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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Mondia Sector

Overview: The Mondia sector is currently an area of contested space. The inhabitants of the sector don't tend to call it the Mondia sector at all, since that would imply some sort of unity. Most of the worlds in this area of space are independant planets which have declared themselves to be neutral in the civil war between the Empire and the New Republic. These worlds do not often support one another, and many small wars have broken out between different independant worlds. The only reason why these worlds are able to remain neutral is because the New Republic has no desire to conquer worlds, and the closest Imperial forces, those of Moff Lesbeat in the adjacent Conheav sector, will not conquer a planet without a politically attractive reason. In other words Lesbeat's Imperials will only conquer a world if, in the process of doing so, they can be made to look as if they are acting in the best interests of the populace of said world. Lesbeat knows how important public relations are to his regime, and he will not risk losing the support of his citizens unless the potential rewards are extremely high. None of this stops the sector from being a nearly constant battle ground between New Republic and Imperial forces however. As long as their own ships aren't bothered most of the local governments refuse to get involved in this fighting one way or the other, and tend to completely ignore it. In fact salvage from these battles has become a significant part of the local economy, and many of the poorer worlds positively welcome these battles in their space.
    There is an area of space in the sector which is not controlled by local planetary governments, however. This is the domain of the self-styled Tyrant Jeorn. Jeorn is a former Imperial officer who turned pirate with the fall of the Empire, and somehow managed to sieze the Manron, Xet, Lume, and Sario systems. After only a few months Sario managed to break free from Jeorn's forces, but the Tyrant remains firmly in control of the other systems he captured, especially his capital Xet. Life under Jeorn's rule is harsh indeed, since he and his forces are little more than bloodthirsty pirates. Jeorn's forces wage a perpetual war of lightning raids against most of the planets in the area, but especially against the Sario system. Every now and then several of the independant worlds will band together for a reprisal into Jeorn's territory, but the tyrant continues to grow more powerful. Jeorn's forces will brook no Imperial or New Republic interference, and attack such vessels whenever they are encountered.
    The Mondia sector has never been as wealthy as the nearby Conheav sector, since most of the planets never fully made the transition from resource-based economies to more sustainable industries. There are a few exceptions to this (most notably Paladrode and Sloot), but in general most of the worlds in the sector are fairly poor. Most of the sector was settled several thousand years ago by corporations only interested in extracting a profit from these new worlds. The sector is riddled with abandoned mining worlds, most of which have no current inhabitants whatsoever. Perhaps as many as 60 or 70 of these scattered worlds support small populations who eke out a meager existance. These backwater settlements have very little contact with the rest of the galaxy, having little to offer traders. Typically one of these worlds will be visited by 1-2 tramp freighter captains every year, although some do not see outside contact for decades at a time. None of these worlds are detailed on the map, but the GM can have these planets turn up anywhere it is convenient.

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