Officer
Pilot Pilot Petty Officer

It is important to also remember that there are several other people attached to an Imperial TIE squadron other than the pilots. Maintaining starfighters involves regular maintenance overhauls after every flight, especially after combat (because combat puts added stress on the craft). A squadron may have as few as one and up to as many as a few dozen technicianss that do nothing but keep the squadron's ships in fighting condition.

At the Empire's height, a standard TIE wing would consist of 50% standard line fighters (TIE/ln) while the other half was comprised of a variety of other starfighters with more specialized roles. By the time that Grand Admiral Thrawn began his campaign against the New Republic, the standard
TIE wing was altered greatly.

Standard Pre-Yavin TIE Wing:
48 TIE starfighters (or TIE/ln)
12 TIE/gt (or TIE bombers)
6 TIE/bc boarding craft
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters
Standard TIE Wing as of Endor:
36 TIE/ln
12 TIE interceptors
12 TIE bombers (or TIE/gt in lower priority commands)
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters (or TIE Vanguards*)
2 TIE/fc fire control starfighters
3 TIE/sr scouts
1 TIE/sh shuttle (or TIE/ts trainer/shuttle)
Standard Thrawn Era TIE Wing (Endor + 5 years):
24 TIE/ln
12 TIE interceptors (or A-9 Vigilance interceptors)
12 TIE avengers (or 12 more TIE interceptors)
12 Scimitar assault bombers (or TIE bombers)
6 TIE/rc recon starfighters (or TIE Vanguards*)
2 TIE/fc fire control starfighters
3 TIE/sr scouts
1 TIE/sh shuttle

* The TIE Vanguard is in fact a completely different design than the TIE/rc. The TIE/rc is a fighter variant for reconnaissance missions bearing a close resemblance to the TIE fighter; the TIE Vanguard is more of a dedicated reconnaissance craft.

Note that the above does not take into account some of the rarer and limited production model starfighters such as the highly advanced TIE Defender and the older failed TIE landing craft and TIE boarding craft, which were both variants of the TIE Bomber design.

There are other starships which should be considered starfighters by definition but are considered too powerful by Imperial Command to be considered starfighters as it would make their famed TIE fighters look inferior. The first of the vessels was the widely deployed Skipray Blastboat that was often assigned to patrol duty and sometimes found on board of a Star Destroyer. Shortly before the Battle of Yavin the Empire introduced its first Alpha-class Starwing Assault Gunboats which proved
only to be a weaker and more expensive version of the already proven Skipray. During the attempted coup by Admiral Zaarin, shortly after the Battle of Hoth, the Empire unleashed what was perhaps the most powerful starfighter ever created, the Missileboat. This craft proved wickedly effective, incorporating new technologies such as the SLAM overdrive engines and a starfighter scale tractor beam projector. However, the cost of the Missileboat was its final demise, only around eleven of the craft were ever constructed and five of those were destroyed in the final skirmishes against Zaarin's forces.

Imperial Research and Development

Under Emperor Ynehtam, Imperial Research and Development grew to be a very prominent aspect of the Imperial military in only a matter of months. The Emperor personally appointed Doctor Robert Lemelisk, son of the man who designed the Death Star, to the position of Director of Research and Development.

While reviewing some of the latest information reports coming from the slicer droids that were constantly extracting new information of the late Emperor, Ynehtam came across something most interesting, the location of the research station where the Death Star itself was designed. Ynehtam departed for the location on board of the Devastator. After a small incident, the Maw Cluster was under Imperial control and Admiral Daala and her four ISDs were to remain on staff to protect it.

Much of the Research and Development's labs and personnel were relocated to the Maw Cluster within a few months where a restoration and enhancement project (which would take years to complete) was begun on the Death Star Prototype which was unexpectedly found along with other new weapons of mass destruction.

