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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Moff Lesbeat
Type: corrupt Imperial Moff
Height: 1.7m
Age: 49
Physical Description: Moff Lesbeat is a dark, somewhat gangley man in his late forties who almost always looks like he's displeased with something. When he wants to be, Lesbeat can be quite an intimidating figure.
Background: Lesbeat was born into an influential family on Coruscant, and grew up surrounded by luxury. Lesbeat decided that he wanted to have this luxury for the rest of his life at an early age, but he always wanted something more as well. Lesbeat soon realized that what he truly desired out of life was to have power over other people. He used his above average intelligence combined with his family's position, and every underhanded trick he could come up with to gain political power as a young man. It wasn't long before the Empire rewarded him for his efforts by first making him the planetary governor of Conheav Prime, and then promoting him to Moff of the Conheav sector. In Conheav, Lesbeat left most of the day to day affairs of running a sector to his underlings, and concentrated instead on forming a web of personal power through numerous influential contacts, including the Nestor crime syndicate, and the Lobic Arms corporation, to name just two. Because of contacts such as these, Lesbeat wields more power than the average Imperial Moff, and is a shadowy force to be reckoned with.
Objectives: To become even more powerful
A quote: Yes, I suppose I could do as you ask, but what would I get in return?
Blaster 4D+2, Dodge 6D, Running 3D+1
Alien Species 7D, Bureaucracy 9D+1, Business 5D+2, Intimidation 6D, Law Enforcement 5D, Streetwise 8D+2, Value 6D, Willpower 6D+1
Repulsorlift operation 3D+1
Bargain 8D+1, Command 9D, Command: Imperial Troops 10D+1, Con 8D+1, Gambling 5D+1, Investigation 6D,
Persuasion 11D
Computer Programming/Repair 4D
Move: 10
Force Points: 3
Character Points: 27
Dark Side Points: 4

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