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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Noinu System

System Datafile:
System: Noinu
Star: Nuniarin (blue)
Orbital Bodies:
Name        Type                        Moons
Bledou       scorched rock            0
Tudch        scorched rock            1
Garvine      barren rock                1
Resih         barren rock                2
Noinu         temperate terrestrial   1
Tatopo       cool rock                    3

Capsule: There was very little to immediately recommend the Noinu system to Old Republic scouts. Noinu, the only planet in the system with any type of atmosphere at all, was far enough away from the hot star to have a mild climate, but this was tempered by the fact that the atmosphere wasn't within acceptable parameters for human habitation. None of the other planets had any particular appeal. All could be mined, but the profit margins for such operations would only barely be enough to keep the operations in buisiness. The only planet with exceptional resources in the way of heavy metals was Bledou. Bledou was far too close to Nuniarin for any mining to take place, indeed the face of the planet which faces the star (Bledou has a day side and a night side) is molten. Despite this it was discovered that Noinu had rich deposits of Glincine crystal, and so the system was settled. Eventually marginally profitable mines were set up on Garvine, Resih, and Tatopo.

Type: Temperate terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type II (breath mask suggested)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: standard
Terrain: Ocean, jungle, mountains
Length of day: 31 standard hours
Length of year: 621 local days
Sapient Species: Noinuinians (near-humans, N), Humans
Starport: Imperial-class
Population: 240 million (Noinuinians), 10,000 (Humans)
Planet Function: Natural resources, manufacturing
Government: Imperial
Tech Level: space
Major Exports: Glincine crystal, mid-tech
Major Imports: High-tech, metals (from Garvine, Resih, and Tatopo, see above)
Capsule: Noinu was settled for one reason and one reason only: it has vast deposits of Glincine crystals. Glincine crystals are used to focus beams in many precision instruments, including finely-tuned turbolasers such as those found on Imperial Star Destroyers. Because of this, even a small Glincine crystal is very valuable and, despite the less than ideal atmosphere of Noinu, colonization of the planet was considered more than worthwhile. Regular humans can breath the atmosphere of Noinu for a few hours with no ill effects, but after 3 hours the character will need to make an easy stamina check. Every hour the difficulty of the stamina check will go up one level. When the character fails the check, reduce his strength and dexterity by 1D each. The next hour the character must make another stamina check, at the easy level of difficulty, and the same procedure is followed. If a character's dexterity is brought to 0D he is completely incapacitated. If his strength is brought to 0D he is killed. These effects can be countered through the use of a breath mask, and a character who stops breathing the atmosphere before he is killed will eventually recover naturally, taking a week per stamina check that was originally failed. With the proper medical attention, this can be reduced to a day per check failed. Because of this ultimately poisonous atmosphere, the original colonists had their DNA modified to make them capable of breathing on Noinu without difficulty. These near humans are known as Noinuinians.
    The predominant terrain on Noinu is jungle, hot and steamy near the equator, and moderately cool and damp elsewhere. Deposits of Glincine crystal can be found all over the planet fairly close to the surface, and a significant portion of the native population is employed in scouting out the jungles and mountains for the richest deposits of crystals.Due to their unusual nature, Glincine crystals can only be detected at very short ranges, nothing in excess of about 200m using the most advanced of sensors. Because of this, many scouts prefer to use inexpensive, and fairly slow, survey airships to fly low over the thick jungle and detect the crystals. Once the general area of a deposit is found in this manner, the scout will descend to the jungle floor for a more detailed survey. The trade in Glincine crystals has made Noinu fairly rich, and the Noinuinians have encouraged industry on the planet to the point where Noinu has become a moderately important exporter of mid-tech manufactured goods, mainly constructed from ores that are mined on the other planets in the system.
    The vast majority of settlements on Noinu are built for Noinuinians, and spring up around particularly large crystal mines. There are, however, large domed complexes around the planet's two major spaceports which maintain a type I atmosphere. This is for the benefit of the offworlders who ship Glincine to the manufacturers who make use of it. These starports are strictly regulated, with very thourough customs checks for all outgoing vessels. The customs officials don't much care what people may be bringing to Noinu, but they make sure that nobody without a liscence takes any Glincine crystals offworld. Such liscences are virtually impossible for an independant operator to legally obtain, and any tramp freighter captain claiming to have such documentation is presumed to be lying untill proven otherwise. In other words it is very difficult to fool a customs official with a forgery for this liscence since they assume from the outset that the liscence is invalid. Corporate-owned Corellian Corvettes with fighter escorts are the most common transports used to ship Glincine crystal due to their ability to put up a significant fight should anyone attempt to hijack the shipment. When all is said and done, the starports are very clean, well maintained and pleasant environments. There is a small, but steady tourism industry around these ports, Ertrob and Danjor, largely due to the fact that Noinuinians have a reputation as being exotically beautiful. Because this is the main reason why tourists would come to the planet, virtually every bar, restaurant, hotel and nightclub in the spaceports is the home of many trained native dancers selected for their beauty and grace. Some of these establishments are classy, some push the boundaries of good taste, and some push the boundaries of legality. The spaceports are also the major centres of commerce on the planet, and thousands of shops and buisinesses of all types can be found within the massive environment domes, most of which are owned and operated by Noinuinians.

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