Under the direction of Doctor Lemelisk, the Maw Cluster made several highly advanced and debatable technological advancements that included refined superlaser technology, the development of a super ion cannon (based off of the superlaser), the completion of the Death Star Prototype, the duplication of the New Republic's hyperwave torpedoes and a highly controversial wormhole project in which the good doctor was able to create the galaxy's first stable artificial wormhole. However, the wormhole project and all related material were lost when the new Death Star was destroyed during an all out assault by the battered Republic Navy.

Dr. Lemelisk often sent rather casual reports which were intended on updating other members of the Imperial High Command as to his progress on various projects which concerned them. One such report is as seen here:


Destination: Imperial High Command
Source: Desk of Rear Admiral Robert Xavier Lemelisk
Clearance Code: 9O-F61JM-PP9.6
Authorization Codes: BRN-2B-GA, IM2-GO0-D.4U
Subject: Imperial Research and Development - Project Updates

Members of the Imperial High Command:

Starting fresh this new year also meant forgetting some ideas that I had last year. The cloaks didn't work out due to some conflicting ideals among my staff. Some felt that there might actually be affects on those we used it on. Or that a ship might not reappear. What do they know? So for the sake of arguement, I have decided not to do that project.

On a brighter side, with a new year does come some newer ideas. This one I am about to explain, or try to, is a real whopper. Bear with me I might not get it right even after I give this to Emperor Ynehtam. The general concept is to eliminate all forms of hyperdrive and create a new method of space travel. This would require, I believe, some anti-matter technology. Why? might you ask. Well, the idea is to create an artificial 'wormhole' if you will. I realize that that is kind of the general concept behind hyperspace travel, but the theory I have behind this is if we create an anti-matter field of sorts, space travel would only be like walking into the next room. The hyperwave torpedo does this... sort of. I talked with the emperor a while back - I don't remember if it was his clone or not so don't ask which - about something like this. He, at the time, seemed enthusiastic. Whether his attitude or perspective has changed since then, we will find out. But to answer the question, what advantage will this have for our fleet and the such... space travel reduce down to a matter of minutes or even seconds depending on what we choose to put through the wormhole. I will delve further into this as time progresses.

Next item of business. That would most definetely have to be the Yevethans. It is a hot issue right now and I am not in the mood to stand back and watch you all have fun taking care of them. I was sent Yevethan corpses and I have not taken time to figure them out yet. That will be done in good time though. My suggestion to those involved in the Yevethan counterstrike, is to use infrared sensors and scan them to death. I am hearing evil things like them using holos. If that is the truth, we can get around this simply by using the equipment we have.

- Rear Admiral Robert Xavier Lemelisk, Imperial Research and Development



Little is known of the Imperial Army division known as the NRSFG. In fact, no one has ever determined just what the acronym stands for other than the Imperial High Command as well as those officers directly involved with it. All that is really known about it comes from a transmission from High Admiral Shuntly and Surface Marshall Territh to COMPNOR's Select Committee that was intercepted by Imperial Intelligence's Analysis Bureau and later declassified which reads as follows:


Destination: COMPNOR, Select Committee
Source: Desk of High Admiral Shuntly
Clearance Code: 7O-U49JM-PP9.3
Authorization Codes: BRN-2B-GA, IM2-GO0-D.4U
Subject: SAGroup Division Proposal

I propose a new SAGroup division which will serve as the basis for very high quality troops, which can be distributed throughout COMPNOR and thus be of great service to the Empire. The core of the division will be taken from the present Army division classified as the NRSFG. Surface Marshall Territh and I have discussed this and agreed upon the following:

- The current NRSFG recruitment standards shall be kept, and possibly two subgroups shall be incorporated, one for the current highly experienced members and the other for new recruits who need extensive training and actual missions under their belts.
- I, Shuntly, shall continue to act as the Head of the NRSFG, but a COMPNOR appointed official (if wanted) may share equal command of the unit.
- The current command structure in the NRSFG is compatable with COMPNOR regulations and requires only minor changes.
- The NRSFG shall have a renaming to go along with its new position.
Possible names are:
Imperial Retalliation Batallion (IRB)
Advanced Special Forces Division (ADSFOD)
Unique Imperial Line of Defense (UNILOD)
Imperial Loyalist Corps (ILC)
Elite Assault and Defence Corps (ELADEC)

We trust a response to arrive after proper consideration time has been given to this matter. We also hope that you approve of our goals to incorporate the best crack troops in the Empire into the ubiquitous COMPNOR organization.

