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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Kian Kevor
Era: 10 years after the Battle of Endor during the Dark Empire period.
Type: Vengeful Bounty Hunter
Name: Dr. Kian Kevor
Species: Meris
Sex: Male
Age: 47
Height: 2.2 meters
Weight: 120 kilograms
Physical Description: Kian is very tall and rather well muscled even for his height He has deep blue skin that is smooth and unblemished and only showing a few of the inevitable ravages of age. He looks more like a Meris of 27 than one of 47. His most noticeable feature are his large and startling luminous jade green eyes
which seem to stare through people like twin lightsaber blades. He can project a compassionate or intimidating presence with equal ease.
Background: 25 years ago Kian Kevor was a likable, enthusiastic young Meris fresh out of med school and ready to start a private practice offworld on Elrood. His family decided to throw him a going away party and invited most of their relatives to attend. Since many of his relatives had never been to the capital city of Merisee where he lived before, he and his family took the time to show them around the city. While at one of the more popular shopping malls several members of the then-budding rebellion were chased by stormtroopers through the crowded walkways and ran through a bustling food court where Kian and his family had stopped to eat. The stormtroopers opened fire at the fleeing rebels cutting down dozens of bystanders including Kian's entire family. His mother, father, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, pregnant wife, 3 children, and 27 relatives died in the ensuing carnage. He himself was badly injured by the stormtroopers who had been issued Riot Guns, weapons normally used only by the Security Police of the Corporate Sector Authority. These brutal weapons blasted into the crowd shredding the shoppers in their path. Ironically, the rebels got away. 63 others, not including Kian's family, did not. A significant part of Kian Kevor died that day. He lives now only for the complete destruction of the Empire. To this end after being released from the hospital Kian disappeared for the next 15 years. In that time he sought out
the most deadly organizations in the galaxy for training in the arts of murder and assassination. He studied with Malkite Poisoners and Tunroth Hunters. He
learned from Gand Findsman and the women-warriors of the Mistryl Shadow Guard. He obtained training from a rogue group of Nova Guards from Ailon and from the Loag Assassins of his own homeworld on Merisee. In every case he excelled at his studies to a degree which frightened his trainers. When Kian reemerged onto the galactic scene his long-deceased mother would not have recognized him had she seen him. Although he did not look significantly different physically, anything resembling compassion or mercy had been burned from his soul. He had voluntarily allowed himself to be remolded from a caring and gifted doctor into a sentient weapon. At that point he began his private crusade against all things Imperial and has to date murdered 23 Sector Moffs, 6 Grand Moffs,
dozens of Imperial Navy officers of Captain rank and higher, and literally thousands of lesser officials and operatives of the Empire. Kian vowed to himself 25 years ago from the confines of a hospital bed to murder the Empire just as completely and totally as it murdered his family. He has a long way to go. His rage is such that he finds the enormity of his task a gift from the Gods. He knows he will likely be killing Imperials until the day he dies and this gives his cold heart something akin to warmth.

Attributes and Skills:
Blaster: 9D+1, Martial Arts Parry: 8D+2, Dodge: 10D, Grenade: 9D+1, Melee Combat: 9D, Melee Parry: 8D, Missile Weapons: 9D, Pick Pockets: 8D+2, Running: 10D, Thrown Weapons: 8D
Alien Species: 5D, Cultures: 4D+2, Intimidation: 7D+2, Planetary Systems: 5D+1, Streetwise: 6D, Survival: 6D, Willpower: 11D+1
Astrogation: 7D, Communications: 4D+1, Repulsorlift Operations: 6D, Sensors: 5D+2, Space Transports: 6D+1, Starship Gunnery: 6D, Starship Shields: 6D, Swoop Operations: 5D+1
Command: 6D+1, Con: 7D, Hide: 7D, Persuasion: 8D, Search: 6D+2, Sneak 8D+2
Martial Arts: 9D+1, Climb/Jump: 5D+2, Stamina: 10D+2, Swimming: 6D+1
Armor Repair: 5D+2, Blaster Repair: 5D+1, Computer Programming/Repair: 6D, Demolitions: 7D+2, First Aid: 8D+2, Medicine (A): 10D+2, Security: 6D, Space Transport Repair: 5D+1

Personality: Cold and emotionless unless it would aid his current mission to be some other way. He only shows true emotions when killing Imperials and even
then it is only a grim satisfaction.
Quote: "May your gods have mercy upon you, for I have none."
Special Abilities: +2D to his Medicine skill (NOT included in stats), May advance the Medicine skill at half cost, +2D to the Sneak skill (NOT included in stats)
Equipment: Large arsenal of various deadly weapons (Doesn't stick with any particular weapon to avoid being tagged by investigators), Malkite Poisoner's Kit, Extensive collection of medical equipment of all varieties, the Kian's Crusader, 150,000 credits in ready cash and 2.5 million credits in various bank accounts across the galaxy.

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