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Racing Armor
Model: Mobquet Racer-9 Safety Armor
Type: physical impact absorbing racing armor
Cost: 1,500 cr
Availability: 2
Protection: +3D vs. physical impact (ie. falling etc), +1D vs. other physical (ie. vibroblades, bullets etc.), +1 vs. energy, -1D to dexterity
Capsule: This full body suit is manufactured specifically for operators of swoops and speeder bikes in order to protect them from crashes. The armor is made of a lightweight material which transfers the shock of impact throughout the suit. While protecting very well against impacts, this armor is less effective against other physical attacks, and is almost useless against energy weapons. Breather units may be installed in the sleek helmets of these suits to allow the wearer to breath freely in the dust which is often raised by high-speed repulsorcraft (treat as breathmask, initial cost 100cr, replacement filters 45cr).

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