- High Admiral Shuntly, CO Fifth Imperial Fleet
- Surface Marshall Territh, CO Imperial Planetary Forces


Chapter 3 - Key Imperial Officers

The good doctor couldn't help but worry slightly. Just why had the emperor gone to such lengths to bring him and his clones all to Coruscant? Were he and his identical counterparts in for some sort of punishment for some unseen reason or were they simply here to be praised for their tireless work in the name of the New Galactic Empire?

Dr. Robert Lemelisk, son of Bevel Lemelisk, stood faces his eight clones who he often took great pleasure in ordering about. While waiting for the emperor to arrive in his own throne room... just where he could be no one would know... and had ordered all of them to stand in a classic military formation. A squad of me, Lemelisk thought smirkingly.

The mighty doors to the cavernous throne room opened with an exceedingly thunderous rumble, mostly for effect to make visits to Imperial Palace be given a sense that they were indeed entering a place of power. Emperor Ynehtam, clad in his custom-made black uniform, based mostly upon those wore by the circle of Grand Admirals under Palpatine, entered the room flanked on either side by members of the infamous and mysterious Imperial Royal Guard. What is that in the emperor's hand? A blaster carbine? Yes yes... I recognize it... a BlasTech E14. Lemelisk was familiar with almost every weapon used by Imperial forces since he and his clone counterparts were often charged with the duty of researching ways to improve their efficiency. Why would he be carrying a blaster carbine?

The emperor approached the real Lemelisk with a cold and heartless look in his eyes, nothing new as he wasn't known as being a cheerfully pleasant man. "Bob," the emperor remarked, "are these all of your clones? Are any missing from our gathering here?" Ynehtam let the blaster carbine dangle at his side with his finger on the trigger.

"Well, why yes it is, sire. Now might I ask why we are honored with being brought to the palace?"

The emperor nodded and slowly walked around behind the squad of clone scientists who remained standing in their military formation, a few becoming clearly paranoid about the entire situation. "You train them well dear Bob, they so trustingly stand here in a four-by-two formation just like a squad or soldiers awaiting orders.

Before Lemelisk could decide how to respond the low roar of a blaster carbine echoed through the room followed by a dull thud... then another and another thud and so on. Lemelisk knew what'd he see even before he turned around. Spinning on his heel he saw the emperor casually blowing away the steam rising from the barrel of his blaster carbine and all eight of his clones laying sprawled out across the ground, only a few with something even coming close to resembling heads.

"Oh, and just in case I didn't tell you, I hate clones. Good day doctor."


In the DLOS storyline the Empire was blessed with constant and loyal player characters that helped to maintain the overall stability of the New Galactic Empire in such challenging times.

Emperor Weji Ynehtam

Emperor Ynehtam began his military career early in the days of the Empire and served on several starships ranging from modified Old Republic dreadnaughts to the most visible sign of the Empire's power, the Imperial Star Destroyer.

Ynehtam's first command was on board the Victory Star Destroyer Accumula, which was deployed to the Outer Rim under the direct command of High Admiral (Moff) Tote Baka in the Shezi Sector. After personally hunting down and completely eliminating a local band of pirates which had plagued the sector for many years, then Captain Ynehtam was promoted to the rank of Line Captain and given full command of the Imperial Star Destroyer Maelstrome. Years later Ynehtam finally reaches the rank of Grand Admiral and is given command of the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Devastator.

