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Section of Site: Starships D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: CapitalEra: ImperialCanon: No

Homebase-class Scout Station
Craft: Republic Sienar Homebase-class Scout Station
Type: semi-mobile scout supply station
Scale: capital
Length: 165m
Crew: 106, gunners:10
Passengers: 234
Cargo capacity: 25,000 tons
Consumables: 6 years
Hyperdrive: X10
Backup X30
Nav Comp: yes (extremely advanced and fast)
Manueverability: 0D
Space: 1
Hull: 3D
Shields: 1D
Sensors: 150/1D; 300/2D; 600/3D; 20/5D+2
        2 Turbolaser Turrets
           fa: turret
           fc: 3D
           space range: 3-15/35/75
           damage: 3D
        2 Tractor Beam Projectors
           fa: turret
           crew: 3
           fc: 1D
           space range: 1-5/15/30
           damage: 3D
capsule: The Homebase scout station was introduced some decades before the Clone Wars, but is based on a design dating back to the height of Old Republic expansion and exploration. The idea was to give scouts an advance resupply base to extend their range farther beyond known space. To this end the Homebase was equipped with a hyperdrive to allow it to continue to move forward as the frontier moved. The nav computers of the Homebase were marvels in their day, being able to calculate jumps extremely quickly and accurately. Even today the massive computers are above average, adding +4 to the astrogation rolls of anyone using them to calculate a jump. This meant that scouts departing from the homebase station wouldn't have to calculate their own jumps, but could instead rely on the safer calculations made by the Homebase. The Homebase was equipped with an advanced sensor suite. The idea behind this was that if an incoming scout had made a slight miscalculation, and required assistance, the Homebase would have a reasonable chance of being able to detect this fact, and could send out a shuttle of some sort to aid the srtiken scout. In its intended use this sensor suite was the most underused of the Homebase's features. The Homebase featured only one small interior hangar bay, intended for use in repairing badly damaged scout ships, but had small exterior docking pylons which could allow up to 10 small vessels to dock (anything roughly 50m long and smaller), as well as one larger docking pylon intended for use by the occasional corvette or bulk freighter which would resupply the station itself.
    The Homebase design always had a limited production run, but was in fairly high demand. Although the primary customer for the Homebase was the Old Republic Scout Service, some were purchased by independant scout services, and even by organisations which had nothing to do with scouting. With the culling of the scout service after the Empire arose the Homebase was put out of production. Most of the Homebases formerly used by the scout service were pressed into Imperial Naval service. In this function they would be placed mostly in out of the way systems, where they could service light patrol ships, and where their powerful sensor suites could be used to detect any incoming traffic before the patrol ships would notice it. The Homebases have served quite well in this function, and were briefly quite in vogue, as every Moff wanted a few Homebases to increase the effectiveness of his customs and patrol forces. In Conheav sector, the Lechar, Pecsus, Conheav, and Kalpol systems are all protected by Homebase stations. It should be noted that this is an unusually high concentration of Homebases to be found in a single sector. It is suspected that at least one pirate group has made use of a Homebase station in the past to resupply its vessels, and serve as a command and recreation facility, capitalizing on the fact that the space station can jump from system to system when necessary.

Comments made about this Article!

09/Jan/2011 09:13:46 Posted by crunkthecaveman {}

There's supposed to be a pic, what happened to it?

10/Jan/2011 04:26:03 Posted by Anonymous {}

HellStormer1: "I' looking at it currently with my mobile. Looking at the layout and text spacing/positioning, it looks like a pic should still be there. With the touch screen, I tried saving the pic in the space. It worked, and the pic that's supposed to be there saved to my phone. Not sure why it's doing that.

11/Jan/2011 10:50:06 Posted by Freddy {}

Mail me the pic, and I'll have a look.

12/Jan/2011 04:32:27 Posted by Anonymous {}

Google took it!


17/Jan/2011 16:23:17 Posted by Freddy {}

Converted it to a JPEG, for some reason web-browsers didn't like the version of GIF it was in (and the reason it was showing in Google was they were converting it to a smaller image to show as a thumbnail).
But it's there now.

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