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Section of Site: Races D6Belongs to Faction: Subtype: Player Character RacesEra: ImperialCanon: No

Attribute Dice: 10D
Attribute min/max
PER 1D/2D+1
KNOW 1D/1D+1
TECH 1D/1D+1
STR 3D/6D+2
Special Abilities:
mandibles: Vodyanki have huge sideways-opening mandibles (sort of ,like an oversized ant would have) which do STR+1D damage in combat.
claws: Vodyanki have massive claws that they can use to burrow through earth, and, given time, even stone. These claws do STR+3D damage in combat. Because of these clumsy claws Vodyanki have trouble with tasks requiring manual dexterity and suffer a 1D penalty to all such tasks (such as firing a blaster, operating a starship etc.)
exoskeleton: Vodyanki have thick exoskeletons which give them a 3D bonus when resisting physical damage, and 1D versus energy damage.
fearsome appearance: due to their fearsome appearance Vodyanki gain a +2D bonus to intimidation attempts.
Story Factors:
enslaved: all Vodyanki are slaves of the Neogi, and they like it just fine that way
Typical Vodyanki: DEX 1D+2 PER 1D KNOW 1D TECH 1D MECH 1D STR 4D+1
Capsule: The favored slaves of the Neogi, the Vodyanki (which translated from the Neogi tongue means 'lordservant'), are bred specifically to serve. Vodyanki are injected with obedience poisons on a regular basis throughout the first few years of their lives, until they are fully mature, and are conditioned to see the Neogi as their benevolent protectors. After all this intense conditioning the adult Vodyanki are unswervingly loyal to their Neogi masters and no longer need to be injected with poisons or otherwise conditioned. Each Neogi has his own personal Vodyanki slave, while the rest of the Vodyanki belong to the high-ranked Neogi. The personal slaves tend to be the strongest of the lot and are used primarily as bodyguards, while the rest of the Vodyanki tend to be used as shock troops (although often personal Vodyanki slaves are sent into combat as well). Vodyanki are often used to keep unruly slaves in line, although it should be noted that a slave who causes trouble more than once is usually eaten (of course the definition of 'causing trouble' is very loose: a slave who drops a crate of food, or hesitates slightly before following an order is considered to be causing trouble).
     Vodyanki evolved from large burrowing predators on the same moon where the Neogi eveolved. Vodyanki were selectively bred by the Neogi until they reached sentience, but they are still quite lacking in the brains department. Vodyanki have massive upper bodies and huge, muscular arms that reach almost to their feet, and are tipped by 3 large and powerful claws. These claws make it difficult to perform tasks requiring manual dexterity, but Vodyanki are better at this type of thing than
their Neogi masters who lack hands entirely. Vodyanki are completely encased in a thick, umber colored exoskeleton, and their heads resemble those of a beetle or perhaps an ant (without antennae however).
The Vodyanki are my take on the Umber Hulks from AD&D changed over for use in Star Wars (I didn't think the name Umber Hulk sounded right for SW)

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