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Section of Site: Planets D6Belongs to Faction: IndependentSubtype: PlanetsEra: ImperialCanon: No

Treah System

System Datafile:
System: Treah
Star: Treah (yellow)
Orbital Bodies:
Name                Type                Moons
Mow Frenshar    mild terrestrial   0

Capsule: The Treah system is something of an anomally in that it consists of only two large bodies: the star Treah, and the planet Mow Frenshar. The reason for this is unknown, but what is known is that Treah is quite small for a yellow star, and that there aren't even very many comets that orbit her. Treah system sees more traffic than Etuc, but not as much as Pecsus, the other two systems in the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy. Pecsus is fairly open as such things go, but Treah is not, and there are specific procedures that a ship jumping into the system must follow, even if the ship is simply making a stop before recalculating and jumping to the next system. There are a number of nav beacons throughout the system, and ships arriving will be directed to one or another of them, where they will be boarded and inspected by Confederacy customs officials. For this purpose there are always at least 12 Dominator-class vessels in the system.
Mow Frenshar
Type: mild terrestrial
Temperature: cool-temperate
Atmosphere: type I
Hydrosphere: dry
Gravity: standard
Terrain: plains, hills, forest
Length of day: 31 standard hours
Length of year: 342 local days
Sapient species: Paq Nalthiin, few humans and others
Starport: standard
Population: 300 million
Planet function: agriculture, colony
Government: confederacy
Tech level: space
Major exports: foodstuffs, mid tech, raw materials
Major imports: high tech, luxury goods
Capsule: Mow Frenshar, in the Treah system, is the breadbasket of the Paq Nalthiin Confederacy. While this world has nowhere near the agricultural output of such planets as Veursa I or Ukio, whose whole industry is focused on agriculture, it still exports more foodstuffs than any other planet in the Confederacy. Largely because of Mow Frenshar's exports the Confederacy is self-sufficient when it comes to food. Mow Frenshar exports all of it's surplus to the other members of the Confederacy, and this, combined with each planet's own food production, is enough for the needs of the Paq Nalthiin population. The Paq Nalthiin don't import any food from any outside sources, with the exception of certain luxury items, both because they wish to encourage their own economy, and because of their inherent distrust for any non-Paq Nalthiin. In general, anything that can be produced within the Confederacy will not be imported from the rest of the galaxy, unless it cannot be produced in sufficient quantities within the Confederacy. In the case of Mow Frenshar, just barely enough food is produced to sustain the Confederacy, with the result that virtually no food is exported outside of the Confederacy.
     Agriculture is far from the only industry on Mow Frenshar. The planet has a moderate industrial base, manufacturing mostly mid-tech items for use locally. For example one of the bigger Paq Nalthiin corporations, GRTCorp, operates a number of factories on the planet which produce everything from musical instruments to pocket knives to wire coathangers (hey, someone has to make them, it's not like they just breed or it?). Equally important are the resource-based industries, such as mining, logging, and even fishing, which is a strange occupation for the desert-adapted Paq Nalthiin.
    Despite all that Mow Frenshar has to offer, it is only fairly lightly populated. The main reason for this is the temperature of the planet. By human standards it is quite pleasant, but Paq Nalthiin tend to find it a little cold. This is not much of a problem for those born and bred on Mow Frenshar, but it is for those who were born elsewhere in the Confederacy. As a result most of the population of Mow Frenshar can trace their roots back to the initial years of colonisation before the advent of hyperdrive. In the golden age of colonies (as many Paq Nalthiin call it) hundreds of millions of Paq Nalthiin came to Mow Frenshar from Dran Colquar in order to ease the population pressures of that desert world. Due to the fertile land the colonists flourished. When hyperdrive was introduced to the Paq Nalthiin by representatives of the Old Republic it suddenly became feasable to transport vast quantities of food from Mow Frenshar back to the homeworld. This meant that the emmigration from Dran Colquar was no longer neccessary, and since then few indeed have immigrated to Mow Frenshar. Indeed, roughly twice as many Paq Nalthiin move from Mow Frenshar to the homeworld each year as make the move in the opposite direction. It is only due to high birth rates on the planet that the population has remained stable.

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