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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

    The Geoon (the name is both singular and plural: in fact individual Geoon don't seem to have their own names, as they all simply call themselves Geoon) are a Dark grey amorphous species, who are always found in the service of their masters, the Sonep. The Geoon have apparantly been bred by the Sonep expressly as servants, although this has never been proven, and the Sonep are cryptic about it, while the Geoon refuse to speak of it at all. In fact this is one of the only topics which truly seems to anger the Geoon, whether because it is true and they resent the fact, or because it is false and they resent the fact that everyone believes that they were bred as slaves.
    Despite rumours that the Geoon are vicious and unprdictable by nature, all dealings with them have been incredibly buisiness-like, at least if one discounts the story about a Geoon mutiny (see above section on the Sonep). It is difficult to say why these creatures tend to make people so uneasy, but almost everyone who has dealt with the Geoon has come away from the deal feeling that violence and hatred lurk just beneath the shifting surface of these aliens. Considering the great strength of the Geoon, most people are thankful indeed that the Sonep seem to keep them tightly under control.
    When communicating with traders and such, the Geoon seem to make every effort to be polite, and yet they still manage to convey the impression of sullenness. For a species with no recognizable features other than pseudopods which are formed and absorbed as needed, and who speak only in the language of the Sonep by forcing air through their bodies, the Geoon do a remarkably good job of expressing emotions, or at least they do a good job of expressing that particular emotion. The Geoon are cunning enough, in the art of trade as in other things, but tend to come across as fairly dim-witted in most other things. Sinlgeminded is a term which has often been applied to this servant race, and it is rare indeed for a Geoon to speak of anything other than the business at hand. Despite this apparant lack of intelligence, the Geoon must at least be competant enough to pilot the small shuttles which are disgorged from their masters' ships, since the Sonep have never been known to accompany them on their brief trading missions. Of course their is some speculation that the Sonep control these shuttles (which seem to be little more than smaller versions of the large Sonep walnut-shaped vessels) remotely from the mother ships.
Attribute Dice 11D
Attribute min/max:
STR 3D+2/6D
Special abilities:
amorphous: The Geoon are amorphous and can change shape at will, although they cannot take any forms more complicated than forming rough blob-like appendages. Because of this each round a Geoon may make one brawling attack for each die in STR (he can form up to one pseudopod per die). Geoon resist damage at double their STR dice against focused attacks, such as blaster bolts, and axes due to the lack of differentiated internal organs. Attacks which encompass a larger area of the Geoon do damage normally (such as explosions, electric shock, falling, etc.)
no voice box: The Geoon have no voice box, and therefore are unable to speak the languages of most sentient species, although they create tunnels through their bodies and force air through these tunnels to imitate the whistling speach of the Sonep. The Geoon have no difficulty understanding basic.
Story Factors:
servants: All known Geoon are the servants of the Sonep, and do little other than what they are told to do by their masters. Whether this is outright slavery, or whether the Geoon serve willingly is unknown.

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