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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Credippe System

System Datafile:
System: Credippe
Star: Dieppe (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name            Type                        Moons
Peopa             hot terrestrial            1
Credippe         temperate terrestrial  2
Jonela             barren terrestrial       0
Little Dieppe   gas giant                   5

Capsule: The Credippe system (named after the only inhabited planet in the system) was once the home to heavy mining operations on the planet Jonela, as well as the moons of Little Dieppe, but today the only planet in the system which sees any activity is Credippe.

Type: temperate terrestrial
Temperature: temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: moist
Gravity: standard
Terrain: plains, forests, mountains
Length of day: 27 standard hours
Length of year: 309 local days
Sapient species: Humans
Starport: standard
Population: 280 million
Planet function: economic colony
Government: Democracy
Tech level: space
Major exports: raw materials
Major Imports: high tech, manufactured goods
Capsule: Credippe is an independent world in the neutral territory between the Imperial-held Conheav sector and New Republic space, in the former Mondia sector. Credippe can only loosely be considered to be neutral however. Credippe is a resource-based planet which produces unrefined ores, bulk lumber, and foodstuffs, along with smaller quantities of other raw materials. Credippe has strong trade ties with Conheav sector, and is a prime market for many of the manufactured goods coming out of Conheav sector. The ties with Conheav sector run much deeper than this however. After the battle of Endor the Imperial forces protecting Credippe withdrew to defend the core worlds. Credippe was defenseless, and the subject of repeated daring 'dirtside' pirate raids (many of which were perpetrated by the Black Fangs). Credippe tried desperately to build up a system defense force, as did many other systems in the area, and managed only to obtain 2 outdated corvettes. These small ships discouraged many of the smaller pirate groups, and ceased the ground raids, but shipping in the system was still subject to intermittent raids by some of the better-equipped pirate groups. After almost 2 years of this, during which time the elected government (which had declared its independence as soon as the Imperial forces departed) watched as trade steadily declined, a decision was made to negotiate for protection with Moff Lesbeat of the Conheav sector. Under the agreement which was eventually reached Imperial forces from Conheav sector now patrol the space around Credippe, and Imperial Army units are used on the ground to supplement police and militia forces where necessary. In return Moff Lesbeat has gained an extremely friendly port where he has been allowed to construct an advance military base from which defensive and offensive missions can be launched against the New Republic. Also Moff Lesbeat receives a 1% tax on all imports and exports going through Credippe, and extremely favorable trade agreements.
    In fact Credippe is controlled by Lesbeat's forces in all but name, and there is a strong political movement on the planet that advocates officially joining Conheav sector. Interestingly enough this political movement has been covertly opposed by agents of Moff Lesbeat himself. It seems that Lesbeat finds it politically useful to be seen as a protector for a small beleaguered planet, and the Moff feels that he would be seen as an aggressive expansionist if he were to openly take the reigns of power. In fact when Lesbeat initially saw the situation at Credippe in the days when the planet was subjected to nearly constant pirate raids, he actively encouraged the Black Fangs to raid the world, hoping that Credippe would be forced to turn to him for help. Lesbeat's plan has worked out exactly as he had hoped.

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