After the death of Emperor Palpatine at the Battle of Endor the Empire was cast into a state of complete and utter disarry. Grand Admiral Weji Ynehtam commanding a battle group in the Outer Rim, left his command and sped back to Coruscant on board of the Devastator after hearing of the horrible news of the Alliance victory at Endor.

Upon arriving at Coruscant Grand Admiral Ynehtam was able to calm the general populace and reorganize what Imperial forces that still remained loyal. Ynehtam put out a call across the galaxy for the Empire to remain intact and strike back at the Alliance, who now called themselves the New Republic, and claim vengeance on their fallen Emperor. However, many high ranking Imperial admirals and moffs decided that they were better off running the Empire and thus, the Imperial warlords were born. Ynehtam quickly learned that the Empire would need to regain strength quickly if they were to survive against the quickly growing New Republic.

While creating clones of himself to insure that he would always remain in power one way or another, Ynehtam made the mistake of interacting with one of his clones who later imprisoned him in the caverns below the Imperial Palace for nearly two years before the clone's true identity was discovered and Ynehtam was finally rescued by loyal Imperial forces.

Emperor Ynehtam, unlike the majority of the galaxy, was slightly force sensitive and was able to perfect some techniques during his imprisonment under the Imperial Palace. His powers were never great enough to even aspire to becoming as powerful as any of the Dark Lords of the Sith or even to be a pitifully weak Jedi Knight.

Name: Emperor Weji Nephets Ynehtam
Player: Ryan Matheny (
Type: Emperor of the New Galactic Empire
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 1.89 meters
Weight: 67 kilograms
Age: 61

Physical Description:
Weji is rarely seen out of his black Imperial uniform which was based off of his old white Grand Admiral's uniform. On occasion, he also wears a black cloak or cape to accent his already dark appearance. His hair is a dark, with streaks of grey here and there. There are fine lined-wrinkles on his brow. His eyes are blue, burning with an unseen electricity (not literally).

Weji demands total loyalty, any who do not give their best in their service to him often cease living. He is not one to give second chances unless he sees a personal gain in granting one. He keeps several hidden agendas and will rarely give a straight answer, instead leaving those under his rule in a state of confusion and wonder.

A Quote: "Those who dare defy my rule shall face their destiny."

Blaster: 4D+2
Blaster: heavy blaster pistols: 5D
Dodge: 4D
Bureaucracy: 6D
Bureaucracy: New Galactic Empire: 7D
Intimidation: 7D+1
Scholar: Jedi lore: 5D
Tactics: 6D
Tactics: fleets: 9D
Tactics: capital ships: 6D+1
Willpower: 7D
Command: Imperial Forces: 11D
Persuasion: Oration: 5D

Special Abilities:
Force Skills: Control: 2D, Sense: 2D, Alter: 2D
Control: Accelerate healing, concentration, control pain
Sense: Force sense, life detection, life sense, magnify senses, receptive telepathy
Alter: Injure/kill, telekenisis
Control & Alter: Inflict pain

Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 5
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points: 10

black Imperial Navy uniform, heavy blaster pistol (5D), vibroknife (STR+1D), encrypted comlink

Empress Red

Much mystery surrounds Empress Red. It is almost certain that Red was not her real name, however, there is no physical proof of this. She came into the center of the Imperial bureaucracy almost overnight by marrying then Emperor Weji Ynehtam.

Some say that Red was nothing more than a public relations move to boost the approval ratings of the Emperor. She kept a low profile with reguards to the public but was privately known as a terror by the Emperor's top advisors as she often times through her weight as Empress to get her way.

She mysteriously dissappeared after it was secretly revealed that the Emperor was not the Emperor at all, but a degrading clone. The clone fled and the real Emperor was located in ancient dungeons beneath Imperial Palace where he had been kept for several years (around the same time as Red's appearance). While the real Emperor never commented on it, all of his top advisors believe that Red was nothing more than a key piece in an ongoing conspiricy to destroy the Empire from the inside.

Name: Empress Red
Type: Empress of the New Galactic Empire
Species: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 1.68 meters
Age: 23

Physical Description:
The Empress was quite attractive in a very evil and devious way. Her dark eyes, skin and hair often times made her appear much more intimidating that perhaps she really was. She always wore the most extravegant clothing, the best the Empire could afford.

The Empress, publically, was a very quiet individual. However, those who knew her in person knew well enough to keep their distance and to watch what they said and did around her.

A Quote: "I don't think you want to make me mad."

Blaster: hold-out blasters: 3D+2
Dodge: 4D
Pick pocket: 6D
Running: 4D+2
Bureaucracy: 4D
Intimidation: 4D+2
Willpower: 8D
Con: 6D+1
Search: 7D
Sneak: 5D+1
Brawling: 3D

Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 6
Character Points: 15

vast array of clothing, hold-out blaster (3D+1), encrypted comlink

Grand Admiral Geraad Kun

Geraad Kun was born on Corellia, and later enrolled in the Empire after his parents were allegedly killed in a Rebel raid on an Imperial space station. He started as a gunboat pilot on the SSD Devastator, where he served under the then Grand Admiral Weji in the Marettan sector. He soon rose through the ranks until he was promoted to Vice Admiral, appointed Fleet Commander in the revived Empire led by Emperor Weji, and given command of the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer Devastator. After fighting numerous battles, he was promoted to Grand Admiral.

Character Name: Grand Admiral Geraad Kun
Type: Imperial Fleet Commander
Player: Pete Haas (
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 78 kilograms

Physical Description:
Geraad is about 6'0", and 170 pounds. He has neatly-trimmed dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. He has a slim, muscular build and has his repeater in a holster on his belt. His personalized vibroblade rests in a sheath on his leg and he sometimes carries a black duffel bag, holding his Louisville slugger. He normally wears his white Grand Admiral uniform, studded with medals.

Geraad has a very calm, friendly attitude and can take an occasional joke. In battle, he is very aggressive yet cautious. He always thinks things through before making any major decisions, and always appears to have an ace up his sleeve.

A Quote: "Quit bleedin' on my bat, sucka!"

Connection with Other Characters:
Geraad normally attempts to get along with people but can't stand tight-asses. He has a strong dislike for Yevethans.

To wipe out the Rebels, to someday have the largest collection of animal heads on his wall, etc.

Blaster: 4D+1
Blaster: blaster rifles: 5D
Dodge: 5D+1  
Melee Combat: 4D
Tactics:  6D
Tactics: fleets: 11D
Starship gunnery: 4D
Starfighter piloting: 5D
Command  6D
Command: Imperial forces: 10D

Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 5
Character Points: 20

Imperial Navy uniform, stormtrooper chestplate (+2D/+1D (torso)), BlasTech EE-6 blaster rifle (6D), BlasTech Persuader hold-out blaster (4D), vibroblade (STR+3D), slugger (STR+2D, shells 3D+2), datapad, comlink

Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn

Thern Moudurn first served with the New Republic as their Admiral, but he found their slow diplomatic ways a waste of time. They spent too much on voting and not enough on action. Moudurn then defected to the Empire and became the executive officer on the Imperial Star Destroyer Maelstrome. From there he was promoted to the rank of Commodore and given command of the Maelstrome. Through countless battles he received the rank of Admiral and was placed in charge of the Outer Rim Defense Fleet, with his command ship the Wraith. He finally recieved the rank of Grand Admiral after the transfer of Grand Admiral Geraad Kun to the position of Moff and governor of the Core Sectors.

Name: Grand Admiral Thern Moudurn
Player: "Xizor" (
Type: Imperial Grand Admiral
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 1.86 meters
Weight: 74 kilograms
Age: 40

Physical Description:
Xizor is about 1.86 meters tall, he weighs 165 lbs. He has dark brown hair and blue/green eyes. Xizor trusts only his closest friends and always carries a blaster at his side. He is always seen dressed in his white Grand Admiral's uniform and always has an escort of guards. He is a brilliant tactician and a cunning warrior and will become ruthless if necessisary. He is hated by many for his policy of no mercy. He spends most of his time on the Wraith contemplating strategies. He will not tolerate insubordinance, and will get the job done at whatever the cost. He is cautious and tries to never underestimate his opponent.

Very cunning and sarcastic. Very serious and doesn't joke around. Trusts only his closest friends and is extremely loyal to the Empire and to the Emperor. Will not tolerate insubordinance.

A Quote: "Enough fooling around, destroy them... we have more important things to deal with."  

Blaster: 4D
Dodge: 4D
Running: 4D
Alien species: 5D
Business: 5D
Intimidation: 6D
Planetary systems: 7D
Tactics: 8D
Tactics: starships 10D+2
Willpower: 5D+2
Communications: 4D
Sensors: 3D+2
Command: 7D
Command: Imperial Naval forces: 10D
Con: 6D
Investigation: 6D+2
Persuasion: 6D
Brawling: 3D
Stamina: 3D

Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 8

Imperial Navy uniform, Imperial blaster pistol (4D), comlink

High Admiral/General Shuntly

Shuntly was raised by a group of natives in the forest of Rishnak, learning valuable survival and ground combat skills. In his tribe he was considered a Googerfloo, a master warrior. He stayed with his tribe until he was 14, when he was captured by some men that would become the first members of the NRSFG. These men taught him the ways of the Empire, as well as more personal things. He promptly joined the Naval Academy, learning the ways of a naval officer. Unfortunately, he never seemed to have made the registration lists, and remained at the rank of Flight Officer for some time doing random missions for the Empire.

Finally, he was discovered and became an Ensign on the bridge of the ISD Maelstrome, serving under Thern Moudurn. He soon became a Lt. Commander and commanding officer of the VSD Dark Star. A few drinks and a bit later, Shuntly was the executive officer of the Devastator under Geraad Kun. Shuntly moved on to being the commanding officer of ISD Vengeance, which he lost in a futile ramming attempt on a Ssi-Ruuvi K'nass class cruiser (Big Ass) before being reassigned again to Thern Moudurn, this time as executive officer of the entire Outer Rim fleet. The rank of Commodore came with the job, and Shuntly worked on ideas and a ship design.

Then General Jayell proved to be a traitor, and was quickly executed. A new Imperial Planetary Forces leader was needed, and Shuntly having continued refining his ground combat skills immediately volunteered. Shuntly, at the age of 24, became a General and made the leap from Navy to Army. Equipped with skills in all areas of combat, Shuntly is considered a valuable asset to the Empire and continues planning for all areas of the Empire.

Name: High Admiral Shuntly
Player: Chuck Anderson (
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Type: Imperial High Admiral / ex-Imperial Army General
Height: 1.83 meters
Weight: 80 kilograms
Age: 31

Physical Description:
Shuntly is roughly 1.83 meters in height, averaging around 80 kilograms. He has dark brown hair and pale hazel eyes. He lived in the forest with his clan of humans before they were enlightened by the Empire. They worshipped the Squirrel, and somehow had the ability to become like the Squirrel, bettering themselves with its power. If you were to examine his left buttocks cheek, you would find a tatoo of the powerful rodent.

A Quote: "Bloody hell!"

Blaster: 7D+1
Blaster: blaster rifles: 9D
Blaster: blaster pistols: 7D+1
Blaster: belt blaster: 7D+1
Combat reflexes: 5D
Dodge: 7D
Melee combat: 5D
Melee combat: vibroblade: 5D
Intimidation: 5D (5D+2 with Perverseness)
Survival: forest: 4D
Survival: jungle: 4D
Tactics: squads: 5D
Tactics: capital ships: 4D
Command: 4D+1
Persuasion: 4D
Search: 3D (4D with Squirrel Magic)
Sense danger: 3D (4D with Squirrel Magic)
Sneak: 3D (4D with Squirrel Magic)
Brawling: 4D

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