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Section of Site: Weapons D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENTSEra: ImperialCanon: No

Heavy Particle Beam Cannon
Model: Lobic Arms Heavy PBC mk2.2
Scale: capital
Crew: 2
Space range: 2-6/24/50
Atmosphere range: 200-600/2.4/5km
ROF: 1/2
Fire Control: 2D
Damage: 12D+1
Capsule: Lobic Arms has designed an extremely powerful particle beam cannon in the mk2.2, but it does have some flaws. The primary flaw is the high amount of power required to fire the gun. This results in a low rate of fire, both because the weapon's capacitors require more time to recharge than those of a turbolaser, and because if the weapon was fired too frequently the shear amount of power flowing through it would melt the barrel. To accelerate the charged particles to velocities where they can cause significant amounts of damage is not a simple task, and the barrel of this weapon is fairly large, not just long, but extremely thick, as it contains advanced accelerators all along its length. This weapon is very high maintenance, and many of the systems along the barrel must be replaced every 500 shots. Another flaw is the relatively short range of the cannon. The stream of particles tends to break up fairly quickly, especially in an atmosphere where there is much interference from the molecules in the air. Despite these flaws, the mk2.2 is one of the heaviest ship-mounted energy weapons currently manufactured, and though the production run is small, indeed it is small enough that Lobic Arms doesn't subcontract the mk2.2, the weapon is in fairly high demand for a gun of its class.

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