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Section of Site: Characters D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Non-Player CharacterEra: ImperialCanon: No

Type: Adarian Shipping Magnate
Height: 1.5m
Age: 51
Physical Description: Montolio is a little short for an Adarian, with pure black eyes and a more pronounced hole through his elonagated skull than is typical. His skin is tan, with some yellow mottling around the neck. Montolio usually dresses in expensive robes which always seem to have pockets for him to keep his ever-present datapads in.
Background: Montolio, like all Adarians, was born into his position in life. This in no way means that he lacks the skills necessary to run one of the largest shipping concerns active in the Conheav sector, however. In fact Montolio is quite good at what he does, and he has a good head for the intricacies of the shipping business. Montolio is considered to be a little flamboyant by his Adarian peers, but he still operates entirely within the rigid Adarian caste structure. His real name is Car'canna'ta, but he chose to formally change his name to Montolio as he thought that the name would be more memorable to the humans whom he would be constantly dealing with. Montolio understands humans better than most Adarians (this is perhaps one of the reasons why he is considered to be flamboyant) and he quickly realised that the best way for the Adarians to compete in shipping within the Conheav sector and the surrounding areas would be to give the company instant name recognition within the sector. Because of Montolio's concerns the local chapter of Adarian shipping is now known as AdarFreight Incorporated. A massive advertising campaign realized Montolio's goals, and when people in Conheav think of shipping, the first name that comes to mind is normally AdarFreight. Recently Montolio has negotiated a deal with Moff Lesbeat to handle 75% of all Imperial shipping within the sector. For more details on this deal see the section on AdarFreight. Montolio is married to an Adarian of the same caste, but he only sees her when he returns to Adari twice each year. Over the years Montolio has come to hate his wife with a passion, and he is always in a foul mood for a week or so before and after each journey to Adari.
Objectives: To increase the wealth of the Adarian people. To prove to his peers that his methods are viable.
A quote: I've been going over the profit margins on last year's Konbalar runs, and I think that there is room for expansion in that particular area. Let me explain how I see this expansion proceeding...
DEX 2D+1
blaster: sporting blaster 3D
bureaucracy: sceel'sara (see Galaxy Guide 12) 6D+1, bureaucracy: Conheav Sector 7D+2, business 7D+1, business: shipping 9D, languages 4D, planetary systems 6D, value 7D
astrogation 3D+2, communications 4D, repulsorlift operation 3D, space transports 4D+2
PER 3D+2
bargain 7D+2, command: AdarFreight employees 5D+2, con 4D+1, persuasion 7D+1
swimming 2D+2
computer programming/repair 5D, droid programming 4D+1 space transports repair 6D+1
Move: 10
Force Points: 1
Character Points: 11
Special Abilities: Adarian Long Call: time to use: 2 rounds, uses subsonic sound waves to cause 3D stun damage to all within 5 meters, other than Adarians, can only be safely used 3 times per day.
Languages: suffers -1D penalty to languages skill rolls for languages requiring precise pronunciation (like basic), doesn't apply to tonal languages (like Wookiee)
Search: gains +2D bonus to search when relying upon sound.

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