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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Death's Head Battle Cruiser
Craft: Rakar Manufacturing's Death's Head Battle Cruiser
Type: Archaic heavy cruiser
Scale Capital
Length: 1,545m
Skill: Archaic starship piloting: Death's Head
Crew: 41,212, gunners: 220, skeleton: 14,420
Passengers: 4,000(troops)
Cargo: 1,240 tons
Consumables: 8 years
Hyperdrive: X30
Nav Computer: yes, very slow
Space: 1
Hull: 3D+1
Shields: 0D+2
Sensors: 10/0D; 20/0D+1; 30/0D+2; 1/1D+1
1 Double Heavy Beam Cannon
    fa: turret (can move 1 fire arc per round)
    crew: 28
    fire control: 1D
    space range:1-3/8/15
    Damage: 3D+2
8 Heavy Rail Guns
    fa: 2f, 3l, 3r
    crew: 6
    ammo: 10 each
    fire control: 0D
    space range: 1-2/6/12
    damage: 2D
20 80mm Slugthrower Cannons
    fa: 2f, 8l, 8r, 2a
    ammo: 20 salvos each
    scale: starfighter
    fire control: 1D
    space range: 1/3/5
    damage: 4D
8 Rocket Batteries
    fa: 2fl, 2fr, 2al, 2ar
    crew: 8
    ammo: 2 salvos each
    scale: starfighter
    fire control: 2D
    space range: 1/2/4
    blast radius: affects all ships in 1 unit(make separate attack rolls for each)
    damage: 5D+1
capsule: this was the most powerful battle cruiser in Xim the despot's fleet. Capable of carrying 3 squadrons of fighters, and using a massive double cannon capable of annihilating virtually any ship which could be sent against it, these massive cruisers were feared throughout the galaxy. In appearance these cruisers are fairly box-like, with many ugly protrusions and a raised sensor tower on the "underside". The main beam cannon was in a turret on the top, which is reminicent of gun turrets used in sea-going battleships. There is a maw-like opening in the bow of the vessel, through which fighters are launched. Almost all of the interior space in these vessels is taken up by the massive engines and powerplants which drive the monstrosities. No expense was spared in the construction of these ships, and much of the cramped interiors of Death's Head cruisers are tooled with crystals, gold, and other precious metals, making these ships priceless.
Virtually no Death's Head Battle Cruisers survived the final battles of Xim the Despot's reign, and those who did didn't last much longer. There is only one known specimen of this class of vessel still in existence, and this has been transformed into a casino in orbit around the red supergiant Draxin's star in the inner rim. There is a story that after Xim's death one of his leutenants escaped into unknown space with a full combat squadron of fourteen of these ships and their escorts, although this has never been confirmed.

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