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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Pecsus System

System Datafile:
System: Pecsus
Star: Pecsus (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name                Type                    Moons
Gor Vandar        warm terrestrial     1
Thon Kredar       barren terrestrial    0
Jein Bonnar        gas giant                11
Gaym Vagar       ice ball                  0

Capsule: The Pecsus system is one of the 3 members of the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy. Historically this system is important because it was the site of the Paq Nalthiin's war with the Serp. The system is on one of the two major hyperspace routes into the Conheav sector, but other than a few passenger liners and a very small number of freighters, most ships passing into the sector don't bother to make planetfall. This is largely because of the bias that Paq Nalthiin have towards relying on themselves rather than outside sources. Compared to most developed planets on major hyperspace routes, there are few trading opportunities on Gor Vandar, the only inhabited planet in the system. Limited mining operations exist on Thon Kredar, and on 3 of the moons of Jein Bonnar. Gaym Vagar is a large comet that has been trapped into a stable planetary orbit, and it is commercially useless. The 8th moon of Jein Bonnar is shunned by Paq Nalthiin. This moon was used by the Serp as their base of operations after they first invaded the system. When they were finally defeated, the moon was bombarded from orbit. When the Paq Nalthiin descended to the planet to ensure that no Serp remained alive, they encountered countless booby traps, but no living Serp. The moon has been quaranteened for fear of any remaining traps, even after all these years.

Gor Vandar
Type: warm terrestrial
Temperature: hot
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: dry
Gravity: standard
Terrain: hills
Length of day: 31 standard hours
Length of year: 224 local days
Sapient species: Paq Nalthiin
Starport: standard
Population: 4.5 billion
Planet function: vacation spot, colony
Government: Confederacy
Tech level: space
Major exports: mid tech, raw materials
Major Imports: manufactured goods, tourists
Capsule: Gor Vandar is a moderately resource rich world in the Pecsus system. This was the system that suffered the first attacks in the great war with the Serp. Gor Vandar was an idylic world in the eyes of the Paq Nalthiin, and had been practically flooded with immigrants. Because of this it was the most heavily populated world in the Paq Nalthiin sphere of influence, even surpassing the Paq Nalthiin homeworld of Dran Colquar, which has always been limited in terms of population by a lack of available food and water sources. To human sensibilities Gor Vandar is a nice enough planet, but a little arid (think modern Greece in terms of climate). Gor Vandar is warm, and has fairly lush plant life, but there is little rainfall, and much of the soil is dry and dusty. For the most part the soil is rich in nutrients, and plantlife on the planet is limited only by the available water supply, which is practically limitless as far as the Paq Nalthiin are concerned, which makes sense when you consider the limitations that they are used to.
    During the great war with the Serp Gor Vandar was the victim of countless raids, all of which being air or orbital strikes. Never once was a Serp seen on the ground. Gor Vandar suffered greatly during the Great War with the Serp, both in terms of losses of life, and in terms of destruction of the cities and ecosystem of the planet. The cities didn't take long to rebuild, but some of the weapons of the Serp, which included biological agents, did more lasting damage to the environment. It took almost 2,000 years to rebuild the planet to the paradise that the Paq Nalthiin first found it as. Because it was the planet that was affected the most by the Great War with the Serp, the
inhabitants of Gor Vandar have traditionally been more suspicious of aliens than other Paq Nalthiin. Most non-Paq Nalthiin will be treated with extreme indifference when on Gor Vandar. This has only very rarely become open hostility in the past, but visitors would have to be incredibly oblivious to their surroundings to not notice a very cool attitude towards them. Interestingly enough, there is one exception to this, an exception that doesn't really occur on any of the other worlds in the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy. After the Paq Nalthiin were contacted by the Old Republic, a group of Ithorians agreed to help them to rebuild the environment of Gor Vandar. For centuries a small number of Ithorians (approximately 10-15,000) lived among the Paq Nalthiin, aiding them. When the environment had recovered most of the Ithorians emmigrated, many of them going to Mogtnom, although a few small herds stayed, and ever since Ithorians have been welcome on the planet.
     The planet's major exports include raw materials, and some manufactured goods. Most of this goes to Dran Colquar, while virtually none is exported out of the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy. An exception to this rule is exports to Mogtnom. Whenever the Ithorians working on bringing Mogtnom to life need equipment, it is usually manufactured here on Gor Vandar, and then shipped to the backwater planet practically at cost. The Paq Nalthiin make very little money off of these exports, but they feel that they owe the Ithorians a debt that they can never fully repay, and they feel that it is only fair that they give Ithorians a few breaks. This doesn't mean that they will do things for free for Ithorians, but they will tend to treat them just a little better than anyone else. Gor Vandar has one of the strongest factions of Paq Nalthiin demanding protection from the Empire's human-first policies, but even this faction is fairly small and not terribly vocal.
     The largest city on Gor Vandar is Pon Crenshiin, a spaceport which relies on manufacturing plants, refining base minerals, and tourism for its economy. Pon Crenshiin is widely considered the best resort town in the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy, at least by the Paq Nalthiin. This is largely because of the natural splendor of the area, and the deep blue freshwater sea that the city is built upon the shores of. This holds special significance for the Paq Nalthiin, who have no such large bodies of water on their homeworld, let alone large bodies of fresh, drinkable water. In the distant past of the Paq Nalthiin species bloody wars were fought over pools of water no bigger than a house, and while this is far removed from the present situation, this respect for water is deeply ingrained in the collective psyche of the Paq Nalthiin, even those who have never been to their homeworld. This is one of the things that makes this the most popular vacation spot for the Paq Nalthiin. There are places on the planet, and on Jon Carniin, where there are much larger bodies of water, but the sea at Pon Crenshiin is the largest freshwater sea in the Confederacy, not to mention the most picturesque. During Pon Crenshiin's summer, and even in the fairly mild winter, the city is typically swarming with Paq Nalthiin tourists. Most summers there will be anywhere from 900,000 to 1,400,000 tourists in the city at any one time. This is particularly impressive when compared to the number of permanent residents in Pon Crenshiin, which is placed at about 750,000. Pon Crenshiin is the most hospitable place on the planet towards outsiders of all sorts, even non-Paq Nalthiin. Since roughly 75% of the residents of the city depend on tourism for their livelyhoods, it simply doesn't make sense for them to treat aliens with the same coldness that their fellows elsewhere on the planet do. Also, a large number of the Paq Nalthiin in the city at any one time will be from one of the other worlds in the Confederacy, and the other worlds in the Confederacy are less xenophobic than Gor Vandar. There are a number of pleasure liners that make regular stops at Gor Vandar for the purpose of visiting Pon Crenshiin. Usually these liners are otheir way to the Lucky Despot Casino in the nearby Draxin's Star system. These liners are eagerly awaited by the residents of the city, as they typically carry only extremely wealthy individuals, since they are the only people who can afford to go to the casino. Usually Pon Crenshiin can expect to see 2-3 liners full of wealthy vacationers every month